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The little pigs held their breath. The wolf was coming down the chimney. Nearer and nearer he came until, with a tremendous splash, he landed in the pan of water. The last the three little pigs saw of the big bad wolf was him flying over the treetops clutching a very sore tail. Want to read more or download the MP3 or access resources and lesson plans? Other Stories. View All Your World Please send us stories, pictures, poems and responses.

The Three Little Pigs

Enter our national writing and art competitions. Win certificates and prizes. We are back and want YOUR help! He could go out and pass the time of day with his neighbors, and come back and sit by the fire and smoke his pipe and read the newspapers the same as any man who has a family. He made a hole, he did, in the cellar where the little rabbits could hide out when there was much of a racket in the neighborhood, and the latch of the front door caught on the inside.

Brer Wolf, he saw the lay of the land, he did, and he laid low. The little rabbits were mighty skittish, but it got so that cold chills didn't run up Brer Rabbit's back any more when he heard Brer Wolf go galloping by. By and by, one day when Brer Rabbit was fixing to call on Miss Coon, he heard a monstrous fuss and clatter up the big road, and almost before he could fix his ears to listen, Brer Wolf ran in the door.

The little rabbits, they went into the hole in the cellar, they did, like blowing out a candle. Brer Wolf was fairly covered with mud, and mighty well nigh out of wind. The dogs are after me, and they'll tear me up. Don't you hear them coming? O, do please save me, Brer Rabbit!


Hide me somewhere the dogs won't get me. In jumped Brer Wolf, down came the lid, and into the hasp went the hook, and there Mr. Wolf was. Then Brer Rabbit went to the looking-glass, he did, and winked at himself. And then he pulled the rocking chair in front of the fire, he did, and took a big chew of tobacco.

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Then Brer Rabbit sat there a long time, he did, turning his mind over and working his thinking machine. By and by he got up and sort of stirred around. Then Brer Rabbit went to the cupboard and got the gimlet, and commenced to bore little holes in the chest lid. And the children, they had to put their hands on their mouth to keep from laughing. Then Brer Rabbit, he got the kettle and commenced to pour the hot water onto the chest lid. Then Brer Rabbit called in his neighbors, he did, and they held a regular jubilee. And if you go to Brer Rabbit's house right now, I don't know but what you'll find Brer Wolf's hide hanging in the back porch, and all because he was so busy with other folks's doings.

Dialect normalized by D. The Story of the Pigs African-American One time, away back yonder, the old sow and her children were all living longer than the other creatures. It seems to me that the old sow was a widow-woman, and if I am not mistaken, that that she had five children. One day this here pig mother, she knew that she was going to kick the bucket, and she took and called up all her children and told them that the time had come when they had to look out for themselves.

And then she up and told them as good as she could, although her breath was mighty scant, about what a bad man old Brer Wolf was. She said that if they could escape from old Brer Wolf, they'd be doing monstrously well. Big Pig allowed that she wasn't afraid. Speckled Pig allowed that she wasn't afraid. Blunt, he said that he was almost as big a man as Brer Wolf himself. And Runt, she just took and rooted around in the straw and grunted.

But old Widow Sow, she lay there, she did, and kept on telling them that they had better keep their eyes on Brer Wolf, because he was a very mean and deceitful man. Not long after that, sure enough, old Miss Sow lay down and died, and all of those children of hers were flung back on themselves, and they whirled in, they did, and each one built himself a house to live in. Big Pig, she took and built herself a house out of brush.

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Little Pig, she took and built a stick house. Speckled Pig, she took and built a mud house. Blunt, he took and built a plank house. And Runt, she didn't make any great to-do, and no great brags, but she went to work, she did, and built a rock house. By and by, when they had everything fixed up, and matters were sort of settled, early one morning here came old Brer Wolf licking his chops and shaking his tail.

