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That summer my mom and I would go to a coffee shop once a week. We would talk about my different experiences with Paige and how diabetes played a part. I wrote down how I felt at those times.

My Sister Jodie by Jacqueline Wilson (KST)

One experience Grace highlights is how diabetes sometimes made her feel like she was reversing roles with her older sister. For example, I learned early on the signs that Paige was becoming low. If I saw these, I knew to run and tell my parents. I wanted to help Paige with her diabetes and make sure she was healthy.

Little Sister – Isabel Ashdown

You'd also love the secretive and surly Hope, aunt of Willow. And Lana, wife of Dan, who's not all right upstairs. I love the persistent mystery in this title.

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Secrets capable of making any reader gasp out loud. All in all, I liked this book.

Two Final 2018 Winners: The Ensemble and My Sister, the Serial Killer

But I wished I could have loved, loved it. Reading it was like watching the heart monitor of a dying patient.

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Too many flat-lines then you are jolted awake by a peak which happens when another layer of secret is uncovered. My Sister's Secret is available on Amazon.

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I recommend this book to anyone who loves to books on family secrets. Beach trips make for some of the most unforgettable summer memories, and who better to spend those magical days with than your sister?

You can't get enough of her, so she's the obvious choice of a perfect companion for a trip to the shore. You can spend the day riding bikes on the boardwalk, sharing a huge bowl of fresh fruit, laying out to catch a tan, and splashing each other in the ocean.

BLACK FRIDAY HAUL with my sisters! - Summer Mckeen

You definitely can't wait to hit the beach this summer, and there's really no one you'd rather spend that time with than your sis.