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The first room displayed the spinning wheel and poison whilst Sleeping Beauty slept a few feet away. The neighbouring room celebrated her wedding to the Prince who, if interpretations are correct, rescued her after fighting his way through a Blackthorn hedge. This had to be my favourite display of all, which is why I left it until last.

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So even at forty-two, I had a little shiver as I glimpsed firstly at the child prison before taking a closer look at the baking tray… to see human fingers ready for cooking! And, of course, a very happy New Year to you all, Team Blackthorn! But who cares? I love Christmas Eve Eve, especially with a whole Christmas weekend ahead.

Before I switch off for Christmas and the New Year though, I want to offer my usual heartfelt thanks to all of my amazing readers who have been a part of my Whether you have supported me here, via social media, email, or by rating and reviewing my books, you have made a HUGE difference to both my series and to me. Thank you so much for being there. Above: Christmas is now underway in the Pryor household. Tomorrow marks four years since Blackthorn was launched.

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Blood Shadows was officially released on 27 th November Since then Blackthorn has sold in six figures, reached readers in several countries and obtained numerous number ones in both the Gothic and the PNR charts on Amazon as well as having reached the Top 50 on Amazon. Blood Shadows was even optioned by Hollywood movie giants Relativity Media! Oh, and look out for details of a giveaway at the end! After an evening out with my new colleagues, I managed to get lost on my way home.

With no one at home to expect me and with hardly being the era of mobile phones, I had no option but to try and navigate my way alone through the empty city streets. So, during that time, I did what every self-respecting scared-out-of-their-wits author does and made up stories to keep calm and distract myself — and Blackthorn was born. From then on Blackthorn became a labour of love.

I never intended it to be published, instead it was one of many simultaneous projects I had underway. Once I had the concept behind Blackthorn, I wrote short stories to get to know the world.

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The stories were set in various districts across the locale, from Blackthorn to Summerton. Once the idea behind the overarching plot — the downfall of this oppressive society — took hold, the key contenders were already clear. Kane and Caitlin, Caleb and Leila, and Jessie and Eden all evolved from those short stories into what Blackthorn is today. The only exceptions were Jask and Phia.

For one thing, only lycans have fangs whereas vampires have an extra set of feeding incisors instead. This was further enforced by the introduction of Christian ideologies, with vampires in particular not only deemed as a risk to our physical self but our spiritual self too. After all, one of the greatest freedoms of being a writer of fantasy is the ability to be selective about which aspects of mythology to apply. But what had begun during a time when PNR was rarely found on the shelves was then faced with a market overwhelmed with vampiric heroes and fantastical urban underworlds, let alone well-established names globally dominating the genre.

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Not only were my books too long, the preference seemed to be for standalones especially from debut novelists unable to prove they could sustain a complex series. All in all, Blackthorn looked like it would be too high a risk to pursue. So without even attempting to submit anywhere, I tucked Blackthorn away in my bottom drawer as I focused on a different genre.

It was only when my dad passed away in that I returned to Blackthorn, determined to pursue my dream of getting it published one day. To try and up my chances, I pulled out all of the overarching plot threads to the series and started turning Blackthorn into stand-alones. The biggest clincher for signing with my current publisher was when they read Blood Shadows and Blood Roses and suggested that maybe Blackthorn could extend beyond three books. More than that, they asked if maybe I saw potential for an overarching plot to tie all the books together.

Those who supported Blackthorn from the beginning will know that the covers of Blood Shadows and Blood Roses once looked very different. They were designed by Henry Steadman and had a much more traditional Gothic feel. They also incorporated red, white and black. According to folklore, these are the three colours associated with the Blackthorn plant. Up until the point I was offered a publishing contract, there were only six books in the series seven if I split the finale into two.

However, my editor at the time as well as author Michele Hauf who was my mentor during the writing competition through which I was discovered both felt Jask Tao deserved a story of his own. In fact, for the first four Blackthorn books I was still holding down a teaching job. If you love something enough, I guess you hold on for as long as it takes.

At the start of , I was finally able to give Blackthorn my full attention. As most of you will know by now, I never have my head on only one book at a time — not when it comes to Blackthorn! Whether you support me here, via social media, email, or simply by rating and reviewing my books, you make a difference to me and to my series. Thank you for being there to back Blackthorn and for rooting for our heroes and heroines as we edge ever closer to the finale. Thank you.

Whatever you do between now and then, take care. I have soooo much more escapism planned for you!

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Three years ago this week, Blackthorn was launched. Blood Shadows , my debut novel, was released by Bookouture on 27 th November Since then, Blackthorn has gone on to sell in six figures, with over three thousand four and five star reviews. My readers are such an important part of Blackthorn so, to mark the occasion and to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me, I decided to launch the biggest Blackthorn giveaway to date. The full list of items is below, with a brief description of each.

Entries after this time will not be eligible. Anyone is eligible to enter. All entries will be assigned an entry number. One of the winners in the last giveaway was on the other side of the world in New Zealand!

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So, if any of the following apply to you, tell me in your answer and your name will be entered more than once. That means any one person can have their name entered up to FOUR TIMES which not only increases their chances of winning but means they could win up to four different prizes. I really like the plot twists. I follow your blog. Less than fifteen signed copies of each are in circulation. The audiobook consists of 10 discs and has a running time of 12 hours. This is the last time a signed Blood Shadows audiobook will be given away. The poster is a superb, high-quality A2 poster print on satin gm paper.

Book length: pages. Each will be signed by me. I don't think I have read such a finely executed dark PNR world before The world-building is spectacular. Lindsay Pryor has crafted a world that's intricate, gritty and genuinely fascinating This concept is creative and different from other paranormal books I've read lately. I cannot say how much I love this author.

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She is creating a world which sucks you in, which makes you want to know more about Blackthorn and its inhabitants. Not only are Pryor's characters and fathomlessly dark love stories fabulous, but her continual world building of Blackthorn blows me away. Lindsay is a wonderful writer. She's crafted one heck of a world This is a paranormal universe like none you have encountered before There are stories that are so powerful, so intense that I do not believe anyone should warn you about what is to come I truly do feel that if you love the Paranormal genre and have not yet discovered Lindsay J.

Pryor or these novels then you need to read them, experience them first hand. The author's fluid writing style kept me glued to the pages. But more than her talent for words is her ability to create a complex world while intersecting character storylines adeptly. A must read for paranormal romance fans. The author does an amazing job not only with the world-building that is absolutely astonishing but with the characterization also.