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I am not an IBA member, but after reading this book I have an even greater respect for those who are, and even more for the IBR riders. It's a great read if your looking for something to read when you can't ride. Although after reading this book, the only excuse not to ride is if your physically unable.. LOL Not sure if this link will work but here it is Iron Butt Association eStore It's available in Kindle format also I had a hard time putting this down, it's a really great read! Last edited by netizen; 20th June at I have met Joel Rappoport several times.

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He was at the last Old Bike Rally in Watkinsville. He rides a nicely equipped and well maintained old Airhead BMW that he bought new.

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The guys who run Hopeless Class are real adventurers. It is rare for one of them to finish. Motorcycle don't lie! In the rally the Airhead and I finished ahead of 42 other riders and ended the rally with over , miles on the 33 year old R It's called Hopeless Class.

That's where the organizers put me due to the age of the Airhead, the high mileage, the low horsepower, and my previous DNF.

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  5. The book is about the adventure. It is written for non-riders, riders who couldn't give one whit for long-distance riding, experienced Hedz and Iron Butt folks. I rode 19 hours a day for 11 straight days at near full throttle, got 43 mpg overall, and burned a quart of oil every thousand miles.

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    After the eleven day, eleven thousand mile rally ended in Spokane, WA, I rode two,1, miles days in a row in order to get home to North Carolina in time to be at work the day after labor day. I love my Airhead! If your so inclined, Hopeless Class is available at amazon. Paperback or Kindle. In most cases these subsidiary algebras, as they may be called, are inseparable from the applications in which they are used; but in any attempt at a natural classification of algebra at present a hopeless task , they would have to be taken into account.

    Before the end of the year he was forced to admit that the cause of the French monarchy was hopeless so long as the king and queen of France were nothing but captives in their own capital, at the mercy of an irresponsible mob. At the head of a hundred thousand men he showed, besides the large grasp of strategy which planned the Carolinas march, besides the patient skill in manoeuvre which gained ground day by day towards Atlanta, the strength of will which sent his men to the hopeless assault of Kenesaw to teach them that he was not afraid to fight, and cleared Atlanta of its civil population in the face of a bitter popular outcry.

    The last but one of the Grand Masters who reigned in Malta, de Rohan, restored good government, abated abuses and promulgated a code of laws; but the ascendancy acquired by the Inquisition over the Order, the confiscation of the property of the knights in France on the outbreak of the Revolution, and the intrigues of the French made the task of regenerating the Order evidently hopeless in the changed conditions of Christendom. It was obvious that what they had failed to do by surprise was hopeless now that twenty-four hours had been given in which the Germans 1 Steinmetz was shortly afterwards relieved of his command and returned to Germany.

    If, therefore, the possibilities of exegesis were exhausted in the list of methods already enumerated, science would have to put the New Testament Apocalypse aside as a hopeless enigma. On the other hand, if we refuse to accept this identification, and hold that the beast from the abyss is yet to come, any attempt at a strict exegesis of the text plunges us in hopeless difficulties.

    Anne felt hopeless , because her future was fated by her strict parents. Attempts to derive the anacromyodian and the katacromyodian from the diacromyodian condition are easy on paper, but quite hopeless when hampered by the knowledge of anatomical facts and how to use them. But the whole mass of bones is in hopeless disorder, apparently without any record of association. The present outlook was hopeless , but in the enlarged horizon of time as well as space the thoughts of some of the most spiritual minds in Judaism were directed to the transcendent and ultimate. It is truer to say that on the whole the Jews began at this period to abandon as hopeless the attempt to find a place for themselves in the general life of their country.

    The utter exhaustion of his people in the course of a hopeless struggle with Holland, France and England was seen by him with sympathy, but he considered it an unavoidable misfortune and not the result of his own errors, since he could not be expected to renounce his rights or to desert the cause of God and the Church.

    Against the financial project for selling the reversion of the encomiendas - a project which would have involved the Indians in hopeless bondage. The war, hopeless from the first, continued for another six months, marked only by unavailing efforts in Tripoli by Enver Bey - the well-known member of the Committee of Union and Progress - at the head of Arab irregulars. Although the government of which he thus became a member held office for only ten months, being placed in a hopeless minority on making an appeal to the country, Macdonald from this time forward took a position of constantly increasing weight in his party.

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    She makes many mistakes, of course, twists words and phrases, puts the cart before the horse, and gets herself into hopeless tangles of nouns and verbs; but so does the hearing child. Next Spanish hides, with the tails still preserving their twist and the angle of elevation they had when the oxen that wore them were careering over the pampas of the Spanish Main--a type of all obstinacy, and evincing how almost hopeless and incurable are all constitutional vices.

    On November 1 Kutuzov had received, through a spy, news that the army he commanded was in an almost hopeless position.

    Hopeless Class

    Develop, orderly government to be carried on, and the general condition of the people to be less hopeless and miserable. The apparently hopeless outlook for corn-growing compelled farmers to cast about for some other means of subsistence, and to rely more than they had hitherto done upon the possibilities of stock-breeding. In he was promoted to the rich deanery of Lincoln, and in July he supped with Northumberland at Cambridge, when the duke marched north on his hopeless campaign against Mary.

    Cambyses began to march against him, but seeing that his cause was hopeless , killed himself in the spring of but see further Cambyses. Of the two chief cities, Cleveland under a special act providing for the government of Columbus and Toledo, also inwas governed under the federal plan, which centralized power in the hands of the mayor; in Cincinnati there was an almost hopeless diffusion of responsibility among the council and various executive boards.

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    A hopeless antagonism arose between them, which was widened by Enfantin's announcement of his theory of the relation of man and woman, which would substitute for the "tyranny of marriage" a system of "free love. Two assaults were repulsed after hours of hand-to-hand fighting; and when, after a fresh bombardment, the garrison saw that their case was hopeless , they killed their women and children, and only succumbed at last to a third assault because every man of them was either killed or mortally wounded.

    Seeing that the struggle against the Boers was hopeless , no fewer than Basuto warriors having been killed, Moshesh again appealed for protection to the British authorities, saying: "Let me and my people rest and live under the large folds of the flag of England before I am no more. In Constantinople itself sedition and profligacy were rampant, the emperors were the tools of faction and cared but little for the interests of their subjects, whose lot was one of hopeless misery and depravity.

    After yielding to these hard conditions, Turkey took advantage of her respite to strengthen the frontier defences and to put down the rebellions in Syria and Egypt; some effort was also expended on the hopeless task of reforming the Janissaries.

    Seeing further efforts hopeless , Scharnhorst in the duke's name initiated the retreat and the troops withdrew N. Marmont and Mortier with what troops they could rally took up a position on Montmartre heights to oppose them, but seeing further resistance to be hopeless they gave way on the 31st of March, just as Napoleon, with the wreck of the Guards and a mere handful of other detachments, was hurrying across the rear of the Austrians towards Fontainebleau to join them. That increase, it has been shown, is due to the early marriage and excessive reproduction of the reckless and hopeless , the poorest, least capable, least desirable members of the community.

    Meanwhile, Heraclius returned in triumph to Constantinople, in the Cross was given back to him and Egypt evacuated, while the Persian empire, from the apparent greatness which it had reached ten years ago, sank into hopeless anarchy.