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If the mind starts to think about this or that—not necessary now—let it go. Out of respect for this energy, you come back.

Notes on the Next Attention by Fran Shaw (2010, Hardcover)

You are attracted there. In this work, first it is necessary to become balanced in all parts. Sensing the body Balanced for a moment, the force equally in all parts. This is normal man. It is a training. Our functions are our companions. They need to be educated. The mind is like a dog—always chewing on a bone—very short thoughts, one after the other. But it can be trained, so that you can come back to this axis in you, this centeredness, so you can be.

And the feelings, too. So there is a reaction. Think of a nugget of information as a nail and your memory as a board.

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Attention is the hammer that drives the information into your memory. To remember better, you have to maximize your attention while the information is entering your brain. Here are strategies that help me:.


Limit external distractions. Or schedule a one-on-one meeting in a conference room. Reduce internal distractions. ADHD medication, doing yoga, or meditating before thinking up strategies for finishing a project can all slow a racing brain. Practice being more attentive.

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Turn away from the computer and make eye contact when talking with a colleague or the boss. At home, schedule a special time — at breakfast or before bed — to plan the following day.

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Exercise regularly. Many studies show that exercise boosts attention and alertness , increasing the chance that you will remember things. Eat right.

Notes on The Next Attention

Simple carbs low in fiber or whole grains and sugars cause your glucose levels to rise and plummet. The roller-coaster effect compromises your focus. All of us are trying to keep track of too much information. Our memory reaches its saturation point. Cut out lower-priority items.

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Continue to read to your fifth-grader at night, but arrange to have a friend drive her to basketball practice. Electronic reminder systems.