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As a young man, Ruby wanted to be a star, but he knew such a dream was unlikely in his hometown, opting instead to join U. After being honorably discharged from service, Ruby became a a test pilot for Wolf Avionics , which led to his his first gig in Hollywood. He served as a stunt pilot for Hollywood movies, most notably the works of director Meyer Wallenstein. While working on J. The two worked together to develop an aerodynamic personal jetpack system with high-impact damage resistant metals which would later become known as the bullet suit. Ruby took the jetpack to California 's Sierra Nevada mountains to begin testing.

However, when runoff from a heavy winter's snow threatened the nearby town of Poverty Flat , Ruby sprung into action, creating a makeshift dam and saving the town in the process.

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Ruby took the name "Bulletman," serving as the final member of the "Super" Adventure Team. During this time, Ruby became good friends with Mike Power. Bullet Man profile. The pair of enhanced heroes took the robots out with ease, showboating for the "normal soldiers". After Joe called the team for help against Soundwave , Bulletman attacked the Decepticon by plowing into his chest. After Soundwave retreated, Ruby noticed how much interest Kreiger took in the mysterious Talisman the team had unearthed.

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The Secret of the Mummy's Tomb. Bulletman was part of the Adventure Team when they were re-christened "Adventure Force. However, they arrived too late, and Power had already apparently died from one of the project's tests.

When Eagles Scream Ruby blamed Kreiger for the death of his friend, even calling him Mike's murderer years later. After Mike Power's death, the Adventure Team was disbanded.

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Ruby tried to pursue an acting career, but stayed on in the armed forces, helping Clayton Abernathy recruit members to their successor unit. He also began making public appearances in his Bulletman uniform as the Adventure Team's public face, appearing on numerous talk shows and celebrity game shows. Homefront, Part 3 of 5.

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Nickel Comics was an experiment on the part of its publisher, Fawcett Publications whose biggest star was Captain Marvel to see if a comic half as thick, costing half as much, and coming out twice as often, could make it in the marketplace. It didn't. Nickel Comics lasted only eight issues.

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Bulletman transferred to Master Comics with its 7th issue October, , displacing Master Man, who had formerly been the cover feature. He continued to appear in Master for years tho Captain Marvel Jr. The character was created by writer Bill Parker who three months earlier had written the first adventures of Ibis the Invincible, Spy Smasher and more and artist Jon Smalle who did a number of features for Fawcett, Prize Comics and others. Bulletman was Jim Barr, son of police sergeant Pat Barr, who had been murdered by criminals when Jim was a child.

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Like Batman and The Hangman, Jim took this as his cue to swear vengeance against criminals — but unlike them, he didn't have the necessary physical abilities. He did excel in intellectual pursuits, tho, and joined the police force as a forensic scientist, where his ability with ballistics earned him the nickname "Bullet". Using his superior knowledge of chemistry, he concocted a formula which, he thought, would purge the human body of the putative toxins that made people turn criminal.

Trying it on himself, he unexpectedly added 60 pounds of muscle overnight, along with a similar increase in brainpower.

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As was usually the case when this sort of thing happened in a comic book of the early s, he made himself a gaudy costume and fought crime under an assumed name, in his case "Bulletman". The name wasn't based on what they called him at the police station — it referred to his "gravity regulating" helmet, which enabled him to fly, but at the cost of making his head look just like a bullet.

It did, tho, have the additional benefit of magnetically preventing real bullets from reaching his body.