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The tunnel is 10 feet wide, made of stone excavated by the. There are 21 kender, not including Deuce Spadestomper who will accompany the party to help the Kagonesti guide deal with the kender and Parrick Whistlewalk who will gladly help as much as he can. Seventeen of these kender are 1st-level aficted kender commoners, while the other four are true kender. The aficted kender wont be too much of a problem, particularly under the care of Deuce Spadestomper, who will keep them whipped into shape like a little general.

The true kender are a more problematic, as they will want to help as much as they can. Ingenious and friendly, she tends to talk a lot more than even a normal kender, but contained within her speech is usually some good, solid advice. Shes remarkably streetwise and does try to stay on topic. She, along with Parrick, will try their best to keep the other true kender under control. After her time in the Peak as a prisoner, and having closely witnessed the atrocities committed against her people, Kerra has become a cleric of Mishakal, complete with a Medallion of Faith she found in the ruined Palace.

She will act as the resident caretaker of the kender, healing wounds and offering advice in equal measures. Wren Meadowlark male kender rogue 2, hp 10 is a young kender, barely into his late teens and still early in his wanderlust. Wide-eyed and innocent, he takes everything said at face value, seeing no deception. Hes also remarkably sharpeyed and if the characters dont notice the circling dragonspawn, Wren will be the rst to point them out.

Gilly Stickyngers female kender rogue 4, hp 18 is bossy, opinionated, and she has a bad habit of nding things that people have dropped and giving them back to the person with a stern lecture on how they should keep better watch over their possessions. Shes also a convenient way of introducing small things that are needed at the right time such as potions of cure light wounds or handkerchiefs to protect against the ash clouds.

Derrin Wolfnose male kender ranger 3, hp 17 stays close to the Kagonesti, looking up to the elf with something akin to hero worship. He is a ranger, and has a keen ability to ferret out herbs and water. He also has a tendency to think of himself as a young wolf, complete with howling at the moon and snarling in combat.

During encounters, the aficted kender will scatter, each seeking to nd some place to hide. The true kender, however, will leap gleefully into the fray. They wont be truly effective combatants as they are mostly inexperienced, but for particularly difcult encounters they can provide assistance to the PCs tripping up opponents, throwing rocks from a safe distance to distract enemies, etc.

It is important to remember not to play the kender as comic relief here. The aficted kender have been nearly broken, acting listless and generally obeying any order without question. Out of the Fire Allow characters a Survival check DC 20 to sense the telltale vibrations in the ground heralding an imminent eruption of the Peak of Malys. Regardless of the result, read the following:. A aming spume explodes violently from the mouth of the peak and a noxious black cloud billows upwards, blanketing the sky in cinder and ash.

Trails of molten light streak through the clouds, fragments of rock hurtle through the sky and strike the ground with concussive force. Unfortunately, the strength of the explosion is strong enough that some of those fragments are heading directly towards you. The volcano has erupted, which it has not done since before Malystryxs death. The eruption has been building up for months, and was triggered by the backlash of magical energies following the disruption of the ritual and the death of Sindra. The ash cloud from the volcano boils forth rapidly, expanding to cover a nearly mile radius with the volcano at its epicenter, and visible for more than a hundred miles in every direction.

This cloud will last for a week, completely obliterating the sun from the sky and making life a bit difcult for those unlucky enough to dwell in the volcanos shadow. Lava oes rapidly wind their way down the side of the Peak and, though they wont travel much further than the base of the peak, the magma that travels just beneath the surface of the Desolation will continue to be volatile for the next few days. Kendermore, at the base of the Peak, has witnessed and withstood many such explosions over the last few decades. Natural gullies have formed around the ruined town,.

There are three danger regions the characters may have to pass through as they seek to get away from the volcano. The rst zone is on the Peak itself and the region that includes Kendermore. For the rst hour following the explosion, there is the risk of being struck by falling rocks from the Peak.

Characters caught in a hail of stones take 4d4 points of bludgeoning and re damage from being struck by falling rocks, Reex DC 15 half as long as they remain in the open. A character that chokes for 2 consecutive rounds takes 1d6 points of nonlethal damage and is considered nauseated. The second danger region, from 20 to 40 miles away from the epicenter, is marked by a near-constant threat. This is similar to the effects of a constant non-severe silt storm see Travel in the Desolation on p.

In this case, the severe silt storm will last for about an hour before calming, forcing the characters to seek out shelter. The third danger region, from 40 to 50 miles, is the least dangerous of the three, as it is the furthest from the volcano. In this region, the volcano ash falling from the skies is similar in effect to a silt storm see Travel in the Desolation , mostly an irritant, although characters will suffer a -4 penalty to Spot, Listen and Search checks. A successful Survival check will enable a character to weather each region much more easily.

In the rst zone, the Survival DC is 25, and a successful check enables the character to avoid having to make Fortitude saves against the gases. In the second zone, the Survival DC is 20, with a successful check allowing the character to halve the penalties imposed by the silt storm.

The third zones DC is 15, with a successful check allowing the character to halve the penalties from the silt storm. Travel in the Desolation This inhospitable region is covered in greater detail in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of the rst adventure module of the Age of Mortals campaign, the Key of Destiny. The kender city of Kendermore Chapter 5 and the Peak of Malys Chapter 6 are useful resources if you want to more fully esh out the retreat of the party from the Desolation.

This chapter includes enough information for you to play out the events of this escape and the challenges faced by the heroes along the way. The Bestiary of Krynn also includes expanded encounter tables and additional creatures that suit the Desolation, beyond what is provided here. You can use that sourcebook to introduce even more dangers for wayward heroes. See Monster Manual for details. Do not use the same encounter again, either roll again or treat as no encounter.

Bad Weather If this encounter occurs, the weather takes a sharp turn for the worse. Because of the volcanic fallout, line of sight distances are all reduced to less than 50 feet, as the volcanic particles effectively neutralize both low-light vision and darkvision. Rely more on resisted Listen checks against Move Silently checks modied by the appropriate penalties based on the fallout zone to determine surprise for each encounter. Night Die Result Acid Rain: When rain falls on the Desolation is it neither cool nor refreshing.

The effects of precipitation and different types of storms are described in the Dungeon Masters Guide. The black acid rain of the Desolation is laced with volcanic dust and volatile gases. In addition to the 4 penalty to Spot, Search, and Listen checks, the acid rain of the desolation eats away at equipment and irritates skin. Each round spent in the rain the character must make a DC 13 Fortitude save or take 1 point of acid damage. Magic items must also make saves or suffer damage as well.

Normal items begin to weaken and eventually disintegrate if left out too long. Electrical Storms: The dry heat of the Desolation fuels lightning storms above the broken lands. During a day when an electrical storm occurs, each storm lasts 4d10 minutes, with a lightning bolt striking approximately once each minute. Each lightning bolt inicts 1d10 eight-sided dice of damage in a 10 foot radius. Roll randomly to determine which character is the center of the strike.

Any affected character is allowed a DC 15 Reex save to take only half damage. Silt storms are accompanied by severe winds ranged attacks and Listen checks are at a 4 penalty. These greater silt storms deal 1d4 points of nonlethal damage each round to anyone caught out in the open without shelter and also pose a choking hazard see Water Dangers in Chapter 8 Glossary in the Dungeon Masters Guideexcept that a character with a scarf or similar protection across her mouth and nose does not begin to choke until after a number of rounds equal to 10 x her Constitution score.

