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Hook-Up and Completion

If you do want to do the work yourself, please contact the Township. There is no cost for the Permit to Connect. It is mandatory that tanks be properly decommissioned and not used for any other purpose. The tank must be pumped dry by a licensed sewage hauler and a copy of the receipt must be provided to the Township's building inspector when he comes to inspect the decommissioning.

The tank must be filled with native soil or sand.

The drain pipe that formerly ran through the exterior foundation wall to your septic system must be cut off flush with the wall, plugged and parged, and waterproofed on the outside of the wall. For example, does it include the restoration of landscaping, driveways, decommissioning of existing septic tank, etc.? When your property is being connected to the sanitary sewer system, it's a good time to check how other water-bearing systems are draining, and where.

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Township staff members inspecting properties have discovered downspouts that connect to foundation drains, or directly to the sanitary sewer, or sump pumps that drain to the sanitary sewer instead of to exterior ground drainage. These types of connections are not permitted and must be removed. Rainwater and groundwater should not be added to sewage since it greatly increases the cost to treat sewage at the plant. Hooking Up. Page Content. I'm always committed to improving and this drives me to serve my family and my community.

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Sewer Line Hookup in Vancouver WA and Battle Ground WA

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Modular Home Contractor Responsibilities for Prefab Turnkey

Name required. Email required. Related posts:. Composting Toil Rudementary Was Commercial Sept Septic Sytems i Planting On You Winterizing Sep Nitrogen in Sew Septic System F Septic Systems City sewer line connection services should always be a consideration for those building a home in Vancouver. These services will allow more freedoms when creating a layout design for the home by eliminating the need for a septic field.

City sewer connection lines going from the home can become clogged or damaged for various reasons. Henco Plumbing Services contractors are able to correct these problems with their reputable sewer connection repair services. Contractors can look into the sewer lines through the use of diagnostic cameras to see the exact problems which are taking place.

Common issues encountered that require the expertise of Henco Plumbing Services sewer connection repair services include:.