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Jack and Sara are each the epitome of the successful, driven and self-absorbed salesperson. The secondary characters are well written and add to the story. Submitted for an honest review. Rating: 4. MyBookAddiction Apr 7, From Lilac Wolf and Stuff I thought this was a romance novel but really it's an erotic novel I think Jack was a jerk throughout the book and didn't deserve the girl. But hell, she was turned on by him so what do I know? I'm trying to keep this clean Lots of steamy stuff and lots of ups and downs within whatever their relationship is.

Floor Time (Stewart Realty Book 1)

Not my cup of tea, really didn't personally care for this. But to be fair it was well written. The characters are engaging. This is not a shoddy job. Liz keeps every scene fresh, not repeating all the same things over and over. So even though I didn't care for it myself I'm still going to give it 4 stars because Liz Crowe really worked to earn them. And if you like an erotic novel Status Liz Crowe — primary author all editions calculated Odom, Traci Narrator secondary author some editions confirmed. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. There was a lot of steamy scenes in this book Maybe because I was thinking of a different "Jack" while reading.

Do you really think Jack is going to change his womanizing ways?!

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You are a smart woman. So, no I do not feel sorry for you when Jack breaks your heart for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th time. Sheesh I hate giving star There was a lot of steamy scenes in this book Sheesh I hate giving stars but I really didn't care if Sara and Jack worked out or didn't C'mon man. Now, I really hate Jack.

Floor Time (Stewart Realty Book 1) by Liz Crowe, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Anyway--everybody isn't always going to love the book they are reading. I just hate I couldn't connect with the characters because once I read the synopsis I knew it was something I had to read. A very entertaining read for me, a storyline different from the norm as well. Who would have ever thought real estate could be so sexy?!?!? No doubt I will be reading the rest of this series! Floor Time is a book by an author I really like. Why excited and nervous? Overall Rating: 3.

Floor Time is a weird book for me to explain my feelings on. Both are great at their jobs. I really like Sara as a heroine. Without giving anything away, she gets shit on pretty badly at the beginning of the book not related to Jack and the way she handled it really made me proud. Jesus, slut much, Sarah? Jack is sort of the every-alpha. Smart, sexy, successful, womanizing. He has this weird mix of cocky bastard and nice guy. I dug it. Mostly in the story-telling. I felt like we had a lot of telling-not-showing. I wanted to see more interaction between Jack and Sara.

Instead, we got a lot of Sara talking to us about things that happened before. It left me feeling less invested in the story than I like to be. I felt like I was missing things. Not a nice guy. That being said, I still enjoyed the smut even if it was a little over my line of BDSM enjoyment the characters and am curious enough to continue the series - especially because this is kind of a cliffhanger.

Character likability: 4 stars- I wish we were friends. Storytelling: 4 stars- Totally bought it. Writing and editing quality: 3 stars - A few errors, but nothing that took away from the story. PDF Via Kindle free for honest review When you are a successful, female, realtor you meet and work with a lot of men.

Sara Thornton is this woman, the woman who has a great career, a nice place to call her own, friends, and a great attitude. So what is she missing? Well a man of course, a man to have a relationship with and maybe even try to love. Problem is, Sara is not very good at picking out this man. The one she thought was worthy of her love and attention turned out to be engaged and buyi PDF Via Kindle free for honest review When you are a successful, female, realtor you meet and work with a lot of men.

Then there is Jack Gordon, perfect example of a man you do NOT want to be with for anything more than a good time. A man whose only interest is in unattached sex with women…many women. This book was absolutely amazing! Please note though, that this IS an erotic romance…so there are some quite detailed sex scenes. The whole concept of Sara, Jack, and the lives they lead is perfect. The characters in this book are great, they are easy to identify with. Some erotic books I have read are just that, erotic pages in a book, but this book is more than just an erotic story all about just sex.

I enjoyed all aspects of this book and would encourage others to read it as well. It was a book that could seem sweet, yet could turn up the heat, all at the same time. This review posted on Erotica For All. I've never read one of Liz Crowe's books before, but having finished this one, I'm very glad the next two in the trilogy are sitting on my Kindle waiting to be devoured! Floor Time is the first in The Realtors trilogy. This book is the story of Jack Gordon and Sara Thornton.

They're both in the real estate business in Ann Arbor. Jack is the golden boy of the company, having made millions by closing deals.

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  8. Sara is relatively new to the game, but she's incredib This review posted on Erotica For All. Sara is relatively new to the game, but she's incredibly focussed and good at her job, therefore she's got her own money stacking up in the bank. As well as being a successful businessman, Jack is successful in his sexual conquests - having a virtual black book that most other men would kill for, but he never stays with one woman for long.

    Sara, despite finding Jack attractive, is determined not to be a number added to that book, then discarded. She wants fulfilment, but not enough to get mixed up with the notorious bad boy. Soon, it becomes apparent that Jack is as attracted to her as she is to him, and when circumstances throw them together, sparks begin to fly. But with both of them having their own reasons for not getting into a relationship, things spiral out of control until Jack finally admits what he needs, and shows Sara what she's been missing.

    I really enjoyed Floor Time. The setting is different and interesting, the plot unique and the characters easy to engage and identify with. It's a well-written, incredibly sexy book, and particularly with its ending, has left me clamouring to read more. Sara is a new agent at Stewart Realty.

