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Snapper Essentials

Snapper found in muddy harbours tend to be pale pink. Snapper found near reefs and weed tend to be a red bronze.

Snapper have a large head, strong teeth, and moderately firm scales. Snapper abundance is monitored using commercial catch rates, catch-at-age sampling, trawl survey information and abundance estimates from the recapture of tagged fish. Most of our snapper stocks are stable or increasing.

Snapper, Seabream and Grunt

A rapid increase in Snapper numbers at the top and West Coast of the South Island led the Minister for Primary Industries to announce in September a significant increase in the catch limit for Snapper in that area , with recreational catch increasing from 90 to tonnes and commercial from to tonnes. Premium quality fish are caught by longline. Snapper are also caught by trawl or Danish seining.

All Snapper begin life as females. During their third and fourth years of life, about half of them change sex, balancing the adult population evenly between male and female.

Australasian snapper

Snapper has tender white-to-pinkish flesh with a sweet, mild flavour and is highly versatile in cooking. When buying whole snapper, always check the Skip to main content.

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