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Alfred de Musset Alfred de Musset, signature. Bida - Le Chandelier Musset. Bida - Le Fils du Titien. Photographic Images 4. Historical Memorabilia 3. Militaria 1. Other Collectable Items 1.

Les Oeuvres by Alfred De Musset, First Edition

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Buy it now. Condition see all Condition. New Used Not specified Both Sand and Musset recorded in notebooks their disastrously ending relationship. It has been said that the Musset-Sand liaison was the most "written" relationship of the nineteenth century. According to a legend, Musset took up a challenge to write an obscene book without using obscene words and finished the work in two days.

In Musset visited Venice with Sand. Stendhal predicted that Sand would find Italy boring. This journey was a turning point in Musset's life. Musset and Sand went together to see Alfred de Vigny's Chatterton , a major theatrical event, but eventually she had had enough: "Your behavior is deplorable, impossible.

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The drunkenness, the wine! Your insane jealousy about everything, in the midst of everything else! Sand was cast as Brigitte Pierson, the lover of the male protagonist, who treats him in motherly way. They part in the end.

Les Oeuvres by Alfred De Musset - AbeBooks

Lorenzaccio , written in and produced in , was based on the murder of the Florentine tyrant Alessandro de'Medici by his cousin Lorenzo, known as Lorenzaccio. Idealistic Lorenzo wins the confidence of Alessandro in order to assassinate the tyrant.

In the process, he loses his believes that the rebellious faction led by the Strozzis is capable of declaring a republic. He proceeds with the original plan and Cosimo de'Medici is declared the new ruler of Florence. Defeated in his hopes for justice and freedom, Lorenzo is finally assassinated in turn.

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  • The relationship faded within a year and was followed by brief affairs. Throughout his life, Musset also frequented prostitutes and used occasionally opium.

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    His health began to fail and after s Musset's literary production as a dramatist diminished. Musset was appointed librarian of the Home Office by the Duke of Orleans. The pay was small, 3, francs, and it has been said that there was no library at all. From the late s his plays, which were recognized for their profound grasp of the psychology of love, started to enjoy success on the French stage.