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Organize your files by color-coding, alphabetically, or by type of file. Consider having separate drawers for different areas of business, such as clients, finances and media. Shortcuts should be created for all Microsoft Office programs, the Internet, email and your database. Software you should own includes an up-to-date version of Microsoft Office, virus protection software like Norton System Works, a contact management database, such as ACT!

Have a daily plan and stick to it. Schedule your time on a planner. This can be a desk or wall calendar, an appointment book, a handheld device or a computer program. When contacting people, leave detailed voice and email messages, stating exactly what you need so the person will be prepared with the information when they call or email you back. Entrepreneur Media, Inc. In order to understand how people use our site generally, and to create more valuable experiences for you, we may collect data about your use of this site both directly and through our partners.

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Sign Up. Other tools include Dropbox and Box. By housing files in the cloud, you can help clean up your personal storage, as well as save valuable time spent emailing documents back and forth when collaborating with others. It is possible to manage your email inbox so you only see the messages you still need to deal with and everything else is neatly archived for safe keeping. Start with a clean slate by filing away everything you no longer need to respond to.

Next, tame the level of new emails you get each day by unsubscribing to newsletters or other subscriptions you no longer read. One key to staying organized and effective as a small business owner is having the right solution for jotting down any tasks or inspirations when they strike.

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Your social media profiles can also become clogged and out of date. First, take stock of where your business has a social presence and drop any accounts that are no longer in use. Make an appointment with a CPA or tax advisor early in the year. If you run a small business, you already have some kind of process in place for invoicing, processing payments, recording expenses and tracking projects. Did you get a Tax ID number? Are all your licenses and local permits in order? Did you make any changes to your corporation and LLC and still need to file an Articles of Amendment to record those changes with the state?

Free guides, advice and videos on small business legal topics are available at her Small Biz Corner.

Best Practices to Organize Your Small Business Files & Folders

I agree with the utilization of cloud. Of course, this will still depend on how you work. Your email inbox and desktop may fall prey to clutter. It is time to organize and de-clutter things for any small businesses. As a rule, I declutter my inbox everyday. I decide if I need it for later use. If not, I delete it.

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Excellent reminder to what is available for small business…With using cloud storage the key. Thanks for your tips. Great tips for small businesses.

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My next task is email spring cleaning. Need to nip it in the bud. Want to get it back down to , and eventually down to half of that.

3 Tips For Organizing Your Business Files and Folders

Pray for me :. Dropbox is like an answer to my prayers. I just love it.

Organize Your Business

I can sync everything on it and I can access my dropbox account on my laptop, smartphone, etc. Very straightforward and easy to use. It can really help in keeping your files organized. Been hearing about Dropbox for a while, Eds, before I finally downloaded it. What prompted that was my computer dying on me temporarily. Opting for a cloud-hosted Bookkeeping solution can do multiple things to help organize your business.

For example QuicBooks cloud-hosted has a document management system that can help you streamline your back office and go paperless, inherent paperless billing solutions, as well as the ability to access your books from anywhere, including a tablet or phone. Great article! Thanks for sharing! I need help on organizing myself to keep a couple business organized. I need recommendations on what applications to use to purge calendars, schedules, information… this information was useful but very basic. Do you have any recommendations for something more in depth?

Thank you, Nellie.

Fantastic list. As a small business owner I used to spend countless hours organizing my invoices and bills, but in the end I had bits of paper and receipts all over my desk.