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Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Restorative justice is gaining acceptance for addressing harm and crime. Interventions have been developed for a wide range of wrongdoing.

Nanny Molester Found Coaching Girls' Soccer

This book considers the use of restorative justice in response to sexual abuse. Rather than a blueprint or detailing a specific set of programs, it is more about mapping possibilities. It allows people to carefully consider its use in responding to violent crimes such as sexual abuse. Criminal justice approaches tend to sideline and re-traumatize victims, and punish offenders to the detriment of accountability. Alternatively, restorative justice centers on healing for victims, while holding offenders meaningfully accountable. Criminal justice responses tend to individualize the problem, and catch marginalized communities, such as ethnic minorities, within its net.

Restorative justice recognizes that sexual abuse is a form of gender-based violence. Community-based practices are needed, sometimes in conjunction with, and sometimes to counteract, traditional criminal justice responses. This book describes impacts of sexual abuse, and explanations for sexual offending, demonstrating how restorative justice can create hope through trauma. Deep Diversity. Shakil Choudhury. The Little Book of Restorative Justice. Howard Zehr. Are We Born Racist? Jeremy A. Why People Cooperate. Tom R. Microaggressions in Everyday Life. Derald Wing Sue. Widening the Circle.

Mara Sapon-Shevin. Framed by Gender. Cecilia L. Microaggressions and Marginality. Building and Restoring Respectful Relationships in Schools. Richard Hendry. Katherine Evans. Christa Crawford. The Social Dynamics of Family Violence. Angela Hattery. Crime, Shame and Reintegration. John Braithwaite. The Culturally Inclusive Educator. Dena R. Make Me! Eric Toshalis. Feminist Therapy Theory and Practice. Mary Ballou. Domestic Violence. Lettie Lockhart. Marilyn Price-Mitchell. Laura Chapman. Intersections of Identity and Sexual Violence on Campus. Jessica C.

Student Engagement in Higher Education. Stephen John Quaye. The Art of Effective Facilitation. Lisa M. Growing Up in America. Richard Flory. Understanding Teenage Girls. Horace R. Adolescents at School. Michael Sadowski. Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty. Paul C. Susan P. Deborah Bray Preston. Multicultural Social Work Practice. Counseling Diversity in Context. Jason Brown. Activist Educators. Catherine Marshall. Dignity for All. Peter M. Clayton Redfield. Culturally Proficient Education. Randall B. Psychology, Poverty, and the End of Social Exclusion.

Laura Smith. Carl A. Early Childhood Education for a New Era. Stacie G. Lucy W. Families in America. Susan L. Yasmeena's Choice. Jean Sasson. Transforming Teacher Education for Social Justice. Eva Zygmunt. All of the people at the day care center are white and look like evil, angry young witches.

This is not a book for general readers. It could be a useful title for social workers, law enforcement officials, psychologists, counselors, religious personnel, and the unfortunate parents and children who have endured such trauma. Thanks, Kristin, for posting this review — at least now I can stop wondering what on earth the author and publisher were thinking.

Where you learn about how everything from Catholics to Dungeons and Dragons will send little Susan straight to hell unless she repents and finds Jesus. The author seems to believe that satanic ritual abuse of children is quite commonplace and something that all parents should be prepared to address. Not in my world. And then the book ends. I knew it was the same as a recent YA book! All I can think of are the people whose lives have been ruined due to this hysteria, like the West Memphis Three. Ritual abuse exists all over the world. There have been reports, journal articles, web pages and criminal convictions of these horrific crimes against children and adults.

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Maybe so, but ritual Satanic abuse, not so much. There was a panic, but it was canceled due to lack of evidence. You should read some of the claims made by the children in the McMartin case and other similar preschool abuse cases. They sound unbelievable and totally outlandish in retrospect. Sure it exists, but to an extent that books need to be published for children about it? Our school library had a couple of these, but not this title, thank goodness! A child with experience would be psychologically harmed finding this on the picture book shelf near Henry and Mudge.

Wow, ritual abuse exists , I just read that crazy wiki link. These things of which you are afraid? There is a high probability they are imaginary things. So are you suggesting we should censor it? But…that doesnt seem very liberal…why dont you let the kids decide for themselves if it is fitting. Make sense? What does liberal have to do with it? Have you had a meaningful discussion with yourself about the difference between censorship and selection?

That makes plenty of sense. This book is so very inspired by the McMartin case. The bunnies are a dead giveaway! I remember tales of bunny abuse from back when the first accusations were made. Also, imaginary tunnels!

