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The illustrations by David McPhail really stole the show, I thought they were beautiful. My daughter loves this book and the unconditional love that it portrays. I am not as big a fan. The little rabbit means well and his heart is true.

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The limited text and descriptive illustrations make this book great for a wide range of age groups and my son loved the Rhino! My son loved it! That he has the perfect spot for him after all. Moon Rabbit by Natalie Russel is a calm, beautiful book about two rabbits who find each other and become great friends even though they are from different places.

White Rabbit is a city rabbit and loves her urban home but is called away by the longing for company.

Unseen Beatrix Potter story featuring an older Peter Rabbit to be published

She finds it in a park with Brown Rabbit who is wonderful and plays beautiful music. There is just one glitch… White Rabbit misses the city. I loved this book, my son liked it too but it almost made me cry. My husband and I are from different countries and long distance relationships are so hard. I wanted to jump in the book and tell White Rabbit that. But if ever I have projected my on experience onto a book this was it, wow. It really is a sweet tale about friends who can be friends despite physical distance. The illustrations? They are the very definition of springtime.

This book opened a good dialogue between my son and I as we were reading about how both the tallest and the shortest bunny in the class got picked on. The students in their class were mean but not purposefully bullying. The part that hit me the most was when the teacher lined the kids up by height, and Amelia the tall bunny was always last.

Picture Books About Bunnies

It just made me think of how adults so often single kids out without trying to be terrible, but really hurting them. My daughter loves it too so we read it a lot. Each family member has a dream for the little baby bunny from lion tamer to a postal worker. Everyone has their opinion but baby bunny knows what he wants to be, a daddy.

25 Rabbit Books For Your Inner Bunnyholic

I love that this book makes being a daddy something to be when you grow up. The Best Easter Eggs Ever! The story follows the Easter bunny and his three young assistant bunnies as they prepare for their big day. The Easter Bunny is getting tired and a little bored of his polka dot design for the eggs and decides to send out his assistants in search of new designs. The little bunnies head out with one egg and their paints to all different places to find inspiration.

9 Children’s Books Starring: BUNNIES!

The question-and-answer format of the story draws kids in—and encourages them to think about different uses for everyday objects! A little rabbit faces down his fears in order to rescue his missing friend—and comes out stronger because of his bravery. The illustrations feature surprising materials gold foil lightning bolts, for instance that give kids a chance to explore textures.

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Beautifully illustrated, Rabbits and Raindrops is a perfect nature tale for springtime. The story follows five baby bunnies as they venture out into the world for the first time with their mother—only to return to their shelter when a sudden downpour arrives. Written in , this Easter story was ahead of its time. In the end, the long-eared, hardworking heroine prevails!

Chester is convinced that latest addition to the family is a vampire when strange things start to happen in his presence. This one gave me all the feels — a really cute little tale about inclusion and acceptance. Before long, Marshmallow and Oliver are best buds. This picture book is the perfect bedtime story for bunny lovers. Its soothing rhymes and watercolor imagery will lull sleepy babes to slumber as bunny says good night to the world around him.

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  4. Little Nutbrown Hare just wants to show his papa Big Nutbrown Hare, of course how much he loves him: as long as his arms can reach, or as far as he can hop! Listen, kids. But when your habit is books and you love them sooooo so much that you just have to resort to stealing them..

    Ralfy Rabbit is one such bookworm and this is his story — as far as rabbit books go, this one is perfect for bunny and book lovers alike. Errr… confession time. Color me surprised when I finally picked up the book and realized Watership Down is a hill in the idyllic English countryside. Edward is living a pretty sweet life until he falls overboard while vacationing with Abilene and her family.

    Well here it is! Jasper Rabbit and his mom go shopping for a new pair of underwear and Jasper insists on a neon green pair. Later that night, the underwear starts to glow in the dark and Jasper is not having that! He tries to ditch the creepy pair, but it keeps on coming back! I especially enjoy the illustrations — the whole book is black and white save for the glowing neon green of that titular pair of underwear, adding to the fun and creepy vibe of this hilarious — and slightly scary- story.

    In this story inspired by Korean folklore, bedtime wishes from creatures on earth sail their way to the moon on paper planes. One day Rabbit gets lonely of his solitary lunar existence and takes a ride on a wish down to earth to make friends. In Good Day, Good Night , the little bunny spends each sunrise wishing a good day to his surroundings, then turns around and wishes them a goodnight as the sun starts to set. Why yes, this is the second book I sneak in about a book-loving bunny.