Greater silt storms leave 2d31 feet of ne silt in their wake. These particular wretches are composed of volcanic ash and silt as well as sand, but they are otherwise identical to the creatures detailed in the Bestiary of Krynn. When the sand wretches attack, they will seek to target the weakest characters rst if the PCs are escorting the kender, they will focus on the aficted kender. Sand Wretches 3 : hp 32; see page Desolation Giant Driven out of its cave by the eruption of the Peak, enraged by the ash and silt, a rampaging Desolation giant will be stampeding on a path of destruction.

Unfortunately, the characters have stumbled into the path of this beast. Desolation Giant: hp 89; see page Tactics: The Desolation giant will seek to take out the most physically impressive character rst, making a spring attack to get in and out of combat quickly. It will seek to avoid being surrounded, using the cover provided by the ashen haze.

He will not travel more than 5 miles away from his cave, as he is afraid of being caught out in the open. The volcanic fallout has given him a false sense of security, as he neednt worry about sunlight, but he still will not risk a direct confrontation if he is obviously outnumbered. Tracking Terrin back to his lair requires a DC 25 Survival check. The entrance to his cave is hidden behind a large boulder, requiring a DC 20 Search check to nd: Break DC 65, hp, hardness 8, Strength DC 30 to move out of the way.

Terrin typically uses his gaseous form to seep around the cracks, although to bring his prey to his cave, he will have had to move the boulder, then move it back, leaving the tell-tale traces of his presence to be discovered. The tunnel behind the boulder is narrow and barely large enough for a Small creature to stand upright Medium creatures would have to crawl, Large or larger creatures would be unable to pass through the tunnel.

The tunnel angles downwards about 20 feet, with a simple trap halfway down: Patch of Brown Mold: CR 2; mechanical; touch trigger disturbing the rock covering the patch ; automatic reset; 5-ft. Activating this trap automatically triggers a small bell, sending it skittering down the tunnel and alerting Terrin to an intruders presence. The tunnel emerges into a small natural cavern, about 20 feet in diameter with a foot ceiling. It is here that Terrin rests, away from the light.

If he is confronted in his lair, he will attack viciously, ghting like a cornered rat. The kender he snatched will be unconscious and tied up. Treasure: The only treasure in the lair is found in Terrins pouches, as he refuses to leave anything lying around to be carelessly picked up by wandering hands. Refer to Appendix Two for his treasure. Goblins in Need As the group is traveling through the fallout zones of the Desolation, they will see that the fallout has caused problems for those creatures that have somehow managed to survive in the Desolation all these years.

Already scarce natural resources, such as drinkable water and edible plants have been made toxic by the ashes from the volcano. In this encounter, the characters come across a small band of goblins that have gotten lost due to the fallout. The miserable creatures are huddled together under a crude lean-to, squabbling among each other and unfortunately attracting the attention of not only the characters, but also a rather hungry behir. The characters will hear the sound of screeching and ghting as the starving behir attacks the goblins.

Goblins 8 : hp 5 each; see Monster Manual. Behir: hp 94; see Monster Manual. Tactics: The behir has no real tacticsits starving and the goblins are convenient. It will seek to swallow whole at least 4 goblins. If the behir is pressed, it will unleash its breath weapon towards the largest concentration of foes. Kender Vampire Terrin Whiteknot is a kender vampirea creature that takes pleasure in feeding off others of his own kind. If this encounter occurs, he will start stalking the party during the night, keeping an eye out for opportunities to pick off the refugee kender.

He is not particularly brave, so will not risk a direct confrontation with the party, instead preferring to snatch his prey and disappear into the darkness, retreating to his lair. Terrin Whiteknot, aficted kender vampire: hp 59; see page Tactics: Terrin is a coward, and will do everything in his power to avoid a direct confrontation. He will start by using his children of the night ability to summon bat swarms to distract the characters while he snatches away one or two kender, retreating to his lair to feed.

If he is caught in the open, he will assume gaseous form and retreat. Development: Terrins lair is a cave not too far from. The goblins are too weak and scattered to have any true tactics except for survival. Development: If the characters manage to save the goblins, they will nd the goblins obscenely grateful; almost worshipful of the brave heroes that rescued them. They will offer to lead the heroes to a goblin tunnel entrance, which will enable the party to avoid any further random encounters above ground see Goblin Tunnels on p.

Treasure: The behir has no treasure, although the goblins will shower the heroes with treasure mostly assorted junk and items that even kender wouldnt have in their pouches , but hidden amongst the dross will be a major ring of energy resistance re. Lamia Seductress If this random encounter occurs, the characters will come across a damsel in distress. Dressed as a nomad woman, with a veil covering her face to protect her against the fallout, she will approach the characters begging for assistance. She will tell the characters that her brother was injured in an attack by Dark Knights, that hes resting in a cave not too far away while she came looking for help.

If the heroes agree to help her, she will tell them the cave is large enough to provide shelter for the party as well as the refugee kender if they are with the party and will lead them towards the south, where there is indeed a large cave. In the cave, they will nd an unconscious man one of the lamias previous victims.

The lamia has been toying with the man for quite some time, having drained him to 3 Wisdom and keeping him charmed, however she has grown tired of this toy and wants a new one. Realizing she cannot take on the full party alone, she will try and separate one of the males in the party focusing on a particularly chivalrous character. She will try her best to get one of the characters to stay with her, pointing out that it would be only until her brother is healed enough to travel. If a cleric or mystic takes a look at the unconscious man, he will be able to determine that his leg has been broken and is mending poorly, but otherwise he seems to be suffering from some strange ailment the result of repeated Wisdom drains by the lamia.

The lamias disguise is not impenetrable. She avoids anyone who wishes to touch her, claiming she is afraid whatever sickness is affecting her brother has affected her as well. She will particularly avoid any cleric or mystic, afraid that their magic will see through her disguise. Shilandra, lamia: hp 58; see Monster Manual. Tactics: If her disguise is penetrated, Shilandra will drop her illusion and use her mirror image ability to create confusion, striking out with her touch attack and Wisdom drain to make people susceptible to her suggestion, charm monster, and deep slumber spells while she seeks to escape.

Development: The unconscious man under the lamias not-so-tender care is Brandel Bloodstone, a Dark Knight captain who was separated from his patrol a few weeks back. If you should need Brandels statistics, use Kalrik Skalions stat block, but lower his Wisdom to 3 and his Dexterity to 6. This will have the effect of lowering his Will saves and Wisdom-based skill checks by 4, and dropping his AC, Reex saves, Dexterity-based skill checks, ranged attacks, and initiative bonus by 2.

Encounters Following the Eruption As the random encounters and the following encounters will occur during the fallout the eruption of the volcano, it is important to remember the penalties both sides will suffer to skill checks as well as the miss chances due to the concealment granted by the fallout. Brandel will be indebted to the characters for saving him from certain death at the lamias hands. He will warn the characters to avoid approaching Darkhaven at all costs, and if the characters treat him particularly well, he will offer to write the heroes a writ that will help them if they are stopped by any Dark Knight patrols.

