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But this turns out to be only the first time they have to steal it While renovating his house in London, Aston, out of pity, lodges a homeless man, but Aston's brother taunts and harasses the cranky old bum. The story of a century: a decades-long second World War leaves plague and anarchy, then a rational state rebuilds civilization and attempts space travel.

American nuclear weapons testing results in the creation of a seemingly unstoppable, dinosaur-like beast. Max is a surly pensioner who alternately venerates and vilifies his dead wife. Sam, his brother, is a supercilious chauffeur. Lenny is a smiling, snake-like pimp. Joey is a thick-witted, would-be boxer. These four men live together in a North London flat, the site of their perpetual sadomasochistic battle of words and sometimes physical violence. And then after nine years, Max's third son, Teddy, a philosophy professor living in California, comes back home for a visit. He brings his wife, Ruth.

She is immediately drawn in to the family's ugly psychological games and quickly proves a worthy opponent. Soon, the game involves both of Teddy's brothers taking extreme liberties with Ruth, as the coiled Teddy obstinately refuses to spoil the malicious fun by objecting.

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Written by J. It still seems as impenetrable and unfathomably disturbing as when first performed.

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As if Pinter had managed to haul it straight up from the murky waters of his subconscious without allowing it to be filtered through the clarifying, taming grilles of symmetry and craft. A few of the other commentators have questioned whether it works as a piece of 'cinema'. But with writing and acting this vital and rich the query becomes redundant. It's a filmed record of a stage play in which color and framing are used to provide texture and ambiance for the text.

The Homecoming: A Christmas Story

The absence of any unnecessary cinematic flourishes contributes to the stark, claustrophobic atmosphere. I would argue that the piece is more effective here, atmospherically speaking at least, than it ever could be on stage. The screen filling close-ups, slow fades to black, and subtle, almost imperceptible camera movement all add the palpable sense of entrapment, tension and menace.

The performances are all majestic. But my favourite is the astonishing one given by the wonderful Vivien Merchant. Her work in this and Sidney Lumet's 'The Offence' in the same year stand, for me, as being amongst the greatest performances given on screen by any actor. She can switch from poignantly lost and alone, to ironic, to chillingly manipulative with a glance.

Whilst always radiating an almost heartbreaking aura of emotional privation and defeat. Her premature death was a genuine tragedy. Am I alone in finding such a spare, bleak work so strangely comforting, even uplifting? I hope not. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings.

External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. In a dreary North London flat, the site of perpetual psychological warfare, a philosophy professor visits his family after a nine-year absence, and introduces the four men, father, uncle, and two brothers, to his wife. Director: Peter Hall. Writers: Harold Pinter play , Harold Pinter screenplay. Movies I Wanna See.

Share this Rating Title: The Homecoming 7. Use the HTML below. The family continues to sit and talk.

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Max criticizes Sam for not fighting in the war. Max is confused and gruffly says she is so charming. She replies that she was different when she met Teddy. Teddy begins to speak of how happy he is in America. Lenny tries to needle him with philosophical questions about revering unknown things vs. Teddy stiffly says that is not his area of expertise. They debate the meaning of a table in terms of the object and what it signifies.

Ruth weighs in, slowly calling attention to her leg as if it were a table leg, but telling them to acknowledge that her underwear is beneath it. Maybe observing something, she says, is more important than the words used to describe it. There is an awkward silence which Teddy breaks by talking about how he moved to America. Joey prepares to leave for his workout and Max and Lenny accompany him.

When they are gone Teddy turns to Ruth and says maybe they ought to go home. It is cleaner there, he notes, and perhaps their children miss them. She does not care to leave and wonders if he does not like his family as much as he thought he did. He tells her he will go pack and that she will be happy to go home; when they are back she can help him with his work. After Teddy goes upstairs Lenny returns and sits with Ruth.

She reminisces about how she used to be a model before she married Teddy. When Teddy comes downstairs ready to leave, Lenny asks Ruth if she might want a dance before they go. She assents.

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They dance and Lenny kisses her. She kisses back. Joey and Max enter and Joey is stunned. He calls Ruth a tart and takes her over to the couch with him. They lie together and kiss; he is almost on top of her. Max turns to Teddy and asks if he is really going. He tells him Ruth is lovely and he wishes Teddy was not ashamed of his family.

Ruth demands a drink and the brothers bring her one. Teddy sniffs that they would not understand it anyway. Ruth goes upstairs with Joey. That evening Teddy sits near his luggage. He asks a few cryptic things about whether or not Teddy liked MacGregor. Lenny is infuriated at Teddy for stealing a cheese roll that he had previously prepared. Teddy declares that he stole it deliberately, much in the same way that he believes that his family has stolen Ruth from him. Joey then descends the stairs, claiming that despite being in bed with Ruth for two hours the two did not go all the way.

Lenny is disgusted, saying that Ruth is a tease, but Joey states that it was neither of their faults, nor was he disappointed. Joey is unable to articulate that it seems like they both want something other than sex from a relationship. When Max hears about Joey and Ruth he is also disgusted. Meanwhile, Teddy seems resigned to his fate that he will have to leave Ruth behind with his family and return to his career in America. After a few moments Max muses that perhaps it would be a good thing to have a woman in the house to cook and clean.

He will ask her to stay, he decides, but Teddy counters that she is not well and ought to get home. Lenny, Max, and Joey continue to talk and ignore Teddy. They decide to donate money to pay for the things she needs like clothes. It seems like it will be expensive, but Lenny offers up the idea of Ruth getting a flat and taking a few customers and thus making some money.

She will not work all night, and his clients are generally topnotch. Perhaps Teddy can even take business cards with him back to America and this can be an international operation. Max excitedly says not in this day and age. Finally Ruth comes downstairs. Teddy explains slowly that his family has invited her to stay as a guest of sorts. She replies that she might be too much trouble, but Max quickly assures her that is not the case.

The Homecoming

When Teddy informs her she will have to earn her keep, she negotiates with the other men about getting her a three-room flat, money for clothes, a maid, and signing a contract that they all agree to. This explosive revelation causes him to pass out and fall to the ground. After it is determined that Sam is still living, the family prepares to say goodbye to Teddy. His father and brothers wish him farewell and Ruth simply tells him not to be a stranger.

He departs. After Teddy leaves, Ruth sits down and Joey puts his head in her lap.