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Figure it out. Adults are often wildly unprepared for blended family life.

Caden Loves His Momma

The trouble is, adults in blended families typically have only first-family experience. Their friends and extended family have first-family expectations. Movies and books and magazines overwhelmingly tell first-family stories and give first-family advice. Adults in stepfamilies are instantly parenting unfamiliar, uncomfortable children — uncomfortable children related to a person they love deeply. Intimacy between people takes a long time, is built over repeated interactions, and develops at its own pace.

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It can be incredibly frustrating even in healthy relationships between two adults. It can feel impossible between an adult and an unrelated child. Adults in blended families are given a puzzle too. Their puzzle is missing pieces and has extra pieces from some other set, and if you try to assemble it to fit the pretty picture on the cover, you are likely to fail.

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The truth is no one wants to be in a blended family. Like so many Canadians, I was raised in a different culture from the area I was living in.

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Many Canadians like myself, are teaching their children more than one language. But the second language is just not that, it is incorporating a culture into your household. A culture that is not surrounding you on the streets. In my friend circles, in my extended family and more, I was too French to be English and too English to be French. I believe that many people all over the world, have experienced this to varying degrees, many more difficult than my own. Here is my story as to why, no matter what, teaching your child a part of their culture is so important.

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  7. Coming from a background of the non-profit world, I have the utmost respect for many charities who work tirelessly for their causes. During my tenure as a fundraiser, I encountered Kids Up Front Toronto and was impressed by their mission and impact. So I was excited to introduce them to the youth clients and to all the staff members that I worked with.

    Now as a parent blogger, I am excited to introduce this amazing organization to all of you and this is way overdue. Winter is synonymous with death, but I never saw it that way.

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    Perhaps because I was a person who grew up amongst snow for eight plus months of the year, it would be sad that eight plus months of each year of my life resembled that of a morgue. The truth of the matter is, winter to me is not death at all. It is the most important season of the year.

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    Where I am from, if you do not have a cold winter, you have a lot of bugs in the summer. You get a dry spell and the trees do not blossom with their usual vibrancy. To this point, when you look under the snow, many roots are planting, many flowers are beginning to blossom. The earth is deciding what the next year will bring. To me, winter is pause, winter is beginning. It is the most powerful season.

    The body can betray you sometimes. I want to be a person who goes on the scariest roller coaster and then immediately jumps on the second scariest roller coaster and lives to tell about it. I am not scared of heights and I love the views! I throw up. I get a headache for over 24 hours.

    First world problem, absolutely!

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    In an alternate universe, I ride the highest roller coasters for days. Categories: Children's Fiction. Caden Loves His Momma. Description This book tells the story of how much Caden loves his Momma. He loves her more than anyone else in the world.

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    Momma cannot go anywhere without Caden by her side. Momma just hopes that when Caden is all grown up, he will still love her just as much. This is a great book for preschool age children and will bring a tear to Momma's eyes everywhere. Rating details.