The writ is a scroll, written in Nerakan, declaring that the player characters are under protection of the Third Legion for as long as they travel within the region known as the Desolation, including the occupied territories of Port Balifor and Flotsam.

The Glassmakers Saga by Donna Baker

Brandel will seal the writ with his signet ring, found on a chain amongst the rest of his equipment in the lamias treasure stash. In return for the writ, he will ask for provisions to keep him supplied for a few days while he recovers, and for the characters to swear an oath they will report his location to the Dark Knights so they can retrieve him. He will not ask what the characters are doing, nor does he wish to travel with the characters, pointing out rightly that while he owes them for saving his life, he does not wish to call his own oaths into conict.

Treasure: The lamias treasure is hidden under a large rock in the back of the cave DC 20 Search to discover. In there, the characters will discover a lamias standard treasure as well as Brandels equipment, including a set of masterwork black chain mail armor emblazoned with the Dark Knight Lily symbol, and a signet ring with a lily carved from a bloodstone.

Region 3: 4 penalty to Spot, Listen and Search checks. Treasure: Only the equipment the ogres are carrying, plus a large hide sack holding an assortment of animal carcasses from the hunting expedition. If they succeed on the check, read the following:. The gures are steadily approaching, making little effort to conceal their presence. After a few moments, you can begin to pick out what appears to be armored gures atop the horses, one of whom is carrying a standard of some sort. The image on the standard is indistinct, but, nally, you can pick out what seems to be a white ower standing out starkly against the black fabricDark Knights apparently; ve of them, heading your direction.

Ogre Expedition In this random encounter, the group comes across a gang of ogres returning to the Peak from a foraging expedition. The ogres are surly from being caught out in the volcanos fallout and are itching to take out their irritation on anything that crosses their pathincluding the heroes. Graak, Ogre Fighter: hp 81; see page Ogre Brutes 3 : hp 29; see Monster Manual.

Tactics: Graak is a surprisingly cunning opponent, recognizing that the greatest threat typically comes from the weak looking humans in funny clothes i. While his gang takes on any warriors, Graak will use his javelins to try and take down any wizard-appearing characters before closing in with his great axe. Small groups of Dark Knights have been sent forward on patrol as advance guard see The Approaching Darkness on p. The patrol consists of one Knight of the Lily and four soldier-squires. If they encounter the party, they will draw close enough to mark the presence of the characters, but they will not attack unless they are attacked rst.

Kalrik will send two of his squires back towards the contingent of Dark Knights traveling from Darkhaven with information about the strange group. If the characters are openly displaying the Dragonlance, this information will be included in the report, as the Dragonlance is the reason the Dark Knights are on the move.

If the characters have gained a writ from Brandel, they can use the writ to avoid the encounter almost entirely. If they approach Kalrik and his men under a white ag of truce, Kalrik will be suspicious, but will recognize the distinctive writing style and wording favored by superior ofcers in the Knights of the Lily, as well as Brandels mark.

The characters can give Kalrik directions to the cave, at which point they will have fullled the obligation of their. If they do this, award them full experience for the encounter as a story award. Kalrik Skalion, Knight of the Lily: hp 63; see page Dark Knight Soldiers 4 : hp 15, see page Tactics: If the party attacks the Dark Knights, they will ght to protect themselves. Kalrik will dispatch two of his squires, shouting at them to get to the vanguard with the information as he and the remaining two squires hold off the characters.

Kalrik is mounted on a heavy warhorse, while his four squires are mounted on light warhorses see Monster Manual. Kalrik and his squires will make the most of their mounts, using charge and overrun attacks, seeking to scatter their opponents, keeping them separated so they can deal with them individually. The Dark Knights ght as a well-trained unit, protecting each others backs and seeking to keep their opponents off-balance. Development: If the two squires escape, they will head for the Dark Knight vanguard, where they will deliver their report and wait for the vanguard to mobilize.

Once the vanguard is mobilized, they will move to cut off the characters escape route towards Port Balifor, penning the characters between the Dark Knights to the west and the dragonspawn in the east. The battle between the Dark Knights and the characters will draw the attention of the dragonspawn patrols, who will immediately report back to the Peak of Malystryx at about the same time the two squires if they managed to escape report back to the Dark Knight vanguard. It will take about 24 hours before either force can mobilize, travel to the location of the skirmish, and begin tracking the.

The dragonspawn will be the rst to nd the characters. If the characters prevent the ght with the Dark Knights, through guile or by directing the Dark Knights towards Brandel, then you can choose to not have the characters deal with the Dark Knight vanguard The Approaching Darkness, below and only have them encounter the dragonspawn The Fury of the Spawn, below. This is optional, if you feel the characters cannot handle both encounters. Treasure: Only the equipment carried by Kalrik and his squires. The Fury of the Spawn EL 10 Twenty-four hours following the encounter with the Dark Knight patrol, or three days following the explosion of the volcano whichever occurs rst , allow the characters to make DC 22 Spot or Listen checks modied by local conditions to see if they detect the approaching dragonspawn.

Read or paraphrase the following aloud if the characters detect the dragonspawn:. At rst, it sounds like the shrill cry of birds, but after its picked up and repeated over and over again, you can make out distinct words and phrases amongst the guttural growls. Briey, you see a ash of illumination about a hundred yards away from you, a gout of re that reveals an all-too-. Just as you spot them, they seem to have seen you, as the large dragonspawn roars, YOU! You will DIE! In the confusion, allow the characters time to ee.

When you are ready to have the Dark Knights encounter the player characters, read or paraphrase the following aloud to the players:. The leader of the group of red dragonspawn is Vargard Bloodmane, Sindras mate and the de facto leader of the red dragonspawn following her death. He will not wait for explanations, nor will he cease in his furious assault until either he or the characters are dead.

Bloodmane: hp 42; see page Red Dragonspawn Warriors 8 : hp 22; see page Tactics: Bloodmane will begin battle with his breath weapon, seeking to strike the largest opponent rst. Bloodmane disdains the use of magic, so neither he nor his warriors will use any of their sorcery in combat, preferring instead to ght hand-to-hand.

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Being chaotic, the dragonspawn do not operate well together, each focusing solely on a single opponent and unconcerned with the welfare of the others. Only Bloodmane is truly driven by a thirst for vengeance. If Bloodmane is taken down, any surviving dragonspawn will ee the battle. The dragonspawn will use their ying abilities, as well as their breath weapon abilities, to the fullest advantage, closing in only long enough to rake with their claws or strike with their weapons before ying back out of reach.

Remember to include any penalties for missing due to concealment based upon the current falloutregion when the encounter occurs. The penalties apply equally to both the PCs and to the dragonspawn. Development: If the characters are being overwhelmed by the dragonspawn, you can choose to have the characters rescued in one of two ways. You can either have the Dark Knight vanguard arrive The Approaching Darkness , or you can have the phaethons appear openly, adding their strength to the battle.

Remember, though, if the characters have the Dragonlance of Huma, they have a powerful equalizing tool at their disposal. Treasure: The only treasure the dragonspawn possess is their equipment, much of which will be destroyed in their death throes. Only magical equipment possessed by the dragonspawn could survive the death throes; make a saving throw for each magic item listed.

