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It was very dramatic.

The Enfield Haunting - A Real Life Haunting

Henry Bailey, an aerospace engineer, has investigated ghosts and paranormal subjects for 50 years. He told HuffPost of his encounter with a spirit in Germany in the early s, when he was staying in an apartment above a local tavern. What I learned after seeing this ghost was that one of the prior tenants -- a man -- was found dead, propped up against the bedroom door, and it was exactly what I had seen.

While Bailey said he believes enough anecdotal evidence points to the possibility of life after death, he's not optimistic that the whole world will finally accept this.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

Highly doubtful. You've got a better case for UFOs. There are so many things in life that are hard to explain, and that's why we tell stories and have myths," said New York City-based psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert. If we're afraid of death or what happens after we die, we might create these stories or ideas about if there's an afterlife or ghosts. So, I think it helps to calm down people's fears and anxieties. Even after so many years of personal investigation and reported close encounters, Steiger said he isn't surprised, with all of the available technology -- like paranormal phone apps that supposedly aid in detecting ghosts -- that there's a lot of doubt about the existence of ghosts.

I think this explains the vast majority of hauntings where you cannot interact with the ghost any more than you can interact with the figures on a movie or television screen. Very rarely do you hear about a happy ghost. Alpert suggested that a belief in ghosts may be potentially harmful. I think if people are avoiding certain situations or are reckless in their lives because they think there's an afterlife and they can take such risks, that could be a problem," he said.

The poll used a sample selected from YouGov's opt-in online panel to match the demographics and other characteristics of the adult U. Factors considered include age, race, gender, education, employment, income, marital status, number of children, voter registration, time and location of Internet access, interest in politics, religion and church attendance.

The Huffington Post has teamed up with YouGov to conduct daily opinion polls. You can learn more about this project and take part in YouGov's nationally representative opinion polling. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Your mommy and daddy might have told you there are no such things as ghosts. Guests can even book "spirited rooms" in the hotel, where there's high paranormal activity.

The Sloss Furnaces are now a historic national landmark, but in the late 19th century they produced iron, which was then turned into steel. James "Slag" Wormwood was the boss at the furnaces, and it's said that he put his employees through some pretty inhumane conditions. Labor laws didn't exist at the time, and temperatures in the furnaces often reached above degrees. A total of 47 men died with Wormwood as their boss, and even Wormwood himself lost his life in the furnaces when he slipped and fell into the iron ore, causing his body to melt.

Before this historic Victorian home was a hotel, it was a finishing school for girls. A wealthy senator opened the school in in order for his two teenage daughters to be able to live near him. A woman named Mary Lake worked at the school and was said to be the senator's favorite, which is why she eventually became headmistress.

The school was short-lived though, and closed only six years after opening. Lake was distraught about the closing and left San Francisco shortly after. She's since returned in the form of a ghost who likes to haunt room , which is believed to be her former office. Guests staying here will sometimes find their bags mysteriously unpacked. The opulent residence was ahead of its time, boasting electricity, telephones, and even indoor plumbing. The new government seized the palace and held Queen Lili'uokalani as a prisoner in her own former home.

Today, the palace is a museum, but many visitors say the royals never really left. Visitors have reported seeing ghosts and hearing mysterious music and chanting in the room where Queen Lili'uokalani was imprisoned. Indiana Medical History Museum sits on the grounds of the Central State Hospital , a hospital that opened in and treated patients with illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, hysteria, alcoholism, senile dementia, and epilepsy.

It was referred to as the "Indiana hospital for the insane," and was often accused of abusing its patients. The hospital's pathological department was opened in , with the goal of researching and educating people about the physical causes of mental diseases. The department was in operation until the s, but now serves as a museum. It's the oldest pathology facility in the country, and it still houses preserved specimens, like brains. If that's not creepy enough, people say the site is allegedly haunted by former patients. Now a historic hotel and spa nestled into the Ozarks, the Crescent Hotel and Spa wasn't always such a lovely place.

