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More Details Friend Reviews. I watch for the Football…I love the sport.. Is Beyonce preggers again? My fave unhealthy snack as a kid??? I remember when I used to eat Wonder Bread and Mayo sandwiches! How healthy is that?! A Seahawk is a helicopter. I love me some un-fried chicken. I would die. Thanks Andrea!

G’day, I’m Arman!

And yes! It was superb I tell you! Ha Ha!

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The chicken fingers look yummy. Thanks for adding the healthy twist. That tummy football player photo may have just scarred me for life…. I cant believe they would let him play with all that hanging out. I watch for commercials. And these days I think I recognize half the actors in them from auditions. Such is the ultra-glam life of an LA actress.

As for snack age, spicy salsa and tortilla chips are always divine. As is a good cocktail-I wish I could get into the beer thing but it is not for moi…. Steelers should have stepped their game up this year! The whole guys in tights thing can totally go either way — yikes! Guilty snack: Macadamia Nut Butter with cocoa nibs. Commercials, definitely! Why would anyone watch for the game? Ice cream, definitely! I used to eat tons of fruit; so the only thing I would pig out on that was unhealthy except, you know, bread on sandwiches, pasta, cereal for breakfast, etc.

They might as well name their child Fire Engine Red. Macadamia nut butter and cocoa nibs, that actually sounds BOMB and you just gave me an ideeaaaaaaaaa for the cook-a-long Whitney and I are doing next week, Hmmmm!?!?!?! What was your favorite flavor?! Fire Engine Red! Then they can call him Engi for short.

Scratch that; reverse it! Every little girl wishes her name was Fire Engine Red! I was super adventurous — probably a little more so than is really healthy… I would eat literally anything! Favorite: Cherry Garcia once it came out. Moving out of Vermont and tasting some of the crap people call ice cream was a bubble-bursting moment for me.

My eyes, my eyes! Between the baby freaky head and the dunlopped belly, I feel nauseous. I would like to throw Miley in the grease pit for some fried tongue with a side of crispy twerks. Aw man, I think I just lost MY appetite! Common now, be original like my chicken fingers! Ahh what a simple recipe—I love it! Last night I had a night mare that the baby was trying to feed me these chicken fingers… Actually, not sure if that would qualify as a nightmare because these fingers are delicious! I think if they had a few Gorillas run on the field and throw cheerleaders up into the air as Smash Mouth came out and started singing his old school jam….

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  5. Spicy Chicken Wings with blue cheese and a pint of beer okay many pints of beer for football watching. What commercials was Peyton in?! Yum — these sound awesome! You cook it then slice into rounds like a cinnamon roll. Kind of like a calzone except rolled up!

    It looks flipping delicious! Thanks Alicia! Hopefully you enjoy devouring them while watching some good commercials this Sunday! When I was younger, my dream job was being on the Today Show! Favorite unhealthy snack.. These look amazing btw, and I am a chicken finger connoisseur so that means a lot. Hmmm baby name…Red Vine!

    Guilty Football Snack….. More calories…Chicken I totally cheated and looked up the answer! When I was younger my dream job was to be a professional surfer, Apparently, that was a stretch growing up in a land locked area hundreds of miles from the ocean. On a side note, I did learn to surf later in life and I love it but I never became a pro…. My favorite snack when I was younger was and still is reeses peanut butter cups. Anticipating the boring game makes me tired, ha ha ah! LOL and baby blue. OMG — I love you too!!! YUM on that recipe! How long a list of celebrities can I put to throw in the fryer!

    So basically you wanted to be born into fame? Sort of like Paris Hilton? No fried chicken for this girl, but… that baby picture. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a Marine, as in yes, a Marine. That is one incredible goal you wanted for your future! A marine??? But I do like junk… and my favorite as a kid was probably really buttery popcorn.

    It is so unhealthy, looking back on it!!! But you know, back when I was a kid, we actually played outside and stuff like that so it all evened out…. How ridiculous! I want to play house in the woods, lol! Football Player Booty is the best Booty! I just bought Almond meal without a specific reason to use it. Who randomly buys almond meal? Apparently me. I not a have yummy looking recipe to use it with now! You can see into the future! My husband makes something like this.. I am, however, VERY excited for the commercials. They have far more mature taste buds I hope!

    Those chicken fingers look delish! And if you need a crash course in football, you know where to find me, LMFAO — however, you may already be a pro! I live in Seattle so, obviously, go Seahawks! Also I do love the superbowl commercials! Who needs the Super Bowl when you can entertain us so much better.

    I almost list me drink. You are so stinkin funny and side note—those chicken fingers look delish! These would be perfect if we were having a Superbowl Party! Go Broncos!!!! Omg those photos are hilarious and cracking me up! I had all sorts of plans for the chicken in my fridge, but now that I see this I want fingers. Those are some Chick-fil-a spices!

    This Recipe is a Touch Down!

    There is one near me, but nope- I cannot get myself to go to fast food! Where on earth do you get these photos. Too funny! Happy Super Bowl! Seriously almost spit out my water when I saw that picture of the baby. So creepy. I love using almond meal on chicken! I am having a current love affair with almond meal in general though so I might be biased. It reminds me of Full House or Friends — Ah two of the best shows out there! So funny that I had a killer craving and made my own version of chicken fingers when you first posted this. Not that I mind a good bone every now and then.

    I am obsessed with it.

    The Family Business That Put Nashville Hot Chicken on the Map | The New Yorker

    You and Whit…where do I even begin. PS random, but you eat kinda paleo right? Guess who had a salmon hangover last night? No bueno. A salmon hangover?!?!?!? How is that even possible!? Great recipe Gigi, loving that you used almond meal to coat. Gluten-free and so much better tasting! I cannot even remember what fried chicken tastes like!

    I LOVE how this almond meal gives a little bit of a sweet flavor! These look great!!! The eye black is a good look for you, Gigi..

    You should just be a trendsetter and wear that around town. These chicken fingers look yum.

    The Best Food Books of 2018

    I was thinking about rocking the black eyes more often too — especially on the days when I actually wake up with huge bags under my eyes, why not accentuate them, no? Maybe next time, I will draw a chicken on my face and eat these almond crusted chicken fingers — too much? Gigi does it again! You are amazingly clever. This time you had me at the scary Jay-Z baby clone. What a hoot! My guilty food pleasure is vegan pizza!

    I hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl festivities! All the best, Deb. Those look amazing and healthy! That picture of you as a ref is hysterical- and I totally agree, football players in tight pants? Yes please! You guys are too funny! The Jay-Z baby picture…omg I die. This recipe sounds absolutely awesome, but I am scared of that Jay Z-Beyonce baby photo. Ah ha ha ha ha!

    No kidding right? Pin 1. Reader Comments. Thank YOU! Pinned for all my GF friends who keep asking me for recipes! When I watch the Superbowl— its only for the commercials.