Out of the ashen haze emerges a troop of blackarmored knights charging forward atop their erce mounts. Their leader, at the head of the charge, is a erce-looking woman, who raises her hand and points her men towards the battle. It seems the cavalry has arrived. Unfortunately, the cavalry are Dark Knights. The Approaching Darkness EL varies If the characters encountered the Dark Knight patrol and allowed the squires to escape, then a contingent of the Dark Knight vanguard will have been dispatched to bring the characters in.

The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards, author of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter - The Booktopian

The Dark Knights will catch up with the characters in a little more than 24 hours following the encounter with the patrol. If the characters are being overwhelmed by the dragonspawn, have the Dark Knights arrive during the middle of the ght. The dragonspawn will shift their attack. The dragonspawn scatter before the Dark Knights bearing down upon them, taking to the air and howling in anger at the interference.

If the characters dealt with the dragonspawn handily, and do not need the rescue by the Dark Knights, then have the Dark Knights appear in the moments following the encounter with the dragonspawn, giving the characters little time to recuperate before the Dark Knights arrive. The Dark Knights will survey the scene, with Captain Velaria inquiring as to what occurred. If the characters possess the writ written by Brandel, Captain Velaria will look it over and verify its authenticity before allowing the characters to go on their way.

She will tell them that the safest route out of the Desolation is to the northwest, through Darkhaven not an untruth. If the kender are around, the characters may need to keep any of the true kender from blurting out the truth of whats going on. Dark Knight Soldiers 12 : hp 15; see page Tactics: The Dark Knights are extremely well-trained, but the dragonspawn have the advantage of being able to y, which puts the battle on more even ground between the two forces, particularly as the dragonspawn are ghting a battle on two fronts.

The Dark Knights will not necessarily attack the characters unless the characters attack them rst; at least until the dragonspawn are dealt with. The Dark Knights are as hampered by the ashen cloud as is everyone else, which is why they closed in for combat as opposed to striking with missile weapons from a distance. Development: The Dark Knights are in the region for one reason: they are searching for one of the Tears of Mishakal. A gifted Knight of the Skull named Kelbur Ghosteyes saw the Tear in a vision, after which he assembled the Knights of Darkhaven and set them to.

There are many different ways you can play out this encounter. You can have the Dark Knights appear as a way of giving the characters and the kender time to escape the dragonspawn reducing the EL of the dragonspawn encounter by 2 or you can have the Dark Knights capture the characters, taking them to their fortress, Darkhaven starting on p. If you choose to have the Dark Knights appear long enough to give the characters time to escape, you can either proceed to the following encounter, or you can have the Dark Knights give chase to them.

Of course, if the characters are escorting the kender, the Dark Knights will have the advantage of being on horseback and unhindered by noncombatants. The balancing factor, however, will be that the Dark Knights will not have emerged from dealing with the dragonspawn unharmed. If you choose to have the Dark Knights capture the characters, the Dark Knights will allow the kender, who are more trouble than they are worth, to ee the scene.

The characters may have the writ Brandel gave them but, unfortunately, it will do them little good with Captain Velaria, who will consider it a directive to escort the characters to Darkhaven for questioning and their own protection. Depending on how the characters react, the Dark Knights may only surround the characters and escort them safely keeping a keen eye on them , or, if they resist, the characters will be chained, their gear stripped off them, and the Dark Knights will discover the Dragonlance if it was not already being used openly in battle against the dragonspawn.

This will be a pleasant surprise for the Nerakans. The journey to Darkhaven will take a few days, which will give the characters opportunity to escape, if they keep their wits about them. It will not be easy, particularly if the Dark Knights have gained possession of the Dragonlance. Otherwise, this could lead the heroes straight to the last section of this chapter, Darkhaven.

Treasure: The only treasure is the equipment carried by the Dark Knights. If the Dark. Knights save the characters from the dragonspawn, award the characters experience for both encounters equal to an EL 8. If the characters dealt with the dragonspawn handily, award them full experience for the dragonspawn encounter, plus any additional experience determined by their encounter with the Dark Knights.

Wings of Flame The following encounter should be used when you are ready for the characters to escape the Desolation and to set them upon the path to Flotsam, and onwards towards their ultimate goal of the Dragon Graveyard. It can be used following the encounter with the dragonspawn or at any time you want to move the adventure away from the Desolation. The phaethons will approach the characters only if they are alone. The phaethons will not interfere in the battle with the dragonspawn, or if the Dark Knights capture the characters, but they will be watching. If at any point the characters manage to escape, the phaethons will then appear.

Dressed in simple clothing, and carrying little in the way of weaponry besides crude spears, the two young men appear to be halfelven: too stocky to be full-blooded elves, yet bearing the distinctively pointed ears of an elven heritage. They are both coated with a dusting of gray powder, yet, despite this, the vivid red hue of their hair blazes brightly.

One of the two steps forward, holding out his hands as he speaks, We mean you no harm. Please, you must come with us if you wish to get out of here alive. There are forces moving against you that you arent even aware of. The other gure, looking around nervously, speaks up in a low voice, We must hurry. Its not safe here. They were sent by the village. The phaethons will not say much more to the characters at this point, except to encourage the PCs to hurry.

If the characters inquire about the kender refugees, the phaethons will say that the kender have already been retrieved if the kender disappeared during one of the battles or following the characters capture , or tell the characters that they were sent to retrieve everyone, including the kender. Given the characters have every reason to distrust the sudden appearance of the phaethons, if the characters attempt Sense Motive checks, or magical means of testing the phaethons truthfulness, they will nd the phaethons to be open and sincere, albeit nervous about being away from the safety of their village.

You may choose to allow any elven character, or any character with knowledge of elven lore, to make a DC 20 Spot check to recognize that there is something not quite right about the two half-elves, although it requires a DC 30 Knowledge history check to recognize that the two young men bear the distinctive look of the legendary phaethons. The phaethons will not reveal who or what they are, except for their names.

They will not risk using their wings right now, as the ames of their wings would clearly reveal their presence to any dragonspawn ying overhead. If the characters press for more information, however, one of the brothers will pull up his tunic, revealing a vivid tattoo of a blue phoenix emblazoned on his chestthe mark of Habbakuk, the Blue Phoenix. If the characters agree to travel along with the phaethons, read them the following:. Each faces onto a central open square, where goat pens and a well-tended garden ank a natural spring of sparkling water.

More of the mysterious red-haired folk are here, looking up at your group as you arrive. December 26, And welcome to Books Between - a podcast for teachers, parents, librarians, and anyone who wants to connect kids between to books they will love for a lifetime. And apparently losing my voice a bit - it seems a tad scratchy tonight. I believe in the power of the right story at the right time to transform you into a different kind of reader.

And a different kind of person. And Harry Potter is that one series that seems to have accomplished that for so many. We talk about the influence of Harry Potter, our favorite books, the movie adaptations - among lots and lots of other things! December 10, I believe in the power of stories to give us the language and situations to help us identify and make sense of what is wonderful in our world.

And give us the words and the way to fight against the injustices we see. And few books do that better than Harry Potter. And the special moments in their lives that were made a little more magical by Harry Potter. And I really would love to hear YOUR thoughts about Harry Potter as well So, if you are interested in being featured on this podcast later in December, just check out the link posted in the show notes, which includes very quick and easy instructions on to submit an audio clip to me.

