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If you blow bubbles using a bought bubble kit and blow them in the rain why do they not burst? Does the rain drop become part of the bubble? Does it pass Does it pass through?

Blowing Bubbles in the Rain

Bounce off? Slide off? Or on that day, did every rain drop miss every bubble? An anxious 9 year old awaits. Report Abuse. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes No.

Blowing bubbles (in the rain)

Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Make sure you praise her for that. LOL had one of those automatic bubble making machines that his folks got at costco. It is great, never saw so many bubbles in my life, and the mechanism is set up to produce bubbles inside of a bigger bubble. Of course the kids also a granddaughter had a lot of fun breaking the bubbles, first by hand, then with a make believe sword And here is where we were surprised probably the same as your girl.

The darn bubbles were stubborn to be broken by a squirt of water. Four or five squirts would usually do it but that seemed a little strange. All I can figure is the water from the squirt gun or the rain drop in your case must become part of the bubble. There is a surface tension on the bubble and evidently is enough to keep the rain drop from passing through. It is as if the rain drop initially wants to float on the bubble's surface but quickly spreads out and as you suspect becomes part and parcel of the bubble.

There is an old surface tension demonstration where you float a metal needle on the surface of water. I wonder if you could form a bubble in a pan or something so it would be stationary and then float something on the bubble's surface. It would probably slide right down the side but you might see the effect for an instant.

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Or take an eye dropper and bombard the bubble with your own raindrop. Might see somthing Another explanation might be that the raindrop passes through the bubble which quickly heals it self but that is a little difficult for me to envision Bubbles are fun.

Random soap bubbles abstract background. Blowing.

Source s : Bubble expert Add a comment. I've got a degree in physics and I don't know the answer but I would guess that the raindrops were either bouncing or sliding off the bubbles. I would imagine a direct hit would cause one to burst but that wouldn't happen very often. Also if it was light rain then it might be possible that you did not see any bubbles being hit by raindrops.

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But I like the bouncing and sliding theories best. Great question, have a star :. It is very nice to hear such an interesting question from such a young child.

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It is also nice of you to look for answers for your child, even if when you aren't so sure of the answer yourself. It is unlikely that every single rain drop missed every bubble. So the correct answer is that the rain drops bounce off of the bubble. Soap bubbles are actually pretty rigid.

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You can see this if you gently catch a soap bubble and try to squeeze it until it bursts; you'll notice that you can squeeze quite a bit before they explode depending on the concentration of soap. This is known as surface tension. You can look at the surface of water or soap-water bubble as a sort of elastic sheet. Hello Laughing.

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Kids and bath and bubbles - yes, delightful. I assume you mean blowing them using the thumb and forefinger cupped into a circle and a bar of soap used to form the - what is it called - lens??? Posted by: karen December 11, at PM. Morning Esther. Terry is rather the King of Bubbles in the neighbourhood, isn't he - sure brings smiles to a lot of people.

Check out the webcam on Marjorie's comment. Recent Posts Gardening : first, get comfortable On Wall Silly Bandz. Subscribe to this blog's feed. Comments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. What fun, Marjorie! Thanks for this. And a Buddha amidst bubbles is awesome.