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It is known as Italy's Town of Science and hosts each year many important scientific events. Geographically, Trieste enjoys a unique and beautiful natural location as it is surrounded by the Carsic hills and the Adriatic Sea. The quality of life is high, and one's leisure time can be spent in tourism, culture and sports without the drawbacks that affect larger Italian cities such as heavy traffic jams, smog, and delinquency. Intranet Webmail Media Centre Phonebook. Toggle navigation Menu.

MATH Mathematics. AP Applied Physics. Media Centre. This line now constitutes the border between Italy and Slovenia. During the Austro-Hungarian era, Trieste became a leading European city in economy , trade and commerce , and was the fourth-largest and most important centre in the empire, after Vienna, Budapest and Prague. The economy of Trieste, however, fell into a decline after the city's annexation to Italy at the end of World War I.

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But Fascist Italy promoted a huge development of Trieste in the s, with new manufacturing activities related even to naval and armament industries like the famous "Cantieri Aeronautici Navali Triestini CANT ". As a consequence, Trieste was a mainly peripheral city during the Cold War. However, since the s, Trieste has experienced a certain economic revival.

The city is part of the Corridor 5 project to establish closer transport connections between Western and Eastern Europe, via countries such as Slovenia, Croatia , Hungary , Ukraine and Bosnia. The thriving coffee industry in Trieste began under Austria-Hungary , with the Austro-Hungarian government even awarding tax-free status to the city in order to encourage more commerce. Some remnants of Austria-Hungary 's coffee-driven economic ambition remain, such as the Hausbrandt Trieste coffee company.

As a result, present-day Trieste boasts many cafes, and is still known to this day as "the coffee capital of Italy". Companies active in the coffee sector have given birth to the Trieste Coffee Cluster as their main umbrella organization, but also as an economic actor in its own right. As of [update] there were , people residing in Trieste, located in the province of Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia , of whom Minors children aged 18 and younger totalled This compares with the Italian average of The average age of Trieste residents is 46 compared to the Italian average of In the five years between and , the population of Trieste declined by 3.

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However, in the last two years the city has shown signs of stabilizing thanks to growing immigration fluxes. The crude birth rate in Trieste is only 7. Since the annexation to Italy after World War I, there has been a steady decline in the Trieste's demographic weight compared to other cities. In , Trieste was the 4th largest city in the Austro-Hungarian Empire 3rd largest in the Austrian part of the Monarchy.

In , Trieste was the 8th largest city in the country, [42] in the 12th largest, [43] in the 14th largest, [44] while in it dropped to the 15th place. The largest autochthonous minority are Slovenes , but there is also a large immigrant group from Balkan nations particularly nearby Serbia , Albania and Romania : 4. Serbian community consists of both autochthonous [45] and immigrant groups. The particular Friulian dialect , called Tergestino , spoken until the beginning of the 19th century, was gradually overcome by the Triestine dialect of Venetian a language deriving directly from Vulgar Latin and other languages, including standard Italian , Slovene , and German.


While Triestine and Italian were spoken by the largest part of the population, German was the language of the Austrian bureaucracy and Slovene was predominantly spoken in the surrounding villages. According to the census, the proportion of Slovene speakers amounted to They were the largest linguistic group in 10 of the 19 urban neighbourhoods, and represented the majority in 7 of them including all 6 in the city centre.

Of the 11 villages included within the city limits, the Slovene speakers had an overwhelming majority in 10, and the German speakers in one Miramare. A small proportion of Trieste's population spoke Serbian about 1. This dialect and the official Italian language are spoken in the city, while Slovene is spoken in some of the immediate suburbs. In , Lonely Planet listed the city of Trieste as the world's most underrated travel destination.

The Castello Miramare , or Miramare Castle, on the waterfront 8 kilometres 5 miles from Trieste, was built between and from a project by Carl Junker working under Archduke Maximilian. The Castle gardens provide a setting of beauty with a variety of trees, chosen by and planted on the orders of Maximilian, that today make a remarkable collection [ citation needed ]. Features of particular attraction in the gardens include two ponds, one noted for its swans and the other for lotus flowers, the Castle annexe "Castelletto" , a bronze statue of Maximilian, and a small chapel where is kept a cross made from the remains of the "Novara", the flagship on which Maximilian, brother of Emperor Franz Josef , set sail to become Emperor of Mexico.

The Castel San Giusto , or Castle of San Giusto, was designed on the remains of previous castles on the site, and took almost two centuries to build. The stages of the development of the Castle's defensive structures are marked by the central part built under Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor —1 , the round Venetian bastion —9 , the Hoyos-Lalio bastion and the Pomis, or "Bastione fiorito" dated The ruins of the temple dedicated to Zeus are next to the Forum, those of Athena's temple are under the basilica, visitors can see its basement.

The Roman theatre lies at the foot of the San Giusto hill, facing the sea. The construction partially exploits the gentle slope of the hill, and much of the theatre is made of stone. The topmost portion of the steps and the stage were supposedly made of wood.

The statues that adorned the theatre, brought to light in the s, are now preserved at the town museum. Three inscriptions from the Trajanic period mention a certain Q. Petronius Modestus, someone closely connected to the development of the theatre, which was erected during the second half of the 1st century. In the entire Province of Trieste , there are 10 speleological groups out of 24 in the whole Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. Trieste has a lively cultural scene with various theatres.