    Floor Time is a fabulously easy read with an amazing cast of characters. I love how Floor Time had a real life feel it. The chemistry felt between the characters is nothing short of electrifying. I was struck by a range of emotions while reading this novel, I love a read that can toy with my emotions but not leave me feeling emotionally devastated! Floor Time is also an incredibly HOT read. When you have electrifying chemistry can it be anything else??

    Did I say, that this novel is a HOT novel?!?!

    The whole story starts HOT when Sara and her boyfriend Adam are almost caught having sex in an apartment by her co-worker, Jack. Later Sara discovers that Adam was engaged, wedding marked, and while he fucked her, his bride was traveling. Devastated by this revelation, Sara decides to focus on her work life and stay away from men who only want to use women. One of these men was Jack Gordon. Gorgeous, rich and successful, Jack was the kind of man that all women sighed. Exactly why Sara kept away fro The whole story starts HOT when Sara and her boyfriend Adam are almost caught having sex in an apartment by her co-worker, Jack.

    Exactly why Sara kept away from her. But a complicated business transaction put Sara and Jack working together, and with that kindled the spark of attraction. Sara did not want to allow herself to fall in love with Jack because she knew it would end with a broken heart. And Jack was not a man to fall in love. But the inevitable happened. Sara found herself in love with Jack, but his unfaithfulway of being made her escape from him, and just like that, too late, Jack discovered that he could not live without her.

    A sexy story. Several times I was angry at Jack for being such an ass, but I also had anger of Sara, for fooled several times. Of course, as a reader, reading both sides of the story, I could see how passionate they were both, despite not wanting to admit. I loved Sara's brother his partner, and learn how the american real estate works. The end of the book was Now I need to read the rest of the series He does have one flaw—a past as a Dom—which he wants to keep buried as far in the closet as he can so no one ever finds out.

    Sara Thornton is new to the real-estate game, but is on the fast track to success. When Jack and Sara have a chance encounter, the sparks fly off the charts. Will they discover they are what the other needs and take the chance to make a relationship work? I loved her blend of naughty romance; it keeps me coming back and wanting more from her characters. She thinks Jack is a womanizer and someone to avoid at all costs. Watching these two characters dance around their feelings was fun and sexy.

    This book gives just enough away to make me want to read more in this series in the future. I want to see a happy ending for Sara and Jack. Jack Gordon is sex on legs! Under that exterior, you know there is more and in this story we get to see just how scared he is of being alone and of making a commitment and being hurt. You see, he has been there before and does not want to ever experience that sense of loss again.

    Meeting Sara, Jack Gordon is sex on legs! Meeting Sara, totally unprepared, he felt the full impact of the attraction between them. Slam, bam! He is struck and cannot get that woman out of his mind. His on and off again relationship with Sara is something to experience!

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    He needs her complete submission but does not know how far to take her before he is committed to her. Sara has been warned of Jack's legendary sexual ping pong. Can you ever warn a woman who is attracted to a man and seen her walk away? I haven't. When that primal emotion strikes and the pheromones are flying, there is very little your brain can control. Jack challenges her and understands her untapped potential sexually.

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    What is a girl to do? This is a great story of love, loyalty, trust and commitment Keep reading this series. I am not putting these books down until I get to the end of their story. I'm struggling with a review on this book. I actually rate it somewhere between 2. This story is being compared to Fifty Shades but those comparisons are woefully lacking. He was a constant flirt and his salacious behavior became irritating after a while.

    I honestly didn't care for him that much. Perhaps I'm struggling with a review on this book. Perhaps if he had acted that way because of some prior trauma But, as it was, the guy was kind of a prick. Sara was sufficient as a heroine, although she didn't have me clamoring to like her either. I didn't see any difference in her character even though her "old" self was often talked about. I know that BDSM is the new "hot" thing in romance but it just didn't seem to fit in this story.

    It felt like it was thrown in as an afterthought to ramp up the books' sexiness. It didn't mesh well with Jack or Sara's nature. Maybe the BDSM element will be stronger in subsequent stories but it fell a little flat in this one. I downloaded the next two books in the series but I'm not sure if I'll be reading them right away.

    IMO, Floor Time just didn't reach the mark for an engaging contemporary romance. Floor Time is where it all started. I had come across this book a few times before I realized that there was a reason everyone was talking about it. So I checked it out Jack and Sara, Sara and Jack The chemistry and tension between characters literally jumps off the page at you and sucks you in.

    When you feel frustration and irritation toward a fictional character making you want to reach into the book and slap some sense into them, you kno Floor Time is where it all started. When you feel frustration and irritation toward a fictional character making you want to reach into the book and slap some sense into them, you know you have found a great book. When you feel the pain of a character and want to reach into the book and comfort them, you know you have found a great author. The Stewart Realty series is a fantastic read and I am so glad that I started it.

    It takes you on a journey with the characters that can only be described as true to being Real Life scenarios. I was so sick of the same out "cookie-cutter" books that didn't take risks and throw curve balls. Floor Time and the subsequent books in the series have that in spades. I would definitely recommend it to everyone and have.

    I would definitely read it again and will. Let me sum it up for you, she wants him, she doesn't want him. She wants him, she doesn't want him. She wants him She hates him. She wants him. She doesn't want him. He uses her body again, now she wants to love him e Let me sum it up for you, she wants him, she doesn't want him. He uses her body again, now she wants to love him except she hates him, but she wants him Liz Crowe is one of those rare authors who knows how to take the emotions of her characters and make them real for her readers, binding you to the story.

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