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Near closure, this congregation has not just revitalized, it is a transforming force in Costa Mesa and Orange County. It is part of a five-week series, while Pastor Sarah Heath is on spiritual renewal, dealing with major topics Christian face today including immigration, addiction, race, and human trafficking. For the past eighteen years, Cue has advocated for many of the most vulnerable in our society. In the second interview, I will discuss immigration; not from a political point of view where the discussion centers too often these days. David asked me to address immigration from the standpoint of:.

How would things be different?

Aliens, Angels, or Adopted? Who Are the Sons of God?

What about for the person who is deeply passionate about the issue of immigration? Challenging questions, for sure. So here is a preview of my responses. By that I mean it would be Pentecost every day.

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At Pentecost, people from every nation were gathered in Jerusalem. Yet they spoke different languages and had different cultures and customs. But when the Holy Spirit descended upon them, the walls of race, religion, language, custom and culture all came tumbling down. For me, every day is Pentecost. I am surrounded daily by immigrants from every corner of the earth. But I have never had a problem communicating via the language of love. Second, what is holding us back from experiencing every-day-Pentecost are two four-letter words: fear and hate.

When we fear our neighbors, or the strangers God sends our way, it soon metastasizes into hate. And when voices fan the flames of fear and hate, it turns into evil. Rather than seeing angels unaware, we equate refugees with thieves — they are coming here to steal what is ours. Our hearts have been so hardened that we have become the victims of our own irrational fears.

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Marcel Marceau, the great mime, acted out the story of a gardener who prepared a magnificent bed of flowers which everyone admired. Children came, and in their playing, unconsciously damaged the flower garden. The gardener built a low fence around the garden, but the children jumped over it. He built a higher fence, but the children climbed it. Finally, he built a fence so high that even their balls could not be thrown over it. Now no one could see the garden. Worst of all the sun could not get in and the flowers all died.

Third, how can the average person take action? I realize not every church or home can provide immigrants, refugees or asylum seekers with shelter and basic needs. But imagine how things would be different if every one of the , houses of worship in the U. Through the Safe Harbors Network, we are greatly expanding the capacity of beds available to immigrants in California and the United States.

But we must speak, for silence is complicity. And for those who missed that book, it left things in quite the mess. For Jace it has to be aliens. Much of the first book was devoted to introducing the Prophecy family, and Marusek used this as an opportunity to lampoon the disorder the Pilgrims created in McCarthy during their brief but highly publicized residency.

FDNY firefighter claims he’s seen ghosts, aliens and angels

One could question the ethical decision of taking such blatant liberties with an actual family, especially one in which serious crimes were committed and everyone but the perpetrator was a victim. But Marusek did cast a sympathetic picture of the children, and in this second volume they begin to assert themselves against their tyrannical father. But the story is more important, and on that measure, Book 2 actually holds up better than the first.

As the story progresses this time, Jace makes contact with the alien who landed in his back It turns out the creature is stranded, and wants to employ the ranger to help him gather the energy needed to launch himself back off the planet. Oh, and by the way, there is a race of sentient machines on its way, determined to destroy the Earth.

Or is that what is really happening? Perhaps this is the End Times. What we do know is that the alien and Gabriel are directing Jace and Deut toward each other, and the atheist ranger and the devout daughter are in the process of falling in love while being tasked by their respective advisors with saving the world, which apparently only they can do.

If it sounds confusing, it is, but Marusek holds it all together and moves the plot along quickly. The electronic version includes sidebars where he explores such questions as the relationship between men and machines — especially when they become combined in one body, the evolutionary origins of the human instinct toward religion, and even the creation story itself. Plenty of other cultural detritus get picked up by Marusek and given a healthy swatting. Right-wing paranoia, obviously, but academic types also make an appearance, and they get their stuffing removed as well.

And Alaskans especially will appreciate Marusek briefly relocating the action to the HAARP facility, the target of endless online conspiracy theories. Social media also gets hammered.

Angels, Aliens, and the Dark Side of Evangelicalism

And there are countless sly references to past science fiction works, some obvious, others subtle. Marusek churned this one out barely 18 months after the first.

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