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While this wouldn't be a good thing, somehow this just works. He does things late in the story that is utterly horrifying and vile, and he's made to be hated. Then you have the sympathetic, yet not sympathetic character of Dumont. For half of this story, Dumont comes off as a rather nice character. Sure, he killed one of the boats pilots to make Larissa fall in love with him, but even past that he was likeable.

He had this charisma that it seemed no matter what he did, you couldn't help but like him. It could have been his friendship with his first mate Dragoneyes or how he generally acts towards his cast, but something about him makes me like him. However, he does slowly became a mean and vile character but even when this happens, I couldn't help but like him. He also has a kind of 'redemption moment' at the end that was really good, if tragic.

All in all, the villains were wonderful. I also really liked the protagonists. Larissa was good and Willen was interesting. Larissa had a lot to make her a wonderful and interesting character. She had a well-developed and heartbreaking background. She matures throughout the story and has very good character development and progression.

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Not to mention her naivety in things is kind of for lack of a better term cute. That makes her change all the more shocking and well-earned. She doesn't seem like a good heroic character, yet she pulls it off almost flawlessly. Willen is pretty much the same way. His background is a little more mystical, but for some reason it's interesting. I really can't say much about Willen without some major spoilers, so I'll just say that his character is surprising interesting. I really liked how this story had characters that are native to Ravenloft. While this is a very minor thing, I really liked it.

There was no real need for a famous character from another setting to be transported into this realm. It was just nice to see this change after having the first two books of other settings having an introduction in another setting.

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It was also nice to see that characters that from the Ravenloft setting hold their own. Side Notes: 1 Horror. I do have a hard time calling this a fantasy horror novel. For seventy percent of the novel, it had the feel of a 'normal' fantasy book. Then at the end it started to get a little horrifying. I really liked the whole Louisiana-esque swamp feel this story had.

It had a different kind of feel to a fantasy story. I honestly hate it. The dress color on Larissa is horrible and looks like puke. Her face is just demonic and disturbing. It's so disgustingly disturbing. The whole cover is plain awful and hurts the eyes. The side characters needed to be a little more developed. They were just there for most of the story, and what development they were given was quickly forgotten.

Another small problem is that the story never really felt like a horror story, but it wasn't a terrible thing. However, the characters are wonderful and the story is solid. Larissa and Willen were just wonderful characters. They have a lot of depth and a very interesting and well-developed backgrounds. The villains were also great. Lond was absolutely vile, and I loved to hate him. Dumont had a likeable quality to him that even when he does terrible things, I couldn't help but not hate him for it.

Would I recommend Dance of the Dead? Yes, of course. It was a wonderful read with great characters. Jun 12, Larry McCloskey rated it it was ok. Once again, the Mists of Ravenloft have ensnared another soul. In this tale, it is young Larissa Snowmane, whose riverboat home finds its way to dreary Souragne - a land of bleak villages and loathsome swamps filled with the dead A young, innocent riverboat dancer, Larissa slowly learns that her "uncle", the captain, is not the man she thought.

Like so many of the souls in Ravenloft, captain Dumont has secrets - secrets which slowly come to light as he sinks further into the darkness Once again, the Mists of Ravenloft have ensnared another soul. Like so many of the souls in Ravenloft, captain Dumont has secrets - secrets which slowly come to light as he sinks further into the darkness with his new associate, the mysterious Lond.

Fleeing the ship for the promise of help, Larissa embarks on a treacherous voyage of discovery in the swamp learning that power comes with a cost. Learning the magic of both life and death, Larissa and her new companions seek to undo Lond's evil and Dumont's fall, to save not only their friends, but their souls. The lord of the domain, however, has his own plans for Larissa and her insurrection.

Souragne is one of the more overlooked islands of terror within the Ravenloft setting, which is unfortunate for it offers up some of the most truly horror-inspired opportunities. Many of those opportunities, though, are wasted here. The underlying story is good, as is the balance of light and dark in the storytelling, but at times the story strays too far into Gothic romance and it's just not necessary.

The focus on the performances and the performers aboard the board and their relationships also gets clumsy at times, taking the contrast between lightness and darkness which is a staple of Ravenloft and making the implicit overly explicit. The dance of the dead, itself, is a heavy-handed deus ex machina at the conclusion; only the price that must be paid for performing it saves it from completely derailing the ending.

The denouement, on the other hand, goes back to the same trite tone that pervades the rest of the story too often. For those looking to darken their Gothic fantasy reading, this is a solid choice - there's enough of the realm of shadow here to spice things up a bit. For those looking to travel the lonely and dreary roads of Ravenloft, on the other hand, many of the other Ravenloft books offer more of its sinister magic.

Jul 11, Andrew Bass rated it really liked it. Fun Ravenloft story. This one doesn't involve Strahd except for an uncredited cameo but follows a traveling crew of performers on a riverboat from one destination to the next. There is no mention of Castle Ravenloft or even Barovia, but the Mists are present. A colorful cast of sympathetic characters and villains alike, plus a swamp full of magic, makes this one worth reading. Solid Ravenloft book. Oct 03, Wastrel rated it liked it Shelves: r-ss , z , fantastika-neopulp , l-mb. Surprisingly good fun!