A year before the hotel even opened in , someone fell from one of the building's windows and died. Then, in the s, Norman G. Baker turned the hotel into an institute for cancer patients. Baker, a millionaire from Iowa who was former magician, radio broadcaster, and inventor, claimed that he could cure cancer and that organized medicine was corrupt. In reality, though, Baker had absolutely no medical background.

One of his most well-known patients was Lula Tunis, whose husband John, was desperate to find someone who could save her. She died only months after being "treated" by Baker. Baker was eventually discovered as a hoax and imprisoned, but many say his spirit, and many others, still haunt the hotel. There's not one single landmark in Pine Barrens, New Jersey, that hosts spirits and mysterious creatures — the forest spans seven counties and contains ghost towns galore.

During the colonial era, the area was bustling with sawmills, paper mills, and towns to accompany them, but they were all abandoned when coal was discovered in Pennsylvania. It's also said to be home to the infamous Jersey Devil , a beast that the Pinelands Preservation Alliance describes as "a kangaroo-like creature with the face of a horse, the head of a dog, bat-like wings, horns and a tail. Upon its birth, the newborn sprouted talons, hooves, and wings, and killed its mother, siblings, and the midwife before disappearing.

Sightings persist today, as it continues to terrorize livestock and humans. What looks like an inviting suburban home was actually the scene of a mass murder. In , year-old Ronald DeFeo shot and killed his whole family — his mother, father, and four siblings — while they were asleep in the house. Just over a year later, the Lutz family moved into the home. The family didn't even stay a full month before moving, no longer able to take the strange paranormal activity they reported witnessing in the house. Their stories included strange smells, waking up at am which is when the murders were committed , a spirit knocking a knife down in the kitchen, levitating while asleep, and more.

These stories inspired a series of books, movies, and documentaries. Ronald DeFeo is still serving his sentence for the murders. Colonel Jesse Driskill , a cattle baron, opened the Driskill Hotel in He was a compulsive gambler though, and had to give it up soon after. He died only four years after the hotel opened, and his ghost supposedly wanders the hotel — but as a woman, a disguise that is said to help him look out for other women.

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Room is particularly haunted; two women, both on their honeymoons, committed suicide in this same room, 20 years apart. Then there's the portrait of Samantha Houston, the four-year-old daughter of a US senator who died in the hotel. Visitors who look at her portrait report a strange feeling. The Shanghai Tunnels in Portland get their name from the practice that became known as " Shanghaiing " — kidnapping and selling men as workers on ships headed to East Asia. Restless, agitated spirits of men who were drugged and trafficked in the city's ports during the early 19th century are said to haunt the underground tunnels through which they were reportedly sold.

Legend has it that the local saloons contained entrances to the tunnels, enabling swindlers to prey on unsuspecting patrons and bring them directly underground before they even knew what was going on. Today, visitors can take walking tours to learn more about the dark history of the tunnels. Considered by many people to be one of the "gateways to Hell," Stull Cemetery is allegedly a place where Satan himself comes to wreak havoc and where occult ceremonies and meetings take place.

The Masonic Temple in Detroit is filled with winding staircases, hidden compartments, and cavernous arches — perfect for ghostly residents, one of which is reportedly the man responsible for its construction, George D. Mason himself. According to Haunted Rooms , the temple features several cold spots interpreted as indicators of paranormal activity, and has roof doors that are known to swing open moments after being locked. Chester Thorne had Thornewood Castle built in for his bride, Anna. The grand, room estate was made from the bricks of a year-old Elizabethan manor in England that Thorne purchased and dismantled; he had the bricks, oak paneling and stained glass shipped from England for the construction of the castle.

Today, Thornewood is a bed and breakfast, as well as a popular venue for weddings and events. The site is allegedly haunted by several former residents. Some say the lightbulbs in Chester's former room are commonly found unscrewed. Others say they've seen Anna sitting near the window in her old room, or as a reflection in a mirror that dates back to her time. Thornewood was also featured in Stephen King's mini-series, "Rose Red" in as the "haunted mansion. Fort Delaware was built as a Union Fortress during the Civil War, but was used as a prison for captured Confederate soldiers.

