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149 Paintings You Really Should See in Europe — Venice and Florence

A perpetual student, when not catching the latest exhibition or showing guests around the city, he can be found brushing up on anything from nineteenth-century Spanish politics to medieval architecture. No visit to Madrid is complete without going to the Prado Museum. Rooms 25—29 After these Renaissance masterpieces, head upstairs to immerse yourself in the Spanish Golden Age. This portrait of Charles V had a great influence on Spanish painters. Rooms 15, 32, 36, 64—67 If you want to dig even deeper into Velazquez, continue to Room 15 to see his portraits of dwarfs and buffoons, and The Spinners in Room 15A.

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Learn the story of Madrid through your expert guide's selection of the Prado's masterpieces and then enjoy beh Ewan Bleiman. No comments yet art museums best museums in Madrid museums Prado things to do in Madrid. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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We see how they approach their art differently, not just because one talks about the old stuff — that would be Julian — and the other addresses the new, what we call modern art. Julian, as many of you know, also loves opera — the grand tableau of colour, music and theatre — and we see it in his descriptions.

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Painter of perhaps the greatest Last Judgment of all. Here a rape, the scattering bouncing pearls, white skin, flashing colour — a quick brutality. Shimmers of lightning bathing the silks and satins. This elegance, cheek by jowl with ugly rape, her hand reaching out to you, for you to rescue her…. The view is of Toledo, a small Spanish city and, until , the capital of the Spanish Empire.

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A flickering kaleidoscope blinking sky, a menacing storm, a great necklace of architecture, swishes of green billowing trees create an electric effect. You are commanded to halt dead still before it, as the black river speeds towards you. The thunder cracks. In the black, black sky, ink blots from God. One can just hear Julian, with dramatic flourish, going from stage whispers to shouts, standing in front of these paintings, saying those words. Stephen, a great fan of the orchestra, is more symphonic, more disciplined, but also with his own sense of the music of art.

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Yes, he can hold his own with Porter, but Grant has the difficult task with modern art of explaining the new. He takes us a little more into the history of the work, the making of the painting, and its significance. His work moves me beyond reason, it speaks to something primitive yet reassuring. In a word, captivating. I know I will look at Paterson Ewen differently, and more carefully on my next visit to the AGO, just as I will look differently at Tintoretto and El Greco, and so many other works after having read this book.

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And, I will also think, of course of the operatic Julian and the symphonic Stephen, and their love of art, so courageously given to us by them. Professional Profile Julian H.

Theo van Rysselberghe: A collection of 186 paintings (HD)

He worked for seven years as a student tour guide in Europe and since has conducted countless gallery tours in Europe and North America. His co-author, Stephen Grant, brings a wealth of expertise in twentieth-century artists, and presents them within the framework of a North American—led, sustained burst of originality and shock. Presented with wit and irreverence, here is the best that North American galleries have to offer. Focused and curated to give you everything you need to enjoy the greatest works of art in the best company and save you the sore feet and superfluous information. Porter and Grant, lawyers by trade, make difficult art accessible through simple formal descriptions and introductory histories of artists and patrons.