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Also, he had a very close relationship with John Winthrop, who was then deputy governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and who had earlier warned Williams that he was about to be arrested, giving him the opportunity to flee. He had an equally strong relationship with Henry Vane, the governor at the time.

Partly out of personal loyalty to Winthrop and Vane, partly out of loyalty to fellow countrymen, he acted. He risked his life when he walked into the camp where the Pequot and Narragansett were negotiating. As the only European in a camp of probably 1, or so warriors and several thousand more Indians, he proceeded to confront the Pequot, contradict them, and convince the Narragansett to remain neutral in the war.

That certainly saved many English lives. It probably saved the colony itself, although even had the English been driven into the sea, they certainly would have returned. What were some of his observations? He concluded that there were no real differences between Indians and Englishmen as men. There were only cultural and religious differences. Williams also made anthropological observations: such as how Indians viewed borders; how they viewed property; that family kinship was extremely important—so much so that if an Indian was accused of murder and fled, the tribe might execute his brother instead; the way they prepared food; their lifestyle.

All these things are described in the book. He believed that to truly become a Christian you had to understand in depth what Christianity was and what the message of Christ was. He felt confident that he could have brought the tribes to a pro forma profession of Christianity, but that was not satisfactory to him.

Williams felt that becoming a Christian had to come not simply from the heart, but from the heart and a full intellectual understanding. As fluent as he was in their language, he did not feel that he had enough fluency to really communicate that. Nonetheless, right up to the very end of his life, he still considered Indians his friends. I think he saw the war not as this racial Armageddon but as bad policy, a terrible mistake.

Certainly, Europeans had been on different sides in different conflicts and then formed alliances and friendships.

He was well aware of that. I think he viewed it in that context. Subscribe or Give a Gift. Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology. World History.

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Between the months of April and September, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, is inhabited by several generations of African parrots…But in September, when winter creeps in from the ocean and cold air kindles hazy instincts, the parrots flee south for warmer climes…. Fortunately, this is not true. Parrots well, okay, parakeets have been let loose in Rhode Island, and they live here all year long.


Blood Red The land along the shore of Black Stone Bay is filled with sharp, dark granite teeth for which the area gets its name. From its cliff walk along the black sand to the mansions and manors that date back hundreds of years, the town has all the charm anyone could hope for and all the wealth anyone could ever need.

For the most part, the people of Black Stone Bay are happy with their lots in life. Halloween in Black Stone Bay is usually a celebration. This Halloween, however, there's a chill in the air that has nothing to do with the coming of autumn and the death of the year.

Rhode Island

This year, the children dressed as monsters, clowns, and cowboys will be fighting for their lives and hiding wherever they can. This year, the beaches of Black Stone Bay will be washed in the blood of its people and the streets will be strewn with their mortal remains. Night after night, the people of Black Stone Bay will learn the meaning of fear, and grow to dread the setting sun Blue Moon Romance novel set in a fictionalized East Bay town called Mount Hope. When the book was made into a CBS television movie in , the setting was changed to Maine.

The Boy on the Porch The Burn Palace Horror fiction set in the fictional Rhode Island town of Brewster. Other, real life locations, like Providence, The Great Swamp, and Perryville, figure in the narrative. The Butterfly Secret That is, it's a tell-all book disguised as a novel. The author's December obituary described her as "a former star of Providence's Blackstone Boulevard society Calm at Sunset, Calm at Dawn The story concerns a young man who, against his parents' wishes, seeks his fortune at sea aboard a scallop boat.

He works hard and learns stuff, and comes to better understand his fisherman father. Carom Shot Murder-mystery set in Providence. Carter University is a fictionalized Brown University, but many other real places feature in the story under their own, non-fictional, names. First in the Algy Temple series; followed by Straight Pool. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward This classic horror tale takes place primarily in Providence, with a side trip to Pawtuxet village.

