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Completly don't know german. Yeah, I had no idea what I was doing. Just guessed English names and tried replacing the letter C with the letter K in some places. Final score Only guessed english names, got 87, would be 88 if I had guessed Malawi. Didn't get Deutschland These are widely known and used abbreviation. Also, you should call it Taiwan, nobody ever uses Republik China. VAE already worked. After typing Deutschland I became stuck, so I just started entering English names and ended up with Not bad!

Many of these were identical to Swedish But many of these are identical to Dutch. Do you think it would be possible to have the countries in an alphabetical order in German, too? It would be easier to find missing countries that way. Some are same in English, some I just edded 'en' or changed letters like 'y' to 'i' or 'c' to 'k'. Not hard to guess, but ran out of time. Bolivien, Australian etc. Germans more go by Grossbritannien or to make it easier just call it England :p. Nice one. Weissrussland with ss is only correct in Switzerland.

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And Tschechische Republik should be accepted next to Tschechien, as it's the official name. And I added Tschechische as an acceptable answer. Nutrient input stimulated the increase of phytoplankton density with dominance of the species Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii, Oscillatoria planctonica, Leptolyngbya limnetica, Microcystis aeruginosa and Synechocystis aquatilis for the whole study period.

Keywords: water translocation, camatagua reservoir, water quality, eutrophication. The water from Tucutunemo River is rich in nutrients mostly N and P , which come from the Taiguaiguay treated wastewater treatment plant. Camatagua is the main drinking water reservoir for the City of Caracas. Objective Evaluate the impact of water translocation from Taiguaiguay reservoir on the water quality and quantity of Camatagua reservoir. The impact of this translocation affected the water quality. Figure 1 — Relative location of Camatagua reservoir and the sampling site near the uptake tower.

Samples were fixed with lugol solution. Results of all determined variables. Data were analyzed from a total of 37 quarterly samples from to , near the uptake tower in Camatagua reservoir. Samples were taken at the three levels: surface, intermediate and bottom, using a van Dorn bottle for physicochemical analysis and for phytoplankton in the euphotic layer. In the field, water transparency was measured Secchi disk 20 cm in diameter.

Figures 2 and 3 show the diagram of water translocation from Taiguaiguay reservoir to Camatagua reservoir. Boxes present the total N, total P and electrical conductivity EC values along the connection at the beginning of water traslocation in Figure 3 — Flow of translocation from the Taiguaiguay reservoir to the Tucutunemo River. It can be noted the development of a thick layer of phytoplankton in the pit of the pumping station.

South America - Biodiversity Heritage Library

Impact Assessment of Water Translocation The decrease in translocation flow from , until its final elimination in , caused a marked decrease in the water level in Camatagua reservoir Figure 4. The impact on water quality was still present, even after the stop of translocation. As in , a decrease in water transparency. Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii, Oscillatoria planctonica, Leptolyngbya limnetica, Microcystis aeruginosa and Synechocystis aquatilis were the dominant species during the whole study period.

Figure 7 — Relationship between water translocation Q and orthophosphate a , total dissolved phosphorus b and total phosphorus c in Camatagua reservoir. Figure 8 — Relationship between water translocation Q and phytoplankton abundance in Camatagua reservoir.

Trophic state of Camatagua reservoir. An increase in phytoplankton abundance was also noted, mainly Cyanobacteria. References APHA, Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater. El Agua. Serie Embalses de Venezuela, vol. Caracas, 37 p. Urban Water. Urban Water Challenges in the Americas. Perspectives from the Academies of Sciences. ISBN A simplified phosphorus trophic model state for warm-water tropical lakes. Abstract An ichthyological inventory of the Characidae family order: Characiformes was carried out on an altitudinal gradient to m.

The collections were developed in 10 sampling stations through two fishing gears electric fishing and traditional fishing ; between the months of October to March, in two consecutive years and , corresponding to the low water period. In conclusion, it can be indicated that the greatest wealth 12sp. Mojica et al. The hydrographic basin covers an area of The collections were made during two consecutive years, between the months of October to March low waters of and respectively.

