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Weetabix 8. Round Trip 9. Stone Coal West Virginia Shoot The Moon Three outlaws arrive in the country town of Big Tree, California, on a blazing hot day of a long dry summer, in this well-crafted western by veteran Pronzini The Last Days of Horse-Shy Halloran. But the burglary gets bungled, an explosion sets the town on fire, and there is only one way out of the parched valley for the townsfolk - by train.

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  • That way lies peril, however, for not only is the only locomotive in some disrepair, but the munitions are on board, and the fire is spreading fast-as fast as the train is racing. Language: English. Narrator: Berry Greene. Digital audiobook in aax. There was a shout from the man, not a cry of dismay, but a ringing battle yell.

    He leaped forward, jerking down on the bridle reins with all the force of his weight and his spring. The horse, caught in mid-air, as it were, came floundering down on all fours again. Before he could make another move, Woodbury caught the high horn of the saddle and vaulted up to his seat.

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      Breslin , Ellen L. Burke, Rose A The New York State business directory, containing the names, business and address of all merchants, manufacturers, and professional men throughout the state Volume p Houston Brettman Julius.