Only a few years before the story was written, Lovecraft wrote a letter to his Aunt Lillian commenting on the possibility that the house was haunted. It's thought also that a man named William Lippitt Mauran, who at one time lived in Halsey House, may have been a partial source for the character of Charles Dexter Ward. The Maurans and the fictional Wards both owned farmhouses in Pawtuxet.

The house address of the character of Dr. The Catherine Celia Amberley Ceremony A "specialty whorehouse" in Providence is a key location in this detective novel featuring Spencer, Parker's iconic P. The Challenge and the Glory A sprawling novel " So sprawling, in fact, that Stockenberg re-released the story as four separate novels the By the Sea series in Expect lots of class conflict against the backdrop of the America's Cup Races. The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril In this love letter to the pulp fiction of the s, Malmont sends William Gibson and Lester Dent, creators of The Shadow and Doc Savage , respectively, on a globe-trotting tour of according to the Amazon blurb " Lovecraft's funeral in Providence, only to discover that the unearthly horror writer may have been murdered.

Cliff Walk Prostitution has been legal in Rhode Island for more than a decade; Liam Mulligan, an old-school investigative reporter at a dying Providence newspaper , suspects the governor has been taking payoffs to keep it that way. But this isn't the only story making headlines Then the body of an internet pornographer is found sprawled on the rocks at the base of Newport's famous Cliff Walk.

At first, the killings seem random, but as Mulligan keeps digging into the state's thriving sex business, strange connections emerge. Promised free sex with hookers if he minds his own business—and a beating if he doesn't—Mulligan enlists Thanks-Dad, the newspaper publisher's son, and Attila the Nun , the state's colorful Attorney General, in his quest for the truth.

What Mulligan learns will lead him to question his beliefs about sexual morality, shake his tenuous religious faith, and leave him wondering who his real friends are. Coming Home Compass Rose This follow-up to Casey's well-received novel Spartina , focuses on the women who wait on shore while Spartina 's fisherman protagonist fights the elements at sea.

Ghosts of the Kickemuit River, Warren

Takes place on the estuarine edges of a fictionalized South County. A Confidential Source A mystery novel about Rhode Island's gambling industry that takes place in Providence and Worcester. The protagonist, Hallie Ahern, pursues the same occupation as the author, a former Providence Journal reporter. Reader reviewers on Goodreads note that the story includes "visits to Foxwoods Casino and thinly disguised local politicians," and that "if not for the local color of the Rhode Island setting this book was rather boring.

A Crack in the Sky A dystopian eco-future novel set in a Providence that's protected by a giant dome. Hughes grew up in Barrington, so he's familiar with our capital city and its streets and landmarks. Crows Over the Wheatfield Dance with Me The Dark Saint His opponent: the recovering alcoholic police chief. A deadly villain, a desperate hero, a gorgeous woman, and grotesque murders make this the perfect summer read. Daughter of Providence What if you found out you had a younger sister living across the state that you never knew?

What if discovering her meant you didn't really know your father at all? Summer, Anne Dodge, raised by her old-money, New England father in the small coastal town of Milford, Rhode Island, has always been told that her Portuguese mother abandoned them when Anne was a small child. After her mother's death, Anne learns that she has a half-sister, Maria Cristina, who was raised by her Portuguese grandparents—and when Maria Cristina comes to Milford to stay, ugly truths begin to surface about the past, catalyzing events that end in loss and rediscovery.

Within a context of jazz and the end of prohibition, New Deal politics, stifling gender expectations, labor strikes, and often-violent union busting, a sense of both hope and desperation pervades Milford after nearly five years of economic depression, and one young woman will pay a heavy price to find her place in a rapidly changing world. Dead Ball Mystery set in Rhode Island. Plot involves a fictional minor-league baseball team, the Providence Jewels. Death on the Cliff Walk The first novel in Kruger's Gilded Age series, set around , has "debutante Brooke Cassidy [teaming] up with local cop Matt Devlin to solve a murder that reaches to the heart of Newport's glittering high society.