The first house he came to was Big Pig's house. Brer Wolf walked up to the door, he did, and he knocked sort of softly, blim! Nobody answered. Then he knocked loudly, blam! This woke up Big Pig, and she came to the door, and she asked who it was. Brer Wolf allowed it was a friend, and he sang out: If you'll open the door and let me in, I'll warm my hands and go home again.

Big Pig asked again who it was, and then Brer Wolf up and said, "How's your ma? I see you through the crack in the door, and you look mighty like Brer Wolf. Then old Brer Wolf, he drew a long breath, like he felt very bad, and then he up and said, "I don't know what changed her mind, unless she was out of her head. I heard tell that old Miss Sow was sick, and I said to myself that I'd ought to drop around and see how the old lady is, and fetch her this here bag of roasting ears.

I know might well that if your ma was here right now, in her right mind, she'd take the roasting ears and be glad to get them, and more than that, she'd ask me in by the fire to warm my hands," said old Brer Wolf. The talk about the roasting ears made Big Pig's mouth water, and by and by, after some more palaver, she opened the door and let Brer Wolf in, and bless your soul, that was the last of Big Pig. She didn't have time to squeal, or to grunt either, before Brer Wolf gobbled her up.

The next day old Brer Wolf put up the same game on Little Pig. He went and sang his song, and Little Pig, she took and let him in, and then Brer Wolf, he took and returned the compliments and let Little Pig in. The next time Brer Wolf paid a call, he dropped in on Speckled Pig, and rapped at the door, and sang his song: If you'll open the door and let me in, I'll warm my hands and go home again. But Speckled Pig, she kind of suspected something, and she refused to open the door. Yet Brer Wolf was a mighty deceitful man, and he talked mighty soft, and he talked mighty sweet.

By and by, he got his nose in the crack of the door, and he said to Speckled Pig, to just let him get one paw in, and then he won't go any further. He got the paw in, and then he begged to get the other paw in, and then when he got that in, he begged to get his head in, and then when he got his head in, and his paws in, of course all he had to do was to shove the door open and walk right in. And when matters stood that way, it wasn't long before he made fresh meat of Speckled Pig. The next day, he did away with Blunt, and the day after that he allowed that he would make a pass at Runt.

Now then, right there is where old Brer Wolf slipped up.

Three Little Pigs

He is like some folks I know. He'd have been mighty smart, if he hadn't been too smart. Runt was the littlest one of the whole gang, yet all the same, the news was out that she was pestered with sense like grown folks. Brer Wolf, he crept up to Runt's house, and he got underneath the window, he did, and he sang out: If you'll open the door and let me in, I'll warm my hands and go home again. But all the same, Brer Wolf couldn't coax Runt to open the door, neither could he break in, because the house was made of rock.

By and by Brer Wolf made out like he'd gone off, and after a while he came back and knocked at the door, blam, blam, blam! Runt, she sat by the fire, she did, and sort of scratched her ear, and hollered out, "Who's that? Runt, she took and laughed, she did, and hollered back, "Sis Speckled Pit never talked through that many teeth. Runt, she looked through the crack underneath the door, and laughed, and said, "Sis Big Pig didn't ever have any hair on her hooves. Then old Brer Wolf, he got mad, he did, and he said he was going to come down the chimney.

And Runt, she said that that was the only way that he could get in. And then when she heard Brer Wolf climbing up on the outside of the chimney, she took and piled up a whole lot of broom straw in front of the hearth, and when she heard him climbing down on the inside, she took the tongs and shoved the straw onto the fire, and the smoke made Brer Wolf's head swim, and he dropped down, and before he knew it, he was burned to a crackling.

Well, to be sure, ain't you never hear that? Well, don't you take noticement, many and many a time, how unrestful, and 'stracted like, the pigs is, when the wind blows, and how they squeal, and run this yer way and that yer way, like they's 'stracted? Well, sah, all dat gwine on is along of the fact that they can see the wind. One time the old sow, she have five little pigs, -- four black and one white one.