Issues with both plotting and prose, but overcome through audacity, horrific bloodshed, some cleverness, and the discomforting inversions of conventional plotting that come with the Ravenloft setting the gods in the machine are likely to be devils, and just surviving is considered a victory.

I could completely understand if someone absolutely hated this. But I think that that would be close-minded, and that such a person would be missing out. I'd be particularly intereste Surprisingly good fun! I'd be particularly interested to see what fans of modern paranormal romance made of this, as this is essentially a precursor to the modern genre. Anyway, as usual fuller thoughts are on my blog. Feb 14, Jason Lebouef rated it it was amazing Shelves: ravenloft , fantasy , dungeons-and-dragons. However, she does an excellent job painting a world that was just shy of something southern and familiar.

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Yet she still presented something unique and mysterious. I look forward to another glimpse into her imagination. There are many things that I had enjoyed years ago. One tragic lesson that I have learned is that a great deal of my readings from the past is best left in reflection rather than a revisit. However, Dance of the Dead is not one of my regrets.

I had the pleasure to revisit Larissa Snowmane's story after all this time and it stood up to not only my expectations but will continue to be something I will return to in years to come.

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Jul 08, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. Larissa is a professional dancer on a ship that is returning to her home-town. From there, she finds out that she must master the Dead to save her home and her friends from her greedy Adoptive Father. She learns about her past, who she really is, and what she is to become. I loved this book for the elements of theater and stage, dancing, and magic While one would expect the Lord of the Zombies to be evil and sinister, it is not quite like that at all, and the real evil ca Larissa is a professional dancer on a ship that is returning to her home-town.

While one would expect the Lord of the Zombies to be evil and sinister, it is not quite like that at all, and the real evil can wear a familiar face. The ending made me cry, though Sep 11, Seth rated it liked it. This was a fun bit of horror inspired by Dungeons and Dragons horror setting, Ravenloft.

The book was creative and had likable characters as well as a few interesting twists and turns. Overall, this book was at best re-inventing the wheel, and in many places, especially in the second half of the book the plot was under-developed. I kind of had the feeling the author was rushing a bit. Overall an enjoyable read, but really only for people who are fans onf fiction inspired by tabletop gaming or re This was a fun bit of horror inspired by Dungeons and Dragons horror setting, Ravenloft.

Overall an enjoyable read, but really only for people who are fans onf fiction inspired by tabletop gaming or really like horror. Oct 01, Pyxipyro rated it really liked it. Really liked it! I liked the magic used by the captain to try and control every effect on his ship as well as the brave actions by Larissa, a main dancer on his river show boat.

Larissa was brought back to a place from her childhood and learns dark secrets of people close to her as well as the power to change them. I really did like the character of Will as well. Oct 07, I. Solid entry in the series that does require knowledge of the source to really appreciate.

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The pacing was a little off with a very slow beginning portion but once the plot kicked in it was worth reading. Jan 02, Mark Sutcliffe rated it really liked it. Ravenloft goes to New Orleans! This being the fifth book in the series I have read although third if you're going in order , I was a little sick of vampires.

Much to my surprise this was fresh take on setting: snakes, voodoo, zombies, destiny, swamp, gators, etc, etc. While I, Strahd is my favorite this is a close second place of the ones I have read. Oct 26, Peter Greenwell rated it liked it Shelves: ravenloft. A bit of a pleasant mess really and probably the least of the Ravenloft books I've read so far.

Took its time to warm up, then it became entertaining in a popcorn, freewheeling manner. None of the characters are particularly memorable although I'd love to know more about Anton Misroi. Nov 12, Scott McCloskey rated it liked it Shelves: ravenloft. I enjoyed the characters of Larissa and Anton, and the idea as to how undead were created. Not a whole lot of surprises, but that isn't really what I was looking for to begin with.

May 30, William Quest rated it liked it Shelves: own. It was a good tale. Though to be honest, I would have liked to heard more about the Lord of this bit of Ravenloft, Anton Misroi. Many twists and turns and quite original. Wasn't a favorite, but a very solid read. A must for any zombie enthusiast. Good read Typical Ravenloft faire.

Ending is somewhat disappointing, but happy endings seldom happen in the demi plane of dread. Still a good read. Sep 20, Alexandra rated it liked it Shelves: horror. Another nice Ravenloft book. May 07, Maggie rated it really liked it. Apr 15, Rob C. Pretty interesting pulp read Sep 05, Anthony Otero rated it it was amazing. This is a wondefully written book. A perfect combination of fantasy and horror.

Sep 03, Carol Waters rated it it was ok. Not much to it. Jan 14, AndrewP rated it liked it Shelves: horror. Ravenloft Book 2.

Dance of the Dead

Oct 06, Arlene Allen rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy. I loved the Ravenloft series I even have the one by Laurell Hamilton!

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It made me cry. It made me cry on the train.

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In public. Oct 05, [Name Redacted] rated it really liked it Shelves: dark-fantasy , gothic , halloween