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Ai suoi lati pendono i ritratti, in tutta figura, a sinistra del Duca, a destra della sua sposa. DUCA entrando, agitato Ella mi fu rapita! E quando, o ciel? ACT TWO A room in the ducal palace There is a door on each side and a larger one at the far end flanked by full-length portraits of the Duke and his wife. A high-backed chair stands near a velvet-covered table and other furniture.

DUKE entering, agitated She has been stolen from me! When, O heaven? In those few moments, before some inner voice made me hastily retrace my steps! E la magion deserta! Ella mi fu rapita! Lo chiede il pianto della mia diletta.

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Ei che le sfere, ecc. Marullo, Ceprano, Borsa ed altri cortigiani entrano dal mezzo. DUCA Ebben? The gate was open, the house deserted! And where is she now, that dear angel? She who first kindled my heart with the flame of a constant affection? So pure that her modest demean our almost convinced me to lead a virtuous life! She has been stolen from me! And who dared do this? But I shall be avenged. The tears of my beloved demand it. But he could not defend you, sweet, beloved maid; he who would pledge his very soul to bring you happiness; he who, in loving you, envied not even the angels.

He who, in loving you, etc. Marullo, Ceprano, Borsa and other courtiers enter. DUKE What is it? DUCA Come? DUCA Ah! La scala, quindi, ecc. Salimmo, e rapidi la giovinetta a noi riusciva quindi asportar. DUKE What? From where? DUKE Ah! Tell me, how was it done? So once we had set up the ladder, he, blindfolded, held it secure. So once we had set up the ladder, etc. We climbed up and in less than no time had carried the young girl away.

DUKE to himself Heavens! Esce rapidamente. Rigoletto entra cantarellando con represso dolore. CORO Ei vien DUKE to himself Ah, heaven has not stolen everything from me! He hurries away. Rigoletto enters, humming to himself and trying to disguise his grief. Be silent! Ah, fu il bel colpo! Only that you are more of a bore than usual.

See how upset he is! Ah, it was a fine trick! Comparisce un paggio della Duchessa. So I dreamed it! La ra, la ra, la ra, etc. He moves off. Seeing a handkerchief on the table, he examines the monogram agitatedly. PAGE Without his escort! Corre verso la porta di mezzo, ma i cortigiani gli attraversano il passaggio. She is with the Duke! ALL Who? But I shall get her back. ALL His daughter! After such a sweet revenge, what? I want her Give her back. La rendete Tutti contro me! Ebben, piango. Tu taci! Miei signori, perdono, pietate!

Al vegliardo la figlia ridate! Signori, perdono, ecc. Gilda esce dalla stanza a sinistra e si getta nelle paterne braccia. Courtiers, vile, damnable rabble, how much were you paid for my treasure? Give her back Assassins, open that door! He again attacks the door, is dragged away from it by the courtiers, struggles awhile, then gives up, exhausted.

The door, the door, assassins, open it. All against me! Marullo, my lord, you whose soul is as gentle as your heart, tell me, where have they hidden her? Marullo, my lord, tell me, where have they hidden her? My lords, forgive me, have pity! Give an old man back his daughter! To give her back can cost you nothing now, but to me my daughter is everything. Lords, forgive me, etc. Io, che pur piansi, or rido. My Gilda! Sirs, she is all the family I have. I, though I wept before, now laugh. What do you mean? And if your Duke should dare approach, tell him not to enter, tell him I am here.

They go out. Furtivo fra le tenebre sol ieri a me giungeva Though our lips were silent, our hearts spoke through our eyes. Furtively, only last night he came to meet me for the first time. He went I asked infamy, O God, only for myself, so that she might be raised as high as I had fallen. Ah, beside the gallows one must raise an altar! But all is now lost, the altar is cast down! Entra un usciere ed il Conte di Monterone, che attraversa il fondo della sala fra gli alabardieri.

Esce fra le guardie dal mezzo. When I have finished what I must do here, we can leave this house of doom. Preceded by an usher, Count Monterone enters between two halberdiers and crosses the back of the room. He goes out between the guards. Si volge con impeto al ritratto. The hour of your punishment hastens on, that hour which will be your last. Escono dal mezzo. They leave through the main door. At ground level, beyond an arcade, the interior of a rustic wine shop can be seen and a rough stone staircase leading to a loft with a small bed which,since there are no shutters, is in full view.