Now old Brer Wolf, he have a mighty good mouth for pig meat, and he go every night and walk round and round Miss Pig's house, but Sis Pig, she have the door lock fast. One night, he dress up just like he was a man, and he put a tall hat on he head, and shoes on he foots; he take a sack of corn, and he walk hard, and make a mighty fuss on the brick walk, right up to the door, and he knock loud on the door in a great haste, and Sis Pig, she say, "Who there?

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And Brer Wolf, he turn down the corn, and just pick up the four little pigs and tote 'em off home; but when they done gone, he mouth hone for the little pig, but Sis Pig, she keep him mighty close. One night Brer Wolf was wandering up and down the woods, and he meet up with old Satan, and he ax Brer Wolf, old Satan did, can he help him, and Brer Wolf he just tell him what on he mind, and old Satan told him to lead on to Miss Pig's house, and he help him out. So Brer Wolf he lead on, and directly there Sis Pig's house, and old Satan, he 'gin to puff and blow, and puff and blow, till Brer Wolf he that skeered, Brer Wolf is, that he hair fairly stand on end; and Miss Pig she done hear the mighty wind, and the house a-cracking, and they hear her inside down on her knees, just calling on God A'mighty for mercy; but old Satan, he puff and blow, and puff and blow, and the house crack and tremble, and he say, old Satan did, "You hear this yer mighty wind, Sis Pig, but if you look this yer way you can see it.

How we know that? I tell you how we know that, sah: if anybody miss a pig and take the milk, then they can see the wind, and they done tell it was red. Source: Emma M. This tale is no. A wolf would come by every day and try to fool the little pig out, so he could eat him. One morning the wolf called, but the pig did not answer him. The wolf was very sure the little pig was in there: so he said, "I know where a plenty of grapes. You better come and go with me. By that time the wolf came to the pig's home and called him again.

He did not receive any answer.

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Then he put out to the grape tree too. When the pig saw the wolf, he hid in some moss on the tree. The wolf saw the pig before he got there; and when he got there, he called the pig, but he did not get any answer. By that time the wolf started to climb the tree. When he got to the little pig, the little pig ran out and jumped and ran away, and got home before the wolf caught him. By the time the little pig jumped in his door and shut it, the wolf had his head in the door, and it caught his head.

He said to the pig, "Let me go! I will not hurt you. The pig caught him by the leg, but he was afeard: so he said, "Yonder come de dogs.

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Let me in! Hide me in the box! The dogs will catch me! The pig did so, but he got angry and began to put holes in the box. When the pig got the holes in the box, he put on some water. When it was very hot, he said, "Don't you want some cool water poured on yo' to mek yo' feel good? So the pig po'ed hot water on him and killed him. Version B A long time ago Brer Wolf and Brer Rabbit were good friends, but for some reason or other they became deadly enemies. Brer Wolf decided to do Brer Rabbit harm. Brer Rabbit staid in his house most of the time, so Brer Wolf couldn't get at him. Wolf, however, thought of a way to get him out by stratagem.

He knew that Brer Rabbit liked fruit: so he went to Brer Rabbit's door one night, and told him he knew where some fine large apples grew, and asked him if he would like to go and get some. Brer Rabbit very politely accepted the invitation, and agreed to go for the apples next morning at five o'clock.

Brer Wolf trotted off home to dream of the sweet revenge he was going to have on Brer Rabbit, but Brer Rabbit was on to his tricks. Promptly at three o'clock he went after his apples, and was back quite a while before five o'clock. As the clocks struck five, Brer Wolf tapped on the door. Brer Rabbit says, "La', Brer Wolf, my watch said five o'clock long 'go, and I thought you wasn't comin', so Ise done been.

Once the children finished their masks, they placed them in the dramatic play area for everyone to use and reenact the story of the three little pigs. This was a great way to help children expand their interests in dramatic play. Many children who typically had no interest in drawing or art were drawn to make props for the dramatic play area.

Some children excitedly glued and layered torn and cut paper onto poster paper to create a blazing fire. New York Blog People. Aug 22 Creating Collaborative Artworks Using Dots. Ruckus Constructus