Manual H.E.A.V.E.N.: AUGUST 11 - 28, 2073

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So roll up your sleeves and join us to craft your own pizzas along with great eats to round out the meal. Day 2 — St. These 2-hour classes in this 3-day camp are available at:. Demonstration Class. Loretta is taking something old and making it new and delicious again. Take a trip with her down memory lane with cherished recipes written by Grandma on lined index cards or from old cookbooks and newspaper clippings. This easy-to-make dinner is fresh, delicious, and perfect on warm summer days.

Jessica will coach you in the kitchen and answer questions unique to Type 1 Diabetes families. Please bring the completed form available at www. Dierbergs School of Cooking has the recipe for a crowd-pleasing party! Call us to book a complete birthday package for your child! Kids love to cook in our kitchen! Contact our School of Cooking Manager for details. No shields, capes, or masks needed here! Just a super collection of recipes that will let your super powers shine through and make you feel like a true hero. Not heading back east to spend your summer by the shore?

Bring a big taste of it to your table instead. From the Jersey boardwalks to Chesapeake Bay to Virginia Beach, Sally shares her favorite souvenir — a terrific feast of seaside summer specialties minus the sand, of course! Think beyond pesto! While we do love it, there is so much more that you can do with this fragrant, fresh herb. Basil is what makes this menu a standout. Cash or check only. No credit or debit cards. Demonstration Class Dierbergs School of Cooking and Urban Chestnut Brewing Company have developed unique, outside-the-cheeseboard pairings with local craft brews with artisanal cheeses and accompaniments.

Taste with the experts as you explore combinations of flattering, contrasting, and perfect pairings. Urban Chestnut Brewing Company Representative. Grilling spatula in one hand and a refreshing cocktail in the other — these recipes and cocktails are the perfect combination for a successful cookout with guests — or just a casual weeknight meal.

Team up to whip up something fun with bright, fresh summer produce. These simple recipes are so good everyone will be asking for seconds! In addition to lots of fun, state fairs are known for one thing: Food. Lots of food! Add your own artistic touches with decorations galore, and take home your masterpieces to share. Make a splash this summer with an epic pool party.

These fun food ideas will take your simple get-together to an all-out bash before you can say Marco Polo. Take a break from a formal sit-down dinner and go casual these bite-sized sliders paired with crispy sides and boozy ice cream drinks. These slider meals bursting with flavor are perfect for any get-together and are a real crowd pleaser. Take a big bite out of summer — with just five ingredients!

Loretta shows you how to use the grill to whip up her collection of quick and delicious recipes. These grilled specialties will get you through the season in style. Since the s, this classic steakhouse fare has been a winning combination. Christie gives this time-honored pairing a modern update. This impressive dinner will have your guests wondering if there is a chef hiding in your kitchen. This world-famous gin in its distinctive blue bottle contains 10 hand-selected botanicals from exotic locations around the world.

While ordinary gins boil their botanicals directly in the alcohol to achieve their flavor, Bombay Sapphire is created through the Vapour Infusion Process, which is why it is truly unique with an extraordinary smoothness and perfectly balanced taste. Loretta gives you the menu, guidance, and confidence to prepare your own restaurant-style Italian meal at home.

Gather everyone around your table for special foods inspired by the traditions of St. Cast a spell in our kitchen and cook up some fun. Something magical will happen — smiles will appear all around! Assistants Mon. Assistants July 6 - Aug. Noon pm. Tennis Court Attendants Weds. The residents of Mc Cord Avenue have extended their thanks to the staff of Public Works for the recent replacement of the stairs to the beach.

They are happy that they once again have access to their little beach. Now launching of kayaks is safe.

Calendar News Commander's Corner

The residents of Wanasing will also be happy to see the third set of stairs. They will make access to the beach so much easier. Once again, thanks to the Public Works employees for a job well done! Our Emergency Measures personnel encourage both seasonal and permanent residents to invest in proper green civic address signs for their dwellings. At night, the reflective signs stand out clearly.

In case of emergency, First Responders can find your home more quickly. And here is another suggestion, if you live on a corner lot, you might consider ordering two signs, one for each entrance. The new Victoria Beach Sports Club also has a defibrillator. It is taken out to the sports field when there are activities there. The Act sets rules for financial administration, By-laws, and corporate powers. It sets rules for taxation, tax and debit collection and legal matters. In short, the Municipal Act sets the procedures that we, as Council, are expected to follow.

Did you know that there is a path that runs from the recycling bins by the parking lot to the Municipal Works yard? It provides a safer way to travel from the gate area to the Post Office or Sports Club. You do not need to risk riding on the highway. And on your return trip, you can ride the Evergreen Trail that runs from behind the Public Works yard to the Golf Course parking lot. From there you can either take the road to Patricia or the path to Alexandra. Attention all VB event and club volunteers!

The VB Club wants to show its appreciation for all your dedication and hard work. Please join us at the Clubhouse on Friday, August 14th from - All previous and current volunteers are invited. See you there. VB Club Board. One of the longest continuously publishing community newspapers in Canada, now in our 90th year, the Victoria Beach Herald is a service of the Victoria Beach Club.

The Herald prints ten issues each summer on Fridays from late June to mid August. The Herald welcomes submissions from readers focused on family events, beach happenings, community issues, etc. Letters to the Editor are always welcome. Submissions should be sent via email to vbherald shaw.

Those without access to email can place written submissions in the VB Herald mailbox behind the cash counter at the Victoria Beach General Store. Submission deadlines are end of day Fridays with the exception of VB Club event convenor submissions for events occurring on weekend days. The MB Municipal Board is required to authorize municipal borrowing by-laws. Due to the objections filed by over people, the Board did not authorize By-law and has scheduled a Public Hearing in September date and location to be confirmed.