We talk about Harry Potter inspired advocacy, the challenges of friendship trios, and the our thoughts about the new Fantastic Beast movies. Harry Potter in the U. Remember to check out HappyPottermas throughout December for some magical fun and remember to send in your own audio submission for a future episode. November 26, And welcome to Books Between - a podcast for teachers, parents, librarians, and anyone who wants to connect kids between to incredible stories.

I believe in the power of books to bring communities together. And my goal is to help you connect your children and your community with fantastic books and share inspiring conversations with the people who make that magic happen. And I would love to feature YOU on the show as well. And all of them are editable so you can download and adjust them however you need. What is the difference between a traditional book club with community involvement and a ProjectLIT Community Book Club - and what are the pros and cons of each? ProjectLIT is a grassroots literacy movement with community book club chapters all over the country.

As of this week, there are now chapters. Their goal is to increase access to culturally relevant books and promote a love of reading in our schools and communities. Each spring the ProjectLIT team consults with chapter leaders and announces a list of 20 books from middle grade to YA that include topics that will generate lots of discussion and bring awareness to issues in our society. Since this is the second year, there are now 40 books to choose from. The books feature characters from a wide variety of backgrounds and are usually ownvoices - written by authors who share the marginalized identity of the main character.

ProjectLIT is all about bringing together a community to discuss the big ideas put forth in these books and to encourage students to take a leadership role in planning community meetings and doing community service projects to promote literacy. So, if you are considering whether or not to launch a more traditional book club in your school or to be a ProjectLIT chapter, here are some pros and cons to keep in mind. Cons: The book choices are more limited. For example, the March graphic novels are listed as middle grade but I decided to not offer that as one of our choices since it seemed more like a middle school fit.

Many of the titles are newer so they are only available as hardcover which makes it financially challenging. And students are less familiar with them so you might need to do some book talks and sampling to get them really pumped about reading them. If you advertise an event as ProjectLIT, it does need to be one of the approved titles. You can mix things up but it does make it more complicated.

Yes, they are new. Newer books pull in those readers who will be literacy leaders. Those kids who want to be on the cutting edge and draw in the rest of their peers and community with their excitement.

Select Quantity

You have an amazing supportive community who are all working toward the same goals and really eager to help make your life easier by sharing ideas and resources. If you need discussion questions for Towers Falling - they are already done! So, you are not in it alone.

And because of that, there are great opportunities for clubs to collaborate and maybe Skype with other groups reading the same book to discuss beyond their community and to get ideas from each other. How can I prepare my launch to make the book club successful? Doing some work ahead of time can really help get your book club started off on the right foot and get some community behind you from the very beginning.

One of the first things I did was to decide who I might strong-arm into, I mean…. In most schools there are at least a couple book lovers who would be down with helping out. At my school - that would be the amazing Kelly. So I emailed Kelly - who was totally excited about launching a club at our school! Sometimes you just have to ask people. Then I emailed our local public librarian, the PTO, our principal, and let them know about the awesome new club for kids that was coming soon. Then, I needed to decide how often we would meet, when, and where.

And that really depends on two main factors - time available at your school or library. And YOU! Because honestly - you are the one who needs to be the main force in making this work. So just Since our school day starts early, a before school time was not going to work. So I decided to offer the club to 4th and 5th graders after school from to The reason I went with ?

I also decided to go with Thursdays to avoid those other club days as well. But I am holding firm. So if there is a meeting on a Thursday? The next thing to decide is how many books you want to read throughout the year and when you want to hold a community-wide celebration of those books. Again - this all depends on YOUR availability and how many books you think you can get. Maybe you start small with just 4 books and 4 events. Maybe every other month works for you. Since I have no chill whatsoever, I decided to go for once a month but to use our first month of school to let everyone get settled and start promoting it, and then officially launch in October.

So - cut yourself some slack and give yourself a month head start. After looking at the calendar and our school schedule, I decided that our community-wide celebrations would be the first Saturday of every month from 10am to am. I went with this for a few reasons - Everyone seems to already have things in the evenings and I really wanted parents and adults to be able to come.

Our school gets out at - very few adults can make it at that time if we had after school events. Sundays are often tough for some people in our community because of religious observances in the morning so I wanted to avoid any conflict there. They can come, enjoy, and then have all the rest of Saturday do whatever they want. The first weekend of the month tends to avoid most major holidays.

So - no worries! I really try to make it as socially and emotionally easy to join us as possible - whenever they can. We meet in my classroom after school because I know that location will be available and I am not inconveniencing anyone else. And we meet in the school library for those Saturday celebrations. I had considered meeting at the local public library, but opted for the school library for a couple reasons - one, I am familiar with that space and have access to it so I can set up the night before.

Perhaps you are noticing a theme here - make it as easy as possible for YOU. Also, I want the school and our library to be a literacy hub for the community. And I wanted access to the technology in that space - Promethean Board and Chromebooks. Alright, so your prep phase should include the Who, When, and Where. Who - figuring out who will help you and who you will reach out to to let them know the amazingness that is coming. When you will meet with students and when you and those students will host the community book club celebration.

And where -the location of these meetings. How do you decide which books to read? And I recommend letting kids have some ownership of that process. Kelly and I decided to pick the first book ourselves so we could do some work ahead of time to get copies and then have the kids vote on the other middle grade ProjectLIT choices. You might decide to have the students pick from a list you provide or have them pick every other month so there is some variety but also honors student choice.

For us, this seemed like a good start for a few reasons. Perhaps you could give some choices that align with your goals and that ensure a variety of perspectives. So - I had scrounged up multiple copies of each book and printed out evaluation forms. Those are available to download right in the show notes! Kids sat in groups of about 4 and examined and previewed about 3 books at a time. Just like any other book tasting, I encouraged them to look at the cover, read the teaser material on the back cover or inside flaps, and read the first page.

Think about what books you like and what titles you think would be important and interesting for our community to discuss. So - then they voted on their top choices. I had intended this to be done on a Google Form which I will share with you but our internet went down so we went old school and they wrote down their lists and we tallied them up.

BUT - I had committed to honoring their choices. Also - Sunny was chosen but NOT book 2 of that series Patina , so I just decided to go with it since each book can really stand on their own. After that, I matched each book to a month - putting the two Jason Reynolds books Ghost then Sunny after each other later in the year since their reading levels were more challenging and timing Wishtree so our celebration would fall close to May 1st since that date plays a big part in the novel. So, as you schedule the books, think about what seasonal connections you might make and consider putting those more challenging books later on in the year.

Also - some books will be available in softcover later in the year, so you might want to schedule those then to reduce costs. Speaking of costs…. How do you get copies of the books? This is the big challenge. Ideally, you want to gather enough copies for each student who wants to participate AND some extras for those in the community to borrow as well. So definitely seek out your PTO! Take advantage of Scholastic points and perhaps ask teachers in your building to donate some copies. Try doing a Donors Choose project!

Apply for grants! Right now, Kelly and I have a grant submitted that would totally cover the cost of the remaining books - so cross your fingers for us! Ask local businesses and organizations for support! Our local Lions Club is really receptive to opportunities to support the schools. And those local businesses and organizations might be EVEN MORE into it when you invite them to read the books with you and come to the book celebrations.