Recommended Books about Child Sexual Abuse

Such tragic bs. When I was a blond-haired kid in Midwich, Kent, England back in the s this sort of book was the reason we got rid of that meddling library lady…. So for whom WAS this book published? I own a bunch of books on these subjects which, thank God, are much, much better than this one. That said, this book should not be on any shelves and could be traumatizing for young readers.

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It needs to go. Appallingly, unbelievably awful. I vaguely remember the McMarten case and just as vaguely the sense that it was mostly the result of hysteria. The most evil thing about this book is its original purpose: it was meant to be an aide for therapists to use when questioning very young children in cases of suspected ritual abuse. The interviewer would read this book to the preschool-aged children, then ask if anything like that ever happened to them while they were at school.

The kids would respond that the things described in the book DID happen to them and those statements would be considered evidence at trial. This book could be total schlock, and may need weeding. But they are under or not reported, and often overlooked in human rights-based activism. There are those arguing that a secondary form of victimization occurs when state or civil actors refuse to acknowledge or deny the occurrence of ritualized abuse torture…. Unless you count the CIA estimates of 45, to 50, women and children brought to the U.

But people who buy kids from other countries would never buy kids from the US or Canada, right? Or do anything ritualized once they own them? This is a wonderful book for children who have been ritually abused. It is a book worth times its weight in gold. I agree that this book should never have been published and marketed for child readers. It would have been especially dangerous if given to a child who discloses having been ritually abused. As long as some adults — particularly those operating in the world of criminal sociopathy and especially Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children CSEC — choose to use children as objects instead of as precious fellow humans, such crimes and human rights violations will continue to occur.

There is no evidence to suggest that Satanic Ritual Abuse exists. Bigfoot could exist and one day you may find yourself needing to defend yourself against one, but without any evidence and hard facts the book is going to be based on pure speculation. Child abuse and other atrocities are real issues and real concerns, but a library would be much better off with resources that deal specifically with those issues than this book.

There is a recent study about ritual abuse called the extreme abuse survey that documents accounts of over survivors of ritual abuse. The only possible motive I can discern in your posting is self-promotion for a sorely misguided endeavor. This is my last posting on this web page, which has strayed significantly from its original subject.

Little Book of Mental Health LifeHacks

Instead, when they continue to deny its existence in a seemingly obsessive manner, they are more likely trolling for new victims in hopes that responding survivors will — while more emotional — slip-up and provide vulnerable, personal information. In the more distant past, I was where some of you are now. Been there; have zero desire to go back. Are you suggesting that my skepticism is fake?

For what purpose? If so, come right out and say so, rather than offering your implication, and face the possibility of a lawsuit. Neither you, nor the sites you point to, cite any case where hard physical evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse exists. For you to fully heal, you need to accept that your abusers were not demons, and not in thrall to the devil.

They were human beings who chose to perpetrate cruelty upon you. That is the real evil being perpetrated. As a clinical psychologist with almost 40 years of experience treating people of all ages with all kinds of problems, including severe childhood abuse. I know that people who have not been abused find such horrific events unbelievable and repulsive, but you must recognize that for a child who has been abused, it is very comforting when that experience is understood and validated. Obviously, this book is intended for clinical use and not a classroom story hour.

Should children who were brutalized be denied any printed material because some people are too squeamish to allow it to be published? And yes, some of the abuse is perpetrated in the form of rituals, satanic and otherwise. See articles about the case of Baby X in Rupert, Idaho, No one is denying the existence of sexual abuse, or the horror that humans can perpetrate.

No one has cast any doubt on the facts in the case of Shaniya Davis. Rather, I argue that the believers in demons and cabals are the ones who want desperately to deflect the concept of human capacity for evil. The fact that those claiming that SRA exists are resorting to strawman arguments to defend their position pretty much validates the fact that the evidence for SRA is pretty weak.

But I digress. Reading all of the comments above reminds me of hard it is for some to see that horrible crimes can occur in this world. People close their eyes to the wars, bombings, massacres and injustices that some perpetrate on others. In McMartin, the majority of the jurors believed the children were abused. There was physical evidence of abuse. Wikipedia is mentioned above as a legit source. Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Anyone can edit it anonymously and unlike a peer reviewed journal, there is no system of review of facts. The West Memphis 3 are considered innocent above. There was a confession in the case and several witnesses heard Echols one of the defendants brag about the killings. There was strong evidence of cult killlings. There was no FBI report on ritual abuse.

There was a report written by a member of the FBI, one who at first admitted publically he had never interviewed a ritual abuse survivor. I clicked on a few of the links above and was impressed by the lists of ritual abuse related court cases and studies.

These are ignored by some posters simply as crazy or paranoid without any review. Crazy hardly begins to cover it. I think the satan subject for ALB is done now. This website and forum is for an intellegent discussion of that idea.

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