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He hadn't flown anything since he rocketed miles above Florida in At the end of the second moonwalk, the avid golfer carried out a different kind of scientific experiment: he pulled out a makeshift golf club and whacked two golf balls. One landed in a nearby crater.

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The other, he said, traveled "miles and miles and miles. Shepard wanted to show that with only one-sixth the gravitational pull of Earth, the ball would travel six times as far. That was an emotional moment. Some of the emotion was a result of having successfully arrived, a little sense of relief, but I think all of us, in our own ways, have expressed the same kind of feeling," Shepard said in After Apollo 14, he reprised his role as chief of the Astronaut Office a position he held before the mission and remained in that administrative role until retiring to a corporate position in Houston in In , he joined other astronauts in founding the Mercury Seven Foundation to raise money for scholarships for science and engineering college students.

In , it was renamed the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation and he was president and chairman until In the book "The Right Stuff," author Tom Wolfe said he had two sides, "the Icy Commander and Smilin' Al,'' but also that he but he ''set a standard of coolness and competence that would be hard to top. One of the more controversial moonwalkers, in the years after his journey to the moon, Edgar Mitchell has made headlines for arguing that alien visits to Earth have been covered up by governments for more than 60 years.

The Apollo 14 astronaut was the sixth man to walk on the moon but retired from NASA the following year. In , he founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to sponsor research into the nature of consciousness. He published "Psychic Exploration" in That my life had gotten very disturbing, very distressing at a subconscious level," he said in an interview with Chaikin.

I call upon our government to open up He was the lunar module pilot for the flight and explored the moon's surface for three days. According to High Flight's Web site, the astronaut started the organization to encourage others to experience "the Highest Flight possible with God.

The group organizes religious retreats and trips to the Holy Land. As we got farther and farther away, it [the Earth] diminished in size. Finally it shrank to the size of a marble, the most beautiful you can imagine," Irwin said. Seeing this has to change a man. Not even 40 years old, David Scott reached the pinnacle of his career and then wondered, "what's next? My career had been finished. I'd finished my career. That's it. Now go find a new career," the Apollo 15 astronaut said in an interview with Chaikin.

In , he left the space agency to found Scott Science and Technology, a specialized space project management and technical services company. After 42 years with NASA in various administrative and leadership positions, the Apollo 16 astronaut retired in In a interview with the Houston Chronicle, he described his experience on the moon.

It's not like being in zero gravity, you know. You can drop a pencil in zero gravity and look for it for three days.

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In one-sixth gravity, you just look down and there it is," he said. The technologies we need to live and work on the moon will save us right here on this planet," he said. Flying in space is risky business, but just staying on this planet is risky business too. In , he flew on Apollo 16 and spent more than 71 hours on the moon. But he has said that it was his hero's welcome was overwhelming.

Did it change your life? How do you view Earth? You almost have to manufacture a response to that question," he said. Her retired from NASA and the space program in to enter private business.

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He started a beverage company, Orbit Corp. He is also president of Duke Ministry for Christ. He could barely believe that I went to the moon," he said in the documentary "In the Shadow of the Moon. The commander of the last scheduled manned U. There has to be something bigger than you and bigger than me," Cernan said "In the Shadow of the Moon.

There has to be a creator of the universe who stands above the religions that we ourselves create to govern our lives. He also has been a special consultant to ABC News, covering space programming. The Apollo 17 astronaut was one of the last to walk on the moon. Senate in his home state of New Mexico.

He later worked as consultant, freelance writer and speaker on space, technology and public policy issues. In a interview with Astrobiology Magazine, he said that his experience on the moon was almost indescribable. It's the same as trying to describe to someone what it's like to stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon. Or to have your first child. Any meaningful event that you've had in your life is probably that kind of experience.

It has a personal meaning, and it will be different for every individual," he said. The physical feeling of walking on the moon is like walking on a giant trampoline, to some degree. All rights reserved. It's the most exclusive fraternity on Earth. Photos: Who Were the Moonwalkers? Or a Waste of Money? Lawyers want 'unconscionable' charge dropped against woman who lost fetus in fight.

