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Jack loudly blames Emeralida and Urocco for the trouble they are in; a fight ensues, but is abruptly ended when the three Liabe seeds fall to the floor. Emeralida sees them and immediately recognizes that Shiro, Jack and Aaron have been chosen by the Liabe seeds. Urocco is skeptical. Garuda, sleeping nearby, is awakened by the fighting. He sees the men's Liabe seeds, comes out of hiding with Beba-2 and shows Emeralida his seed.

Emeralida explains that the Liabe have divinely selected eight to liberate their planet. The others are sympathetic but unwilling to get involved in a war. Garuda hands his Liabe seed to Emeralida and leaves. Beba-2 follows Garuda, trying to change his mind. Jack announces that the other recipients are 'wolf-hunters', and offers to lead the Jilutians to them. Jack leads Urocco and Emeralida to the home of a wizened old crone; she examines the Liabe seed, and names wolf-hunters she had seen with the same seeds.

Emeralida stays in the home while the others go on a dangerous night search, with a guide, Hikiroku.

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Hikiroku's robe conceals his face and hands, and he does not speak but only growls. As they leave, the old woman hands Jack and Urocco cups of drugged liquor. Walking in the darkness through the mountains, Urocco becomes dizzy and disoriented.

Jack hits him on the back of the head with a rock. Urocco, dazed and drugged, tries to raise his sword. Their "guide" shoots him, pushes his body into a gulley, and hands Jack a satchel with money, his payment for the betrayal. Jack finds the Liabe seed in his pocket; he hurls it away. Hikiroku returns to the old woman's home; she tells Emeralida that Urocco won't be coming back, and that she bribed Jack to give Emeralida to her for her son, Hikiroku, who is revealed as a lizard-man mutant. He disarms the horrified Emeralida, but is killed when a brigade of Gavanas troops enter the crone's home and capture her and the princess.

Urocco, alive but injured, wakes and learns of her capture. Back at Shiro and Aaron's house, Meia, still thinking they're helping the Jillucians, dances happily around the room with Jack. Aaron and Shiro are silent and glum. Urocco bursts in, sword drawn and tries to attack the men, but falls down unconscious. Jack confesses his guilt to Meia, but tells her that Shiro and Aaron were in on the plan. All three point that Meia's father grew rich profiteering from war. Aaron and Shiro hurl their Liabe seeds through a window.

Meia angrily flies away in her spacecraft.

The first voice beamed from space – President Eisenhower's Christmas message turns 60

She hears a rattling behind the cockpit and finds a Liabe seed glowing orange. Aaron, Jack and Shiro are plagued by nightmares about the Gavanas killing Emeralida and the Jillucians. After they awake, Shiro and Jack's Liabe seeds come back through the window into their hands, glowing orange, but Aaron's seed has not returned. Meia returns, showing her seed, and three of them rejoice; Aaron is upset that his seed has not come back.

At the Gavanas' base headquarters on Jillucia, Rockseia points out to Emeralida that the planet could have remained fertile and rich, but brought desolation when they refused to surrender. Rockseia's men wheel in the old crone on a gurney. Using a mind probe, Rockseia extracts images of Earth landscapes and wildlife until the old crone dies.

Using huge engines built into the planet, Jilutia is propelled towards Earth, the Gavanas' next conquest. The Gavanas overcome Earth's defenses and give Earth three days to surrender and become a tributary planet. At first, Garuda refuses, but then finds a Leyabe seed in his drink, this time glowing orange. Realizing that his destiny is to defend the Earth, he agrees to go to Rockseia. Jack and the other roughriders decide to go to Jilutia as well.

Aaron continues to sulk over his missing Leyabe seed. The Gavanas space carrier appears over their house and Jack is captured by the ship's tractor beam. Aaron rescues him, and finally finds his Leyabe seed on the hull of his ship. As they near their destination, Mayah's Leyabe seed explodes, causing the ship to crash on a planet in the Bernard system.

There they find what appears to be a Gavanas warrior without a metallic skin, and wearing a Leyabe seed around his neck. The warrior introduces himself as Prince Hans, the rightful heir of the Gavanas' throne. He explains that Rockseia killed his royal parents and took the throne for himself. Garuda arrives at Jilutia as the Earth envoy and greets the Emperor and Empress.

Rockseia brings in Jack, who begs Garuda to save him. Tetsuro Tamba Noguchi. Makoto Sato Urocco. Hiroyuki Sandada Shiro. Isamu Shimuzu Robot Beba 2. Masazumi Okabe Jack. Noburo Mitani Kamesasa. Hideyo Amamoto Dark. Junkichi Orimoto Kido. Harumi Sone Lazari. Credits Director 2 Credits Kinji Fukasaku. Nobuo Yajim. Writer 1 Credit Hiroo Matsuda. Producer 3 Credits Banjiro Uemura.

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Tan Takaiwa. Yoshinori Watanabe. Cinematographer 1 Credit Toro Nakajima. Art Director 1 Credit Tetsuzo Osawa. Special Effects 5 Credits Masahiro Noda. Minoru Nakano. Noboru Takanashi. Nobuo Yajima. Shotaro Ishinori. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews.

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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. In this Star Wars take-off, the peaceful planet of Jillucia has been nearly wiped out by the Gavanas, whose leader takes orders from his mother played by a comic actor in drag rather than Director: Kinji Fukasaku. So Bad it's good. Cheesy 70's Sci-Fi movies. Space Operas! Share this Rating Title: Message from Space 4. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

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