Collaborate with your school library and the local public library. They can often gather copies for you that kids and the community can check out. The library right down the street from our school has a special display for our book club with our monthly flyer and the books stacked right underneath it available to check out. How do you get students and the community to join your book club?

And the community will read the books with you and come to the celebrations. And then we passed out the permission forms. After that, I make a quick visit at the beginning of each month to do a quick chat about the upcoming book and pass out those permission slips so you know who is coming and if they need a copy of the book. And an editable copy of that slip is right in the show notes for you to download. Wherever your school promotes events - on the morning announcements, in a newsletter, on a school calendar… get the club mentioned! About once a week, I make an announcement reminding the kids to come to our weekly meeting AND reminding folks to come to the upcoming Saturday celebration.

Our school also has a weekly news show - The Minoa Morning Messages - and some of our members made an appearance to promote the club and announce the next book. Be visible! Last year I spent a lot more time in my classroom whenever I could but this year I am making more of an effort to hang out by the buses at dismissal and say hello to kids not in my class during lunch. I have been surprised by how many kids approach me during those casual times and ask about the book club or see me and suddenly remember their permission slip!

And each of those encounters builds interest and awareness among the other kids and staff who observe those conversations! So - how about getting the staff and community to come to your celebrations? That can be a bit trickier, but I do have some ideas for you: Have the students invite them! Each month, students help design an invitation and I print off a bunch of copies. Then we get some envelopes and personally invite every single member of the staff - not just classroom teachers, but secretaries, TAs, custodial staff, lunch monitors, the superintendent - everyone!

One student even snagged the mail carrier on his way in and handed him an invitation! I also give students multiple copies of the invitation - and the digital version for them to invite family members. We also branch out and invite folks at the town hall, the mayor, the fire chief. And based on their suggestions, I drive around and post flyers in areas they think would be a good idea - like the post office or the fire department or the local pizza shop.

Another way to get the staff involved is to email them and ask them to read the book and come to the celebration. And last month, we had some extra copies of Towers Falling, so some of the kids just walked around after school and asked the staff if they wanted to borrow the book and talked up how good it was. And of course, included an invitation tucked into the front cover. Harness the power of social media! And if you are on the social media platforms that parents and kids already use, it makes it easier for them to tag you and start to build awareness among the community.

Have a social media presence also makes your club Google-able. Make a display and put it in a high traffic area in your school! Last month, I finally realized I needed to make a display of some kind because people kept asking when the next book club was and what books we were reading next.

So having one place they can look is really helpful both to be informative and to also serve as an advertisement! How do you run the student book club meetings? One thing that I did on a whim was to start our very first meeting with a quick get-to-know-you activity. Basically each kid takes a turn standing in the center of the circle and says their name and something about themselves.

That went over so well, that each month, when we have a new mix of students, we start with a new ice breaker. Sometimes we listen to the audio book and sometimes Kelly and I take turns reading it out loud. For the meetings after that first one, we take the first minutes to discuss the reading we did last week - talking about any confusing parts, big ideas, connections, questions, favorite parts, or favorite quotes… and then I read aloud or we listen to the audio book for the next 20 or so minutes.

And the last minutes is planning time. This is when the kids take care of invitations, come up with discussion questions, trivia questions, brainstorm new ideas together - and basically take care of all the things that come up when planning an event. After that, we pack up and I escort the crew down to the main hall to be picked up and take that opportunity to connect with parents and answer any questions.

So basically, our after school book club meetings are discussion, read together, plan together. How do you host a great community book club celebration? The Saturday morning of our first event, two things happened that did not bode well. First, despite the fact that I had requested the room through the proper channels and filled out all the school-required paperwork, the library was locked and NO ONE with the key was available. Okay - so we just relocated to my room, and I scrambled to get the space organized. Second - several of the kids and staff had volunteered to come in early at to help me set up and it was and NO ONE was there but ME.

And I thought - well…. But - then…. And our final count was over 40 people and it was an amazing event! So - here is the schedule we followed. First - ask for some volunteers to bring in drinks and snacks. We had cocoa a BIG hit! Kelly and I brought in some and parents had volunteered to supply snacks and drinks, too. When people arrived from - , there was a sign-in sheet, and we had an activity set up at each table for them to complete when they came in. For Towers Falling, we supplied big pieces of paper and markers, and had people create their own Social Units diagram.

I think having something fun to do for the first 15 minutes as people arrive is a good idea since families want to get a snack and everyone wants to chat anyway. Also, as each person arrives, we hand them a half-sheet copy of the agenda with an exit survey stapled to the back to we can get some feedback.

From is Group Discussion time! And each group takes about twenty minutes to chat about the book! These could be general questions like, what character could you relate to the most or what scene stood out to you? From is trivia!

Related titles

I created an online quiz based on the trivia questions that the kids made using the website Kahoot - which was lots of fun! You do need access to a device though, so traditional trivia is fine, too! That trivia game and those little prizes were such a HUGE hit - and the competition was quite fierce! From - - We drew prizes! So at the beginning of the meeting, we had a student in charge of passing out tickets and then we just drew names at the end of the meeting.

From - is cleanup! A few things I would change - we forgot to explicitly ask people to fill out the surveys and return them to us. And I forgot to take a big group picture! So, we are going to keep reaching out! And our next steps are to do more community service events like book drives and to find ways for the students to be literacy advocates in other ways in our community.

We had almost all the book club kids come with at least one family member - including bringing older siblings who were former students which was wonderful! About six staff members came, including one with her new baby. I was truly overcome with the passion and excitement and generosity that our community showed.

And really - all I did was provide an outlet and an opportunity for kids and the community to express their passion for reading and literacy. We talk about the origins of their project, their favorite books, and how you can help them promote literacy and well-being among young children in need. How has Books and a Blanket changed from when you first came up with the idea? How do you get all the books and blankets?

And do you accept both used and new? What are your plans for the future of Books and a Blanket? How do you decide who gets them? If our listeners wanted to get involved and help you out, what could they do? Did you have a special teacher or librarian who helped foster your reading life?

We have a lot of teachers and librarians listening. What is something you want them to know? What is something you wish teachers did MORE of? What is something you wish teachers did LESS of? What are some of your all-time favorite books? And remember to check out HappyPottermas throughout December for some magical fun. October 15, Intro Hello everyone! Welcome to Books Between - a podcast for teachers, librarians, parents, and anyone who loves middle grade books!

I believe in the power of stories to change our mood - make us laugh, cry, or… creep us out in the best possible way! My goal is to help you connect kids with those fabulous books and share inspiring conversations with the authors and educators who make that magic happen. I am your host, Corrina Allen - a mom of a 9 and 11 year old, a 5th grade teacher in Central New York, and spending a few hours each week phone banking!

In fact, one of the authors, was recently featured on the show. Also remember to check out MGBooktober to check out all the great discussions around middle grade and connect with other educators, librarians, authors, and fans. We always have a great time a leave with tons of suggestions for the kids in our lives. This full-color graphic novel is the first in a new series by Frank Cammuso - author of The Knights of the Lunch Table series and the Misadventures of Salem Hyde series.

This book is about a young boy named Edison who has always been afraid of the dark. He is so stinking cute!! And gets into so much trouble - or rather, gets everyone else into trouble when he rolls away in his ball into the darkest, most dangerous corners. I was at the park with my daughters when I finished it last week, and I just could NOT help laughing out loud - even though I knew I was getting weird looks.