Astyanax fasciatus, 2. Astyanax symmetricus, 3. Boehlkea cf. Creagrutus cf. Creagrutuscochui, 6. Ctenobrycon cf. Cynopotamusamazonum, 8. Hemybriconsp, 9. Hemibrycon sp2, Hemibrycon sp3, Hyphessobryconsp, Knoduscarlosi, Moenkhausiarobertsi, Odontostilbe cf. Salminusaffinis, Pristobryconcalmoni, Serrasalmusrombeus, Tetragonopterus argenteus. Distribution: Located in the stations of the urban area of the city of Florencia between m.

Also, image of the species is attached. Synonyms: A. Common name: red tail sardine, yellow tail sardine, tolomba, greedy, old lady Ven. Description: Medium-sized fish that reach. Common name: Sardine.

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Description: Small fish with SL from 3 to 6 cm, more or less uniform body, terminal mouth. In alcohol it turns brown with a light colored stripe on the ventral side. Distribution: m. Malabarma et al. Some specimens show. Its body is met al. Gregory-Maldonado reported it for the Colombian Amazon. MaldonadoOcampo et al. Hemibrycon sp. Common name: Yellow tail sardine, tolomba, mojara Per.

Common name: Little sardine, mojarra. Description: Small fish that reach 4 cm of SL. Body elongated and brown, with a. Subfamily: Serrasalminae.

Associated Data

Synonymies: Pygocentrusnormani, Serrasalmohumeralisgracilior, S. Bra , Caribbean Ven. Description: Medium sized fish that reached 12 cm of SL of silver and orange. This research is a good approximation to the total number of species of the Characidae family present in the basin,.

Likewise, 5 species of the Characidae. Among the main methods used for fishing are hooks,. Book of Freshwater Fishes of Colombia is Salminus cf. Consequently, even though Salminus cf. Affinis is in vulnerable danger, at the local level it is unknown that other species of fish may be in the same situation due to lack of studies. Acknowledgements The authorsthank the Universities of the Amazonia, Nacional and Navarra Spain for the loan of equipment and collections.

Also, it is feasible to propose as conservation measures for the Hacha river basin the compliance with the regulation on the minimum sizes of capture and in general of the fishing and commercialization activity, through total or partial closures during the reproduction periods. Universidad de la Amazonia. Trabajo de grado.

Species richness and cladal diversity. Historical Biogeography of Neotropical Freshwater Fishes. University of California Press, Berkeley. Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Leticia. Leticia — Amazonas. Universidad Nacional de Colombia; sede Leticia. DIAZ, A. Tesis de grado. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, vol. Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Characids of the World. Printed in the U. The fishes of Amazonia en: H. Sioli Ed. Monographiae Biologicae. Dr Junk Public. Peces de la Zona Hidrogeografica de la Amazonia, Colombia.

Biota Colombiana, vol. Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales C. Subfamily Cheirodontinae Characins, tetras. En: Reis R. Porto Alegre, Brasil. Peces de los Andes de Colombia. Checklist of the Freshwater Fishes of Colombia. Biota Colombia, vol. Composition of the Characidae Family An introduction to ichthyology.

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Fisches of the World. New York, John Wiley y Sons. Universidad Nacional de San Marcos, Lima. In: Neolimnos. Momentos de ciencia, vol. REIS, R. Check list of the freshwater fishes of south and Central America. Porto Alegre.

Brasilien: Klimaneutrales Fleisch und der "Agrar-Wald" - Weltspiegel

Three new species of Bryconamericus Characiformes, Characidae , with keys for species from Ecuador and a discussion on the validity of the genus Knodus. Animal Biodiversity and Conservation, vol. Universidad del Valle. Impreso Cali Colombia. Environmental Biology of Fishes, vol. Armenia, Colombia. Available in: www. POMCA, Convenio de Annexes A: Data on the composition of the habitat in the sampling stations of the Hacha river basin. The trees were positioned in the topographic gradients during the flood phase, taking as reference the river water sheet in the nearest hydrometric gauge.

To obtain the pulse attributes in different positions of the geomorphological gradient, PULSO software was used considering the daily water levels at Corrientes city between and Two main types of flooded forests were identified: pionner forest, dominated by one or two species Salix humboldtiana, Tessaria integrifolia in recent bars and islands, and pluri-specific flooded forests Albizia inundata, Cecropia pachystachya, Croton urucurana, Inga uruguensis, Ocotea diospyrifolia, Nectandra angustifolia and Peltophorum dubium occupying bars of the highest islands, with shorter flood phases, with trees are distributed in strata in a closed canopy.

