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Some people kills to become famous, others just because they have to eat, some play the role of the executioner and later pray, others kill just because of boredom, without a real reason You can't never be sure since you can't read a criminal mind! The bluesy "Show case" describes the trial transformed into a TV show, with witness and protagonists acting like cinema stars, walking on the red carpet.

The calm "Animi anonimi" Anonymous souls concludes the album with a bitter-sweet reflection about boredom and a merciless daily grind that anaesthetizes our consciousness. On the whole, an interesting work where the band showcase good musicianship and many fresh ideas but that in my opinion is difficult to appreciate if you don't understand the lyrics and the storyline.


Review by apps79 Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. Impossible to be defined, their style is a very theatrical, modern Art Rock, deriving elements almost from any possible musical source and setting up a very rich and dense musicianship, having Art Rock as the initial basis and moving on from this point through time and place. Of course the flavor is always rocking, sometimes with some quite heavy guitar moves, but the overall mood is very theatrical with breaks leading from groovy lines to melodic ans sometimes old-fashioned styles, like 60's Soul Pop, Funk or Cabaret Music, while the album contains plenty of multi-vocal arrangements.

The array of keyboards help to this unique music journey of the group, including piano, organ, synthesizers and harsichord, thus starting from the sixties and ending up in recent years. The Italian taste of the vocals are another positive asset of I Pennelli di Vermeer, though hardly the band can be compared to any of the significant acts of the country. Some vintage keyboard-led instrumental plays even have a strong psychedelic vibe from the early's, while even fans of more Classic-oriented Prog will find something to like in here.

The overall combination does not work extremely well in some tracks, but the general style has its own charm and comes as definitely personal. If a term Theatrical Prog would be invented, I Pennelli di Vermeer should be listed as one of the candidates. Pleasant, optimistic and multi-influenced music with impressive vocal lines.

Review by ZowieZiggy Prog Reviewer.


I would say that it is a pain that most of the songs are shortly formatted ten songs for about thirty seven minutes of music. What you will discover is a definite Italian prog accent; but there are little to none symphonic moments available. I would say that the experience is more rock oriented.


At least during the first two opening numbers. Vocals are mostly theatrical like described in Andrea's review. Some sort of "Ange" Italian counterpart at times.

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There are too many pure rock songs featured on this album: "L'urlo? ERO " for instance.

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Nothing really in line with ISP but interesting. One of the two songs in excess of four minutes on this album?

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Actually, I don't like this album very much. I still wonder why the band needs to sing these stupid French lyrics during the basic rock song "Luce". Pretty much dispensable as far as I am concerned.

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