The word play, especially, is so much fun. Already the names Edison and Tesla are awesome - but another example, the portal to the other realm is through the Night Door which is found in an old building called the Wherehouse. And so the creatures call their underworld - the UnderWhere. This intriguing little creature called Knox who is this fierce, cute little purple scavenger with a blue mohawk.

Edison Beaker Creature Seeker is a fantastic graphic novel that you will definitely want to add to your collection. So if you have kids who loved those two series, this is one to introduce them to next. Saubertuck who is trying to close down the family business.

Even though they all wear a sheet, they each have their own personalities - some wearing hats, or glasses. The parts about the laundromat business. I love stories that get you behind the scenes of how things run. Such a gorgeous color palette in shades of blue, pink, and green. I love her backgrounds - the buildings, all the little details of the interiors, and especially her trees!

Saga - Book Two - Deluxe Hardcover – Book Review

She ends up with this creepy book that tells the legend of two local brothers who come under the influence of The Smiling Man - with horrific results. When Ollie takes a field trip to a nearby farm, she and her friends Coco and Brian end up in an other-wordly fight to survive the lure of those mysterious forces. Well, bad news bucko. It is straight up terrifying! And the pacing is perfect - taking the tension up a notch bit by bit.

Small things, then bigger and bigger. A thrown rock. A frightened woman at the watering hole. A mysterious book from The weird, bad story about the schoolhouse fire. That twist at the END!!! It is SUCH a pleasure when a book truly surprises you! If you have kids who like scary - kids who liked Stranger Things. This is the book to hand them next. Would you mind reading a favorite passage? One of the reasons I loved this book so much was that I felt like I was traveling through Puerto Rico right along with Marcus! Can you talk a little bit about your research? What was your process like for deciding how much Spanish to include and where it would go?

What made you decide to include a character with Down Syndrome and how did you make sure to get that representation as authentic as possible? What are some of your favorite things to make? Where do YOU store your peanut butter? What lead you down the path of writing middle grade? Books Between is a proud member of the Education Podcast Network. October 1, Intro Hi and welcome to Books Between - a podcast for teachers, librarians, parents, and anyone who loves middle grade books!

I believe in the power of stories to lift us up and help us discover who we really are. My goal is to help you connect kids with those incredible books and share inspiring conversations with the authors and educators who make that magic happen. I am your host, Corrina Allen - a mom of two preteen girls, a 5th grade teacher in Central New York, and really, really glad that September is over. I always feel like, for educators, September is a little bit like childbirth and having a newborn. Somehow you forget the utter exhaustion and work and lack of sleep every time.

And instead you focus on the fresh start! Getting the room set up! Getting to know new personalities and a chance to get right THIS time what you you struggled with last time. And that the first weeks are just…. So… in solidarity with all the exhausted and overworked teachers and parents out there - I see you. I feel you. I AM you. I went to bed. And if you know me at ALL - you know how hard this is for me. I am a night owl. I am most inspired between 9pm and 1am.

But when I have to get up for work at - it was killing me. Probably literally. I cut myself some slack. Nope - not this year. And that was…. When in reality - NO one has it all together.

Something is falling through the cracks. And I find the ones who admit that are really the ones worth listening to. So, it is now October. Before we dive into that, I want to give you a few updates. The MGBookVillage is hosting a month of awesome middle grade related book prompts. We hope that you and your students will join in the fun. Those all sound amazing - so see you Monday nights! I had the opportunity to read an ARC and simply fell in love this story.

It has so much depth and so much clarity all at the same time. My daughter would like to know - do you like bologna sandwiches? You are known for your vibrant character names but in this book - you have three characters with the same name! Your Writing Life Was it challenging to write a novel that would be satisfying for readers of Raymie Nightingale but that would also stand on its own?

If you can talk about it….. Your Reading Life One of the goals of this podcast is to help educators and librarians and parents inspire kids to read more and connect them with amazing books. September 10, And what I love is to help you connect kids between with fantastic reads and share inspiring conversations with the authors and educators who make that magic happen.

And I would love to have you join the conversation and share your thoughts about those topics. Barbara - Interview Outline Our special guest this week is the amazing Barbara Dee - author of so many well-loved middle grade books like Halfway Normal and Star Crossed and Truth or Dare - and lots more. One of the things I loved about this novel was that it shed some light on the body issues that so many teens and tweens grapple with. Why did you want to explore those issues in this novel? This story centers around an overnight field trip to Washington D.

Did you travel there to do research? Did you see Hamilton?! So how naughty ARE your cats? How has your writing process changed from those first books to now? Where are some good places for aspiring writers to eavesdrop? And how do you keep from getting caught? What have you been reading lately? August 20, Intro Hey everyone and welcome to Books Between - a podcast for teachers, librarians, parents, and anyone who loves middle grade books!

My goal is to help you connect kids between with fantastic reads and share inspiring conversations with the authors and educators who make that magic happen. Last night it was that I had no clue what my schedule was, I had no plans prepared and was just winging it the entire first day! And - the worst part? I got to the end of the day and And share first lines and first impressions from reading the first chapter.

This novel is about Addison Gerhardt and his best friend, Devin Velma, who is trying to become a social media sensation by pulling a risky stunt at a nationally televised pro basketball game. First impressions: I love this book! And could not stop reading at just that one short chapter.

Twitter is a space where I spend some time but I do have concerns about that. This novel - The Lighthouse Between the Worlds is about a young boy named Griffin who lives with his father on the coast of Oregon where they tend to their lighthouse. Things are routine. Griffin and his father, Philip Fen, ate breakfast juice and apple-butter toast for one, coffee and oatmeal for the other. They buttoned up their thickest flannel shirts and stepped out into the gray morning. Mornings are almost always gray on the Oregon coast. This novel is out on October 23rd - the perfect time to read something with a blend of mystery and fantasy.

Like the first book, this novel is set in a small Southern town during the very early 20th century of the Jim Crow era, and this book is about Zora and her best friend, Carrie who uncover a tragic mystery centered around an enslaved girl named Lucia. One is the ordinary kind, rooted in things that happened, people you knew, and places you went….. CA: For our listeners who have not yet read the novel, can you tell us a bit about it? CA: Would you mind reading a favorite passage? AH: I love how you slip into this southern accent when you read. I think every time you do it, people are surprised.

Is watermelon honey a real thing? CA: How is the final version of the novel different from earlier drafts? The operation is based on projecting a live image on a glass screen. This allows you to create an illusion of depth using a background. Teachers will have a high definition monitor to make eye contact with their students. To send their image, the speakers need to use a "studio", in which to film them on a black background while they are illuminated on both sides.

Imperial College plans to use two external studios: one in Los Angeles and the other in Toronto, as well as a portable kit to invite people overseas to Initially, its use will be limited to give talks to their students. We business school activities, but will try to use the equipment so this technology is expected to that one of their professors makes a presentation at an become commonplace. However, it will not be limited to project a video of the lesson The disadvantage of this of the teacher, students can system, however, is that ask questions in real time guests are less likely to chat through a system of cameras with people in the audience that are located in the when their conference is over classroom where the and there is always the conference takes place.