Pulses were more frequent in pioneer forests than in multispecific forests. The ecohydrological signature allows the optimum condition and distribution limits of each species to be established. It is a tool to know the adjustment of biotic elements populations to the river variability regime. The procedure used can be used to anticipate the possible reorganization of the river plain landscape as a result of flow variations predicted by climate change models.

In this contribution we analyze an approach to link the vegetation composition as a consequence of the river regime on each site of the floodplain. The vegetation, and especially the forests, are the most conspicuous structures and of greater permanence in the fluvial landscape. To define the ecohydrological signature of some species of trees in the study area. Between and , daily records the water level in Corrientes city was analyzed.

More than a thousand points were measured to cover all possible sites where each of the nine indicator species considered is growing. The populations that live there can respond to disturbances. The germination phase are short and the vegetative growth is very fast. Overflow level of pioneer forests: 4 m; b. Overflow level of multiespecific forests: 6 m. In: The Ecology of River Systems.

Walker, K. Junk Publ. The Netherlands. The use of distance measures in phytosociological sampling. Ecological land survey guidelines for environmental impact analysis. Ecological Land Classification Series. Federal Environmental Assessment and Review Process. Interciencia, vol. Larges Rivers of South America: toward the new aproach. Hacia un manejo sustentable.

JUNK, W. The flood pulse concept in river floodplain systems. In: D. Dodge, ed. Samplings were carried out from water ecosystems including small lakes, reservoirs and rivers during the period of to Some species showed a large geographical distribution occurring in almost all water ecosystems registered in 22 UGTHi. Other species occurred only in the waters of some UGRHi showing a narrow range of geographical distribution. This behavioral difference showed by the species can be attributed to several environmental factors: climatological conditions, biogeochemical factors, inter specific competition for food, habitat and hydrogeochemical factors.

Keywords: eurioecious, stenoecious, climatological factors, biogeochemical factors, new species, interspecific competition. Each unit has its number and the name of the main rivers contributors. In the case of aquatic organisms, specifically zooplankton community water bodies were studied including, small lakes, reservoirs,. In both cases the filtered water in the net was around 1 thousand liters. Geographical distribution of species 1. Results In the study of water bodies including small standing waters, rivers, large reservoirs , and samplings carried out in.

Notodiaptomus cearensis The species Figure 4a is very similar to Notodiaptomus iheringi, however is more. Figure 4a — Characteristics of 5th leg of male of Notodiaptomus cearensis. Probably the species is coming from lower latitudes at northeast of Brazil. Matsumura-Tundisi et al. Recently the species became the most. Odontodiaptomus paulistanus This species Figure 6a described by Wright from the material collected in. Paulo State. Matsumra-Tundisi, and carried out for rectification by Matsumura-Tundisi, In the present study it was observed that the.

This was exactly the period during which at least 13 species of fishes from Amazon basin and other basins were introduced. The presence of Notodiaptomus cearensis. Both species were present in in several reservoirs as related by Matsumura-Tundisi, Tundisi, At present Scolodiaptomus corderoi occurred in the reservoirs belonging at only three UGRHi, and Notodiaptomus conifer disappeared completely. This would favor the expansion in the distribution of some species and the reduction in the geographical distribution of other species.

As Margalef pointed out nature is a channel of information. The genetic channel is replicable individual structures. Then the genetic channel of information should probably be the response of the Copepoda Calanoida community to changes. Reservoirs are complex systems. Effects of intraspecific competition, predation and changing environmental conditions would be responsible for the composition and succession of zooplankton community PIANKA, The occurrence of calanoid copepods in athalassic saline waters in relation to salinity and anionic proportions.

A treatise on Limnology. Perspectives in Eological Theory. Latitudinal distribution of Calanoida copepods in freshwater aquatic ecosystem of Brazil. Rectification of description of Notodiaptomus spinuliferus, Dussart and Matsumura-Tundisi, Evolutionary Ecology. Ein Neuer Diaptomus aus Brazilien. Progress Report, vols. Freshwater Reviews, no. Freshwater Biological Association Publ. It includes three main basin regulations and management: basin water quality regulations; basin infrastructure development plans; basin water quality plans.

The management plan is based on the scientific and technical developments at the watershed and reservoir since Keywords: watershed, reservoir, limnology, management, water resources. Area of reservoir: 7 km2; Mean depth of reservoir: 3. Retention time is around 20 days. The reservoir has an important economical input for the region receiving around Periotto, Tundisi identified 20 services of watershed and the reservoir that are.