Downstairs,in the wall facing the road, is a door that opens inwards. The wall itself is so full of cracks and holes here that whatever takes place within is clearly visible. In the background are the deserted fields along the Mincio, which runs behind a crumbling parapet. Beyond the river lies Mantua. Gilda and Rigoletto, both ill at ease, are standing in the road; Sparafucile is seated at a table in the wine shop. Ah, il vile infame! Ma ne avrai vendetta, o Gilda. La conduce presso una delle fessure del muro, ed ella vi guarda. Il Duca, in assisa di semplice ufficiale di cavalleria, entra nella sala terrena per una porta a sinistra.

Ah, the scoundrel! You shall be avenged, o Gilda. He leads her to a crack in the wall. She looks through into the wine shop. The Duke, wearing the uniform of a cavalry officer, enters the wine-shop through a door on the left. DUCA Una stanza e del vino! Entra nella stanza vicina. DUKE A room and a bottle of wine! He goes into an adjoining room. DUKE Women are as fickle as feathers in the wind, simple in speech, and simple in mind. Women are as fickle, etc. If you rely on her you will regret it, and if you trust her you are undone! Yet none can call himself fully contented chi su quel seno non liba amor!

Sparafucile rientra con una bottiglia di vino e due bicchieri che depone sulla tavola: quindi batte col pomo della sua lunga spada due colpi al soffitto. A quel segnale una ridente giovane, in costume di zingara, scende a salti la scala. Il Duca corre per abbracciarla, ma ella gli sfugge. Viver dee o morire? Mi piacque di te chiedere e intesi che qui stai. Sparafucile returns with a bottle of wine and two glasses, which he puts on the table; then he strikes the ceiling twice with the pommel of his sword.

At this signal, a buxom young woman in gypsy costume comes jumping down the stairs. The Duke runs to kiss her, but she eludes him. Meanwhile, Sparafucile, having slipped out into the road, speaks softly to Rigoletto. Is he to live or die? Sparafucile moves off behind the house in the direction of the river. I asked someone about you and was told that you live here. Let me say that ever since, my heart has been yours alone. DUCA Ah, che fracasso! DUCA E tu sii docile, non farmi tanto, chiasso. Le prende la mano. La bella mano candida! DUCA No, no. I think my fine young man is a bit of a libertine.

DUKE Ho, what a fuss! DUKE Be nice to me. DUKE No, no. DUCA Abbracciami. DUCA ironico Amabile figliuola! DUKEK iss me. DUKE With love. I want to marry you DUKE ironic Sweet little maid! DUCA Amabile figliuola! Vieni e senti del mio core il frequente palpitar. Con un detto, ecc. DUKE Sweet little maid! DUKE Fairest daughter of love, I am a slave to your charms; with but a single word you could relieve my every pain. Come, touch my breast and feel how my heart is racing. With but a single word, etc.

That really makes me laugh; talk like that is cheap enough DUCA Con un detto sol tu puoi le mie pene consolar. Rido ben di core! Che tai baie costan poco, ecc.

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Ritorna a casa. Sarovvi io pur doman. DUKE With but a single word you could relieve my every pain. That really makes me laugh; talk like that is cheap enough, etc. Hush, and leave it up to me to hasten our revenge. It will be quick, it will be deadly, I know how to deal with him. Listen to me, go home. I shall meet you there tomorrow. Il Duca e Maddalena stanno sempre fra loro parlando, ridendo, bevendo.

Partita Gilda, Rigoletto va dietro la casa, e ritorna parlando con Sparafucile e contandogli delle monete. Venti scudi hai tu detto? Ei qui rimane? The Duke and Maddalena continue to laugh and talk together as they drink. Twenty scudi , you said? Here are ten,and the rest when the work is finished. He is staying here? Parte; il cielo si oscura e tuona.