Iran says it has broken stockpile limit set by nuclear deal. Students to hold vigil for slain classmate days after suspected killer's arrest. Unidentified flying object over Korea's DMZ was a flock of birds. Funeral scheduled for detective who fought for Sept. Small plane crash kills all 10 people on board.

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Bus crashes into gorge in India's Kashmir, killing Harris lands endorsement from 2 Black Caucus members. Special Forces medical sergeant dies in Afghanistan. Hunter Biden tackles cocaine use and alleged business conflicts in magazine interview. The Note: New lanes in race open in debate's aftermath. Democrats defend Harris from 'racist' attacks by conservatives, Donald Trump Jr. Bernie Sanders.

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Harris: 'Surprised' at Biden's answer on busing at Democratic debate. Top 10 presidential candidate quotes from night 2 of the Democratic debate. The teens behind Mike Gravel's unorthodox bid for president. Optimus Prime obtained the fuel cell in , alerting him to the Ark 's presence on the moon. Optimus and Ratchet journeyed to the moon on the Xantium , retrieving Sentinel's body from the crash vault and the control pillar. Later on, Sentinel revealed the Ark 's true mission: to take the pillars to Earth and summon Cybertron, enslaving humanity and putting them to work on rebuilding the war-torn planet.

Dark of the Moon. When Quintessa used electro-telekinetic technology to deliver a broken Cybertron in pieces to encase the earth, structures on a moving fragment of Cybertron collided with the Ark and discarded it off the moon. The Last Knight. As Cybertron was devastated by the worsening war, with Optimus Prime unwilling to take the decisive actions that would have brought the conflict to an end, Sentinel Prime was forced to make a deal with Megatron to seek out another planet whose resources they can exploit to restore their homeworld.

Sentinel recreated the Primes' lost space bridge technology, fashioning hundreds of pillars that would form a bridge large enough to teleport Cybertron itself across the cosmos, telling the Autobots it would be used to instantaneously teleport soldiers, supplies, and refugees into and out of the battlefield, allowing them to defeat the Decepticons. The pillars were loaded onto a second Ark , while a strike team led by Optimus attacked Simfur in order to activate the control pillar for the space bridge by bringing it into contact with the AllSpark.

Foundation 3 While most of the Autobots kept the Decepticons busy, Elita-One and her sisters Arcee and Chromia successfully reached the AllSpark and energized the control pillar, which Elita then delivered to Sentinel Prime. Sentinel took his Ark to ostensibly collect Optimus and the others from Simfur, but upon arrival, the ship was attacked by Starscream, who was unaware of the secret deal his leader had made with the Prime. Starscream's attack triggered a huge explosion which consumed the Ark , leaving the Autobots to believe Sentinel, the space bridge tech, and all others aboard had been destroyed.

Foundation 4 Dark of the Moon Unbeknownst to anyone present, however, the Ark had not been destroyed: the space bridge tech aboard had in fact been triggered and thus teleported it away through space and time, with all on board knocked into stasis by the blast.

The Third Manned Lunar Landing

Convergence chapter 1. Out in space, the original Nemesis and Sentinel's Ark still jinking through space and time zeroed in on the energy signature of the AllSpark which had since been ejected from Cybertron by the Autobots , and were both crippled when the Ark blindly teleported directly into the same physical space as the Nemesis. The Ark made one final jump, leaving a lingering space bridge portal in its wake. After setting the ruined Nemesis down on the dead moon of a nearby gas giant, the Decepticons boarded the smaller ship Longshot and followed the Ark through the portal at The Fallen's urging, leaving his sarcophagus behind.

Both ships were hurled into the future. Sentinel Prime's Ark and the Longshot emerged from the space bridge and into the vicinity of Earth in early The Ark violently crash-landed on Earth's Moon , killing all on board, save for Sentinel, who was safely sealed in the ship's crash vault. After examining the wreckage, Soundwave determined to keep the vessel out of the hands of the humans on the planet below. The crash of the Ark was detected by both the United States and the Soviet Union , and a "space race" began to be the first to reach the Moon and plunder this alien treasure.

Dark of the Moon Convergence chapter 4. From to , the United States staged three further manned missions to the moon to continue plundering the Ark.