Therefore a management plan for the watershed and reservoir is essential in order to secure permanently a good soil use, pollution control, adequate water quality that will enhance touristic activities with economic impact. The management plan Figure 1 shows the integrated management plan for the reservoir and the watershed. The main purpose of this paper is to inform and guide the process of watershed and reservoir governance.

Freshwater Reviews, vol. Management DISM project. Corresponding author: aaburawwa yahoo. All rights for the content of this paper are reserved for GIZ, the views presented are entirely the responsibility of the authors. Abstract Disposal of biodegradable waste food residues and sewage sludge has become a stringent waste management and environmental issue.

As a result, anaerobic digestion has become one of the best alternative technologies to treat the food wastes and sewage sludge which can be an important source of bioenergy. This study focuses on the evaluation of biogas and methane yields from the co-digestion of different sewage sludge and food wastes mixture ratios.

It was observed that the optimal mixing ratio of food waste to sewage sludge was , corresponding to biogas production of 0. The study examines. Key words: anaerobic, co - digestion, food residues, sewage sludge, methane, mesophilic conditions. MWI, To accommodate for the increasing demand, As-Samra WWTP is currently undergoing expansion to reach a daily capacity of , m. Because of the growing demand on energy and limitation of resource in Jordan, wastewater sludge and solid wastes can be considered as alternative sources for energy production.

Nowadays the possibilities for biogas production as an alternative energy source are becoming more important MOUSDALE, , and from a practical viewpoint determining the capabilities of different organic materials to produce biogas. Nowadays, sludge management is an integral part of any modern municipal wastewater treatment plant in order to dispose sludge in a proper environmental. Digestion process will result in enhancing physical and chemical characteristics of sludge and make it more suitable for land applications.

As the second step, acidogenic bacteria produce fermentation intermediates, mainly volatile fatty acids VFAs , and lastly, in the methane step, methane and carbon dioxide with a small amount of hydrogen H2 and traces of hydrogen sulphide H 2S. Anaerobic digestion is conducted using simple reactor technologies such. A substance or compound is biodegradable if it can be source of energy for the metabolism and for the growth of the biomass which performs its degradation; on the contrary, a substance is indicated as poorly or nonbiodegradable, if structural molecular or external causes concentration levels, availability of nutrients, etc.

It may happen that some intermediates are more recalcitrant or even toxic. The degradation process is complex and depends on a balanced action of several microbial groups GUJER, in the absence of oxygen and renewable energy biogas is generated CHEN, Some factors may influence the activity of microorganisms, thus the biodegradation process. From a biochemical point of view, temperature and pH influence the reaction.

To this end, it considers the use of sludge primarily as a source of energy, but also as a soil conditioner and a fertilizer. The project also seeks to demonstrate an integrated approach to the treatment and reuse of sludge in combination with other biomass sources co-digestion. After the energy potential of the sludge has been tapped, any residual sludge undergoes further processing, together with other sources of biomass, to produce a treated organic mix that can be used to improve soil quality.

The integrated approach ensures the involvement of all significant stakeholders, from the relevant ministries and municipalities, to the water utilities and farmers. The device has one testing unit with reactor volume capacity up to 17 L of degradable material liquid or pulps. The device is equipped with a mixer, stirring the solution at programmed mixing intervals. With continuous monitoring of pH-values, temperature and biogas production. Data collection using data logger technology.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

The producing of biogas is analyzed with OPTIMA 7 biogas analyzer as shown in Figure 3 simultaneous measurements of up to 7 gas components. Objective The objective of the current study was to find the maximum mixing ratio of food waste and sludge, and methane production using Laboratory Equipment Modular compact basis plant BTP-2 which is the standard system for substrate testing and gas yield tests. Enhancing Methane Y ields by Anaerobic The physicochemical characteristics of substrate are presented in Table 1.

Once collected, the seeding sludge was added to biogas BTP Gas production expressed in relation to the input materials is the yield Lebuhn The yield can likewise be related to biogas production A biogas or methane production A CH4. The yields denote the efficiency of biogas production or methane production from the loaded substrates. They are of little informative value as individual parameters, however, because they do not include the effective loading of the digester. For this reason, the yields should always be. The various mixtures of food residual and sewage sludge were added to each batch experiment.