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DUCA Maddalena? DUCA Che importa? DUCA Tanto meglio. Tu dormirai in scuderia He is Crime, I am Punishment. He leaves; the sky darkens, lightning flashes. The night will be darker. DUKE Maddalena? DUKE So? DUKE So much the better. You can sleep in the stable You must leave. Se a voi piace tosto a vederla andiamo. DUCA Ebben, sono con te DUCA giunto al granaio, vedendone il balcone senza imposte.

Bene, bene. Buona notte. DUCA Breve sonno dormiam; stanco son io. Depone il cappello, la spada e si stende sul letto. Maddalena frattanto siede presso la tavola. Sparafucile beve dalla bottiglia lasciata dal Duca. Rimangono ambedue taciturni per qualche istante, e preoccupati da gravi pensieri. Taking a lamp, he starts up the stairs. He whispers something to Maddalena, then follows Sparafucile.

What a night this is! DUKE upstairs, noticing that the loft is open on one side We sleep in the open, eh? Good enough! He lays down his hat and sword and stretches out on the bed. Maddalena, meanwhile, has sat down at the table below. Sparafucile drinks from the bottle which the Duke left unfinished. Sbatti tuo fratello in prigione. Sono stanco di essere vittima della vergogna.

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Mi hanno gettato in una classe con una pessima reputazione. Lo sai, odio veramente dire questo. Il governo non vuole vedere. Ma se Roosvelt fosse vivo. Non farebbe mai accadere tutto questo, no no. Momento critico, speculazione. Tutti che litigano. Colpiscimi, schiacciami. Non potrai mai rovinarmi.

Colpiscimi, calciami. Non mi avrai mai. Essi semplicemente non vogliono vedere alcune cose che accadono nella vita. Ma se Martin Luther King fosse vivo. Non farebbe mai accadere tutto questo, no, no. Momento critico, segregazione. Colpiscimi, colpiscimi. Non puoi dirmi se sono giusto o sbagliato. Essendo nomi non si traducono. Allora come ho detto altre volte i testi delle canzoni hanno vari livelli di significato. A CHI non importa di noi? E chi sono "noi"? Ma loro? Se credete che il fatto che ci siano persone che decidano per il mondo da dietro le quinte sia una teoria del complotto allora potete abbandonare questo blog.

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Se invece credete sia possibile fino a prova contraria, allora potete continuare. Per anni un latitante viene inseguito, finalmente lo prendono e lo arrestano. I due paradossi. Quella frase racchiude la missione che noi tutti siamo chiamati a svolgere a questo mondo. Dobbiamo soltanto sentire la nostra profezia dentro di noi. Io personalmente, potrei sbagliarmi ma vi dico cosa mi fa pensare, mi fa pensare che in un qualsiasi reato, i neri siano vittime di ricatti e appunto fatti sbattere in prigione da altri neri sbatti tuo fratello su ricatto.

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Corro perche mia mamma mi picchia (Italian Edition)

Vi dico una cosa Quello che si occupa anche di eliminare chi non fa i suoi interessi vedesi anche il caso di Kennedy. APA Greenfield, J. The picturesque in Giovanni Verga's Sicilian collections. Chicago Greenfield, Jessica Turner Newth. Last Modified March 21, Creator Greenfield, Jessica Turner Newth Affiliation: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Romance Studies Abstract Giovanni Verga's Sicilian short story collections are known for their realistic portrayal of the Sicilian peasant farmers and their daily struggles with poverty, hunger and injustice.

This study examines the way in which the author employs the pictruresque in his Sicilian novelle and argues that there is an evolution in this treatment from picturesque to non-picturesque. Initially, this study will examine the elements and techniques that Verga uses to represent the picturesque and how that treatment changes and is utilized or actively destroyed as his writing progresses. For the purposes of this dissertation, a definition of the picturesque will be established and always associated with descriptions of nature.

In this study, the picturesque will correspond to those descriptions of nature that prove pleasing for a painting. By looking at seven particular novelle in Vita dei campi and Novelle rusticane, I will show that Verga's earlier stories are littered with picturesque elements. As the author's mature writing style, verismo, develops, Verga moves through a transtitional phase and ultimately arrives at a non-picturesque portrayal of Sicily in his short stories.