Defenseless Legal thriller set in Providence. First in a series followed by Perfectly Criminal that revolves around best friends Marianna, Laurie, Shannon, and Beth, who all work in the office of the Rhode Island attorney general. Diligence in Love Ambitious and unethical businesswoman Vaughn Hill discovers a less frantic way of life in the fictional Quaker town of Kendall, Rhode Island. First of a series, followed by The Autumn's Brightness. Double Lives Dragon Cove Dusk at the Grove Rogers' first and apparently only novel follows the Waring family on visits to their summer home, The Grove, in Newport from to The reviewer at Commonweal labeled it "somewhat dull," and The New Masses ' reviewer dismissed the book as "another Dutch Island Weeden's second humorous mystery novel with socially responsible protagonist Rick Bullock the first was 's Book of Nathan , which took place in New Jersey and Florida.

In this one Bullock's New England vacation is cut short by murder, and he gets pulled into a comical tale of local organized crime, political machinations, land development, Dutch Island history, and other Ocean State color. Weeden made his own brother and sister-in-law, Rick and Betty Weeden of Portsmouth, important characters in the story.

Rick Weeden has lived with Parkinson's Disease for more than half his life, and so has his character. As well, a genuine deed for land on Dutch Island, owned by the Weedens, figures prominently in the plot. Every Sunday Set in Providence. Familiar plot set-up: Italian-American family, dead patriarch.

You do the math. The Gods of Newport Gods is a historical novel set mostly in Newport in the s. The plot deals with class conflict and the love trials of a poor Irish fellow and a rich young lady. Belmont , etc. The Hessian Drummer Boy of Newport This young adult novel tells the story of a nine-year-old German boy, Peter Bauer, who accompanies his soldier father to Rhode Island to take part in the American Revolution.

The House on Benefit Street Tale of an old house with secrets, set on Benefit Street in Providence, circa Some of the mentioned restaurants have disappeared, but most of the other landmarks and events like WaterFire are still part of the local scenery over a decade after publication. I am the Wallpaper Barrington native Mark Hughes sets his young adult novel in the fictional town of Opequonsett. That's where thirteen-year-old Floey Packer lives when she isn't attending an open-mike poetry reading on Thayer Street, telling her mother she's going to WaterFire.

Throughout the book, Floey and her best friend, Azra, demonstrate their friendship with the exchange of Smiley Quahog:. Everybody in our second grade art class had made a Smiley Quahog. Lachapelle had brought quahog shells from the beach and every kid glued on a set of plastic eyes, a foam nose and cork feet.

Amigashop | Informática | Brinquedos | Acessórios

Azra had also added yellow yarn for hair and a pipe-cleaner arm with a little plastic sword. He was a swashbuckling clam. Mine disappeared years before, but Azra had kept hers and had restored it whenever parts had fallen off. For years we gave the Smiley Quahog back and forth to each other as a joke gift.

Legend of the Dead Historical drama "set against the backdrop of the first Jewish settlement in North America in and King Philip's War from The Memory of Running This is the story of Smithson "Smithy" Ide, an East Providence "loser" who drifts through life for twenty years working at a job he hates and living in an apartment he hates.

After his parents are both killed in an auto accident, and he learns in that same week that his mentally ill and long-lost sister has died in California, Smithy accidentally starts peddling his old bike on a journey that takes him across America, opens his eyes, and, just maybe, turns his life around.

This is a sad, sweet, and funny book that is a joy to read. And , if you are from Rhode Island, you will amazed at all the local references:. Almost real : Goddard Toys in Pawtucket and St. Regina Teaching College in Bristol. The first seems to be a confabulation of Pawtucket-based Hasbro Hassenfeld Brothers and John Goddard, who made furniture in Newport circa The second would seem to reference Newport's Salve Regina University. Rhode Island is a very ethnic state. Obligatory irony : "At least those F-ing Red Sox won't be breaking your father's heart anymore.

My Sister's Keeper: A Novel A couple has a child with terrible health problems. To help her, they have another child, who can provide desperately needed blood, bone marrow, and organ transplants. The story begins when the younger daughter, age 13, files suit against her parents, saying that while she loves her sister, she doesn't want to donate any more.