Their initial concentrations were all set, as shown in table 3. Each experiment contained organic waste co-digested with different ratio of sludge, food residual and Inocula. As shown in Figure 3, accelerated hydrolysis was observed by the addition of the proper amount of food waste within the same temperature conditions. Mesophilic digestion showed a higher conversion rate in hydrolysis as well.

Similar observation was reported by HEO, for the digestion of separately collected SC food residuesand sewage sludge. Therefore, it indicated that the application of co-substrate significantly improved feed characteristics, resulting in higher biogas and methane potential. Table 3 — Comparisons of biogas production from co-digestion of various food waste and sewage sludge in mesophilic conditions. Cabbai, et al. These trends of biogas yields could be explained by higher degrading capability and methanogenic activity as shown in Figure 3. KIM, has.

Conclusion The experiment has shown that the codigestion of sewage sludge mixed with food waste had a distinct positive. Energy efficiency in wastewater treatment in North America: a compendium of best practices and case studies of novel approaches. Water Environment Research Foundation. A review of biogas purification processes. Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, vol. A methodology for optimising feed composition for anaerobic co-digestion of agroindustrial wastes.

Bioresource technology, vol. Anaerobic digestion from the viewpoint of microbiological, chemical, and operational aspects—a review. Environmental Reviews, vol. NA, pp. Hydrolysis and thermophilic anaerobic digestion of swage sludge and organic fraction of municipal solid waste. Bioprocess Eng. Vienna: Springer. Waste Manag. Mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic co-digestion of waste active sludge and source sorted biowaste in pilot and full scale reactors.

Energy, pp. CHEN, Y. Inhibition of anaerobic digestion process: a review. Study of the operational conditions for anaerobic digestion of urban solid wastes. Waste management, vol. Microbial community dynamics of a continuous mesophilic anaerobic biogas digester fed with sugar beet silage. Engineering in Life Sciences, pp. Opportunities for and benefits of combined heat and power at wastewater treatment facilities. EPAR, no. Anaerobic digestion of the vinasses from the fermentation of Agave tequilana Weber to tequila: the effect of pH, temperature and hydraulic retention time on the production of hydrogen and methane.

Biomass and bioenergy, vol. The microbiology of anaerobic digesters. Conversion processes in anaerobic digestiono. Water science and technology, vol. Effect of initial COD concentration, nutrient addition, temperature and microbial acclimation on anaerobic treatability of broiler and cattle manure.

HEO, N. Effects of mixture ratio and hydraulic retention time on single-stage anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and waste activated sludge. KIM, M. Hydrolysis and acidogenesis of particulate organic material in mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic digestiono. Environmental technology, vol. The effects of substrate pretreatment on anaerobic digestion systems: a review. Waste Management, vol.

Agricultural biogas production in Germany-from practice to microbiology basics. Energy, Sustainability and Society, vol.

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  • Effects of mixing on the result of anaerobic digestiono. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. LIU, C-F. Prediction of methane yield at optimum pH for anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste. Bioresource Technology, vol. LIU, T. Ammonia inhibition on thermophilic aceticlastic methanogens. Water Science and Technology, vol. Biofuels: biotechnology, chemistry, and sustainable development.

    CRC press. Annual Report: domestic wastewater sector. Amman, Jordan: Ministry of Water and Irrigation. Theoretical methane production generated by the co-digestion of organic fraction municipal solidwaste and biological sludge. VDI-Ber, pp. Environmental biotechnology: principles and applications. Tata McGraw-Hill Education. Abundance of trace elements in demonstration biogas plants. Biosystems Engineering, pp. Standard Methods for the Examination. Wastewater sludge processing. Biogas production: current state and perspectives. Applied microbiology and biotechnology, vol.

    Full-scale anaerobic co-digestion of organic waste and municipal sludge. Biomass Bioenergy, pp. Deg Weine nicht munden, Sollte Ihnen wider Erwarten einer dieser kerstattet! Diese finden Sie auf www. JakobsKellerei zu erhalten. Wir liefern ausschliesslich an erwachsene Personen. Vom 6. Juni laufen auf Teleclub Sport die Motoren heiss. Alle Tennisfans sollten sich den Juni vormerken. Gute Unterhaltung allerseits! Ihre Teleclub Redaktion.

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