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The investigations made by this reporter, in recent years, reveal that the amount of production of pieces of beings is difficult to estimate, although the production and reaches the count of millions of fueros produced throughout the year, in more than models and materials, from accessible costs to higher prices. The beauty of these spheres and their original models captivate national buyers, as well as American, European and even Vatican buyers. On this last emblematic European site, the spheres of this town adorned the chapel of Guadalupe, of the Vatican.

A year later, for the second year in. Currently the figures are between and workshops, eight factories and more than families that benefit directly from the production of spheres, many of them handcrafted. Not everything has been easy, there have been difficult times in which they have had to compete with Chinese products or, when the economy has had a crisis, improvising with cheaper materials. Its initial market: the capital of the country. He could not avoid the hoarders who became his main clients. There was no supply: thousand boxes were produced only for one client, of the three that became its most important buyers.

Like all good start, there was not much capital and faced other challenges such as buying video, raw material of crafts, because at that time there was a monopoly. Later, he was able to obtain a type of glass that was manufactured in Azcapotzalco Mexico City, formerly the Federal District , with which he could start working. In , I had 25 workers working.

A decade later he began with the coloring of the sphere, "How I like to live here," said the without diamond, with a brush, distinguished Michoacan, Puebla always silver. He had already become fond of this In that same decade, he began to "metallize" the sphere, without land that had seen birth to leaving the approach, a tradition personalities such as Gaspar that belongs to this day. Henaine "Capulina". According to Mrs. His method, glass craft.

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The Cathedral of Mallorca hosted last November 11 the 'Festival of Light', a light phenomenon consisting of the chromatic projection of the rosette on the front wall, just below the opposite rosette, so that during a short period of time you can see the two rosettes in a tangential position. With the denomination of the 'Festival of Light', the Seu de Mallorca aims to revitalize the historical denomination from the 6th century in the West, from a Marian devotional tradition and associated Likewise, the with the celebration of construction of the Candelaria on February 2, temple defined its date coinciding with the basilical plan repetition of the same incorporating the areas of lighting effect.

The event took place at the pre-existing mosque, hours, after as well as the spaces of The phenomenon of the sunrise. From the light projection of the the urban environment. During each 11th of mosque. The plenary agreement adopted by the City Council of Seville last June definitively approving the new special plan for internal reform PERI of the grounds of the old La Trinidad glass factory, located on Miraflores Avenue and whose protected spaces will be destined to public use while the rest of the plot will host private homes, has been the subject of an appeal through the Contentious Administrative Law, as it appears in an official document collected by Europa Press.

This litigation arose after the aforementioned new PERI and the agreement signed between the City Council and the compensation board formed by the owners of the old La Trinidad glass factory, among which the Asset Management Company from the Bank Restructuring. Sareb , definitively clear the future of this plot of Miraflores Avenue.

And it was in when the Ministry of Culture agreed to inscribe in the General Catalog of the Andalusian Historical Heritage several elements of this ancient and symbolic set of Miraflores Avenue, as it is one of the few surviving examples of architecture of the great industry and the first industrial expansion of Seville. Finally, the destination of the enclave was redirected thanks to the aforementioned agreement between the City Council and the compensation board set up for the development of the land, headed by Sareb.

As for the document challenged in the aforementioned litigation, the reform of the PERI of these For this reason, the statement of lands promoted during the cultural interest approved at that previous mandate already extended the restrictions and time protects the central nave, the furnaces and the chimney of instruments of protection to the auxiliary buildings of the complex, the plant as a place of the enclosure wall and the ethnological interest.

However, courtyard of operation of the the Ministry began years ago enclosure. But the terms of the project and the bankruptcy of the more than new houses of free rent. Polish origin, details the The tree, which as a whole process of creation of the star: "To make a bright star will measure almost 22 The American architect meters and weigh 12 tons, of three dimensions has Daniel Libeskind has is a Norwegian birch from been an arduous process, but a great adventure.

It is designed, by the hand of Wallkill, in New York undoubtedly one of my the famous jewelry firm, a County. Also, balancing the materials glass, glass, Wednesday November 28 arrived in this city on a aluminum and metal was a and will be in the heart of boat. And the first place I New York until January 7. For me it is an has already collaborated weight of kilograms, honor to have the with Swaroski in the the Swaroski star has a opportunity to build creation of a chess game, diameter of approximately something for this city, points out that it has been 2.

Berlin to New York in the company, Nadja The center of the star is after being selected to Swarovski highlights the composed of different redesign the World Trade creative talent of Libeskind: types of aluminum Center, has been very "the star is a unique blend components and satisfied with the star: "It of imagination and points of LED light that will has been really rewarding innovation. We want the emit more than , to design something so star to bring happiness and lumens - an LED lamp unprecedented.

The elegance of Swaroski reaches the heart of New York. The purpose of this Association is to promote, encourage and support many cultural activities, in the broadest terms,. Our goal is to develop and collaborate with other public or private entities in the promotion, protection and dissemination of art and culture. Our members may be fees, benefac-. When general binding rules are adopted, the permit may simply include a reference to them. Requesting inventory of the components of the permanent collection of MAVA. Milan Vobruba. He has placed his monumental sculptures of glass, metal and different materials in the former Czechoslovakia, Germany, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi He has participated in more than Arabia, Sweden and the United Between and he 80 individual exhibitions and in States.

Peter Bremers. Starting in , he tried to learn as much as possible about glass blowing, following the workshops at The Oude Horn in Leerdam, the studio of Willem Heesen and being assistant to Bernard Heesen. He has won a gold medal in the recent Toyama International Glass Exhibition. It is an objects, pieces made by annual and essential date www. Page 7 The Royal Factory and Bavaria. In La Granja the manufacture of glass has been maintained until today.

It was in the summer of when Paloma Pastor, director of the Technological Museum of Glass, visited, together with the local historian and descendant of this ancient saga of glassmakers, Georg Paulus, this same place and suggested that the original cross should be protected from the environment and www. Page 8 Activities Museums I. Science Week. Page 13 British Glass Biennale The intention, said the the new showcases after Minister of Culture, is to www. A degree viewpoint 'The Tulip' will be the name of this future lookout, equipped with transparent elevators inside to have a degree perspective of the British capital, a panorama that unfolds when you arrive at the crown with the shape of a Entertainment and ecology performance of materials and optimized construction systems to reduce energy consumption.

The glass of the structure will be built with a high www. The contest organized by Ifema was held from November 13 to 16 Culture There are twelve creators who reflect on the Museum through photographic technique, twelve different www. Mechanized glass cover. Since the last match was played in , what is considered the "Sistine Chapel" of the Basque pelota has suffered improper century. Page 20 Recycling. Ecovidrio Awards Human activities have already led to a 1 degree warming of the Globe; and between and we may eat we are determining the use that is made of the soil ". Two hundred years after its foundation, the Prado Museum reflects on all this and shares it with its visitors in an exhibition format that for almost four months will convert its rooms A and B into a rich interpretation center of its development and historical significance.

Page 22 To neutralize pollution. It specializes in the transformation of highperformance glass for building emblematic buildings and railways, with projects in more than 60 countries on five continents. The power of Art. Yesterday, requests had already been registered without advertising. Therefore, either production stops or must be done on weekends, which causes additional costs.