The Slovenska gospodarsko-kulturna zveza — Unione Economica-Culturale Slovena is the umbrella organization bringing together cultural and economic associations belonging to the Slovene minority.

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The University of Trieste , founded in , is a medium-size state-supported institution with 12 faculties, and boasts a wide and almost complete range of courses. It currently has about 23, students enrolled and 1, professors. Trieste also hosts the Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati SISSA , a leading graduate and postgraduate teaching and research institution in the study of mathematics, theoretical physics, and neuroscience, and the MIB School of Management Trieste , one of Italy's top-five business schools.

There are three international schools offering primary and secondary education programs in English in the greater metropolitan area: the International School of Trieste, the European School of Trieste, and the United World College of the Adriatic. The city also hosts numerous national and international scientific research institutions. The local calcio football club in Trieste is Triestina , one of the oldest clubs in Italy.

Trieste is notable for having had two football clubs participating in the championships of two different nations at the same time during the period of the Free Territory of Trieste , due to the schism within the city and region created by the post-war demarcation. Triestina played in the Italian first division Serie A.

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Although it faced relegation after the first season after the Second World War, the FIGC changed the rules to keep it in, as it was seen as important to keep a club of the city in the Italian league, while Yugoslavia had its eye on the city. In the championship of next season the club played its best season with a 3rd-place finish. Meanwhile, Yugoslavia bought A. Ponziana , a small team in Trieste, which under a new name, Amatori Ponziana Trst , played in the Yugoslavian league for 3 years.

Ponziana was renamed as " Circolo Sportivo Ponziana " and currently plays in Friuli-Venezia Giulia Group of Promozione , which is the 7th level of the Italian league. At the end of the —18 season, the team, now trained by coach Eugenio Dalmasson and sponsored by Alma, won promotion to the Lega Basket Serie A , Italy's highest basketball league, fourteen years after its last tenure. Many sailing clubs have roots in the city which contribute to Trieste's strong tradition in that sport.

The Barcolana regatta , which had its first edition in , is the world's largest sailing race by number of participants. Local sporting facilities include the Stadio Nereo Rocco , a UEFA -certified stadium with seating capacity of 32,; the Palatrieste , an indoor sporting arena sitting 7, people, and Piscina Bruno Bianchi, a large olympic size swimming pool.

Trieste has been portrayed on screen a number of times, with films often shot on location in the area. In the early neorealist Alfa Tau! Cinematic interest in Trieste peaked during the height of the "Free Territory" era between and with international films such as Sleeping Car to Trieste and Diplomatic Courier portraying it as a hotbed of espionage.

These films, and the later The Yellow Rolls-Royce conveyed an impression of the city as a cosmopolitan place of conflict between Great Powers , a portrayal which resembled that of Casablanca Italian filmmakers, by contrast, portrayed Trieste as unquestionably Italian in a series of patriotic films including Trieste mia! The city hosted in the first International Festival of Science Fiction Film Festival internazionale del film di fantascienza , which ran until Trieste's maritime location and its former long term status as part of the Austrian and, between —, Austro-Hungarian empires made the Port of Trieste the major commercial port for much of the landlocked areas of central Europe.

In the 19th century, a new port district known as the Porto Nuovo was built northeast to the city centre. There is significant commercial shipping to the container terminal, steel works and oil terminal, all located to the south of the city centre. Railways came early to Trieste, due to the importance of its port and the need to transport people and goods inland. It approaches Trieste through the village of Villa Opicina , a few kilometres from the big city but over metres feet higher in elevation. Due to this, the line takes a 32 kilometres 20 miles detour to the north, gradually descending before terminating at the Trieste Centrale railway station.

The two stations were connected by a railway line that in the initial plans had to be an interim solution: the Rive railway German: Rive-Bahn , but which survived until , when it was replaced by the Galleria di Circonvallazione , a 5. This railway also approached Trieste via Villa Opicina, but it took a rather shorter loop southwards towards the sea front. Freight services from the dock area include container services to northern Italy and to Budapest, Hungary , together with rolling highway services to Salzburg, Austria and Frankfurt, Germany.

The Mestre railway hub offers further connecting options with high-speed trains to Rome and Milan. Passenger trains also run between Villa Opicina and Ljubljana. The airport serves domestic and international destinations and is fully connected to the national railway and highway networks. The Trieste Airport railway station links the passenger terminal directly to the Venice—Trieste railway thanks to a meter long skybridge.

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A 16 platform bus terminal, a multistorey car park with lots and a car park with lots give public and private motor vehicles rapid access to the A4 Trieste-Turin highway. In the southern direction, this highway also offers seamless interconnection to Slovenia 's A1 Motorway , and through that to highway networks in Croatia , Hungary , and the Balkans. Local public transport is operated by Trieste Trasporti , which operates a network of around 60 bus routes and two boat services. They also operate the Opicina Tramway , a hybrid between a tramway and funicular railway , providing a more direct link between the city centre and Opicina.

The average amount of time people spend commuting with public transit in Trieste e Gorizia, for example to and from work, on a weekday is 49 min. The average distance people usually ride in a single trip with public transit is 4. Trieste is twinned with:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the asteroid, see Tergeste.

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