It is said that conditions were abysmal, and that many prisoners died there due to maltreatment. It doesn't come as much of a surprise then that their restless spirits are said to haunt the building. Josefita Manderfield Otero, nicknamed "Pepe," was once the mistress of this mansion, personalizing it with murals and a sun room.

After her death in , it became a restaurant.

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Customers have reported seeing her watching them dine and causing an empty rocking chair to move back and forth on its own. Many of the mansion's longtime employees claim to have seen Pepe, as well. You couldn't see straight through her, but you could tell she wasn't flesh," cook Thomas Shook told News-Bulletin. She apparently loved the job so much that she wanted to continue working there even after she died. Holzapfel went to work for a library in California in and was killed in a car accident on her first day. Soon after, visitors to Hutchinson's library reported feeling cold spots, hearing footsteps, and even spotting her sorting books in the basement.

She was known for being strict, and old habits die hard. Her ghost has been known to confront newer librarians to put them in their place. June 9, , was a tragic day for the Moore family. A new mine temporarily revived prospects in the s, but the industry abandoned the town for good in A few inhabitants remain and its picturesque setting is a favorite summer tourist destination. Nearest city Buena Vista, CO.

Castle Dome was established as a mining camp in and at one point attracted more than 3, residents. In the long run, the mines became profitable as they supplied lead for bullet manufacturing during both World Wars. The last mine was operating as recently as the s, but has since been converted into a museum.

Old Town Trolley Ghosts & Gravestones

Nearest city Yuma, AZ. After a flood in , the residents of Harrisville named after settler, Moses Harris relocated upriver to form Harrisburg. Problems, including drought, led to the departure of much of the population and the town was effectively abandoned by Interstate 15 runs through the site of the town, structures of which are still visible. The last intact building is the Orson B. Adams Home, named for its original inhabitant, which has been maintained and restored by the Bureau of Land Management.

Nearest city St. George, UT. Founded in , Bannack was briefly the capital of Montana. Up to 10, people lived in the surrounding area, hoping to make their fortune in gold, but by all the easy-to-reach ore was gone and the population rapidly declined to the hundreds. Newly developed electric dredging methods led to a brief revival after , but by the s the town was deserted.

Ghost - Official

Today, about 60 intact structures remain. Nearest city Dillon, MT. It was initially established in the s after gold, silver and copper discoveries, and in a rock quarry opened to provide ballast for the railways. Since the surviving buildings have intermittently been open as a tourist attraction.

Nearest city Lordsburg, NM. Nearby ghost towns Shakespeare, NM.

Famous Ghosts in American History

Facebook Twitter Embed. Alabama 55 ghost towns Talladega County contains the most, with 6. Arcola, Hale County. Alaska 32 ghost towns Nome contains the most, with 7. Kennicott, Valdez-Cordova. Arizona ghost towns Yavapai County contains the most, with Arkansas 20 ghost towns Marion County contains the most, with 3. Rush, Marion County. California ghost towns Kern County contains the most, with Bodie, Mono County.

Colorado 99 ghost towns El Paso County contains the most, with Elmo, Chaffee County.

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Connecticut 4 ghost towns. Delaware 6 ghost towns Sussex County contains the most, with 5. Florida ghost towns Polk County contains the most, with Fort Jefferson, Monroe County. Georgia 16 ghost towns There are 9 ghost towns within 50 miles of Augusta. Hawaii 21 ghost towns Honolulu County contains the most, with 6. Idaho 26 ghost towns Lemhi County contains the most, with 4. Illinois 82 ghost towns Macoupin County contains the most, with Indiana 42 ghost towns Warren County contains the most, with Corwin, Tippecanoe County. Iowa 26 ghost towns Buchanan County and Clayton County each contain 3.

Kansas ghost towns Shawnee County contains the most, with Kentucky 13 ghost towns There are 9 ghost towns within 50 miles of Covington. Creelsboro, Russell County. Louisiana 17 ghost towns Pointe Coupee Parish contains the most, with 9. La Balize, Plaquemines Parish. Maine 5 ghost towns Somerset County contains the most, with 3.

Maryland 15 ghost towns Garrett County contains the most, with 9. Massachusetts 11 ghost towns Worcester contains the most, with 3.