Council can avoid the Public Hearing by cancelling By-law which we feel is the prudent course of action. Not to mention, too far away. Whether rain or shine. The Anglican Parish of St. Note: September 6th we will meet at am. Rather, a life full of ridiculously lovable bikes. Until I arrive in VB. Then, it takes about 5 minutes to remember what I love about this place. And about ten minutes before the wave of relaxation takes over my somewhat anxiety-ridden mind.

These are the observations of an outsider. I married into a VB family. And have been fortunate enough to come here for the last nine years in a row. I have friends here. I have a bike here. I feel at home here. Dear VB and the entire Manning family , thanks for welcoming me year after year. I want you all to know how thankful I am to you for sharing this wonderful place. According to Clay Ballard from Top Speed Tennis, there are three stages of learning when it comes to sport.

These are the stages we all go through as we participate and try to get better in a given sport. The first stage is called Consciously Incompetent. In this stage the player realizes that there is something they are doing wrong or improperly and that they can improve on it. The second stage is called Consciously Competent in which players think about the correct motions or actions as they execute them.

As they try to correct their technique they have to slow down and consciously think about the movements. This requires a lot of repetitions, 3,, This leads to the third stage called Unconsciously Competent. This is where the motions or actions become ingrained. Players have been doing the action so many times that it becomes automatic.

We are in all three stages of learning all the time. There are parts of our game that we realize need improving Stage 1.

Program and cast

There are things we are consciously working on Stage 2 , and there are parts of our game that are automatic and we perform without thought Stage 3. Even though we all want to be in Stage 3, the worst performing athletes, those who improve the least over time, are those who live or stay at Stage 3.

They are happy with their tennis and do not try to consciously or continuously improve. They may not have the best technique but are satisfied with their game and are not interested in new information. They want to stick with what they know. The highest performing, or those who show the most improvement, are those that stay in Stages 1 and 2.

They love to find their weaknesses, find the solutions, practice to correct their weaknesses and move them to their strengths, and improve their game.

Pratibhako Aagan

The challenge is for everyone to stay in Stages 1 and 2, find weakness, find solutions, and practice to get better. We had 13 couples out to our fifth duplicate bridge Monday evening session of the season on July 27th. Join us for duplicate bridge Monday evenings starting at PM. Please arrive on time. The annual duplicate bridge tournament will be held on Wednesday, August 5th.

Please arrive at the clubhouse by PM. Cookies and refreshments will be served. Come with a partner or if you need one, call Donna at Please buy a Victoria Beach membership - support our Club! Please bring a mat and water with you to the classes. If you are interested in being a part of our fitness line up for next year please contact Julie McPetrie Last Chance Lake Huggers!! Take a look; it might still be there. You can also register online at lakewinnipegfoundation. Every little bit counts!!

Things will get underway at the VB Clubhouse with registration beginning at , and the Walk starting at In the hope of being child, dog, and energy friendly, there are 2 routes from which to choose: 2. Between and 10, members of both the VB Walk organizing team and members of the LWF staff will be present to chat with folks, give information, etc.

There will be something for everyone! On Sat.

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Then on Sunday Aug. Thanks to all these amazing volunteers for keeping August so packed with fun events. Come down to the Clubhouse to see what Wendy Derksen and Leslie Sarchuk have planned as a thank you to all our volunteers. The Dog Show is Sat. Thanks to new convenors Barb Hansford and Trish Nesbitt. Aug 16th at 4 PM at the Clubhouse. Thanks Anil! Should be a great fall day! If you would like to get involved with our Special Events or Regular Events, please get in touch. You can contact Shauna at sfiluk hotmail. Used under licence. All rights reserved.

Garbage is to be placed in garbage bags and left in containers preferably bear-resistant ones.

Containers are to be placed in the front yard - not on the road allowance - by no later than am. A pass is required, they can be picked up at the gate, public works, or the municipal office. The V. Club Novelty Tennis Tournament is a fun-competition. It is a great way for our tennis community to mark the end of another spectacular summer season at Victoria Beach by doing what we love the most; playing tennis! Last year, the event was very well attended. The level of sportsmanship and competition on display was further evidence of what a wonderful little slice of heaven we have here at the V.

This year promises to be equally entertaining. Here are a few important notes for your information. Please sign up early to avoid disappointment. Please pay before you play. B, Club and have their own shoe tag. Groups are highly encouraged to come up with a team name. Prizes will be awarded for originality! Matches will be pro-sets first to 9 wins; tie breaker at 8 all. Losses will be subtracted in the event of a tie. Lots of fun and more prizes! The above format is subject to change due to inclement weather or number of entries. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call, or see me at the courts!

Take care, Stino Siragusa Hello everyone from the VB Golf Club. The winner of the tournament was Chris Papageorge with a score of Congratulations to all the golfers who participated. The junior tournament is Wednesday August 5th, we are now taking registrations at the golf club, and everyone is welcome. The season is short, so come out and enjoy the golfing while you can.

Looking forward to seeing you here! Manager, Karl Hutchison. Rain Rain Go Away! Ladies Golf Tournament Come back another day!

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This is what many of the ladies were saying at the Ladies VB Golf tournament. However, in spite of the rain and wind, it was awesome to observe all the wonderful and positive attitudes throughout the day. What a wonderful group of ladies! My committee -- Sally Lawler and Laureen Johnstone -- added some new twists to the tournament so we were glad to receive positive feedback on the tee-gift-bag for everyone look for those neon socks!

The Merrymakers did a beautiful job catering our event in that comfortable setting with their tasty appetizers displayed so elegantly, and all the cute decorations. We continue to be very grateful to Kathy and Laith Gagnon for their wine donation each year so everyone can receive a complimentary glass of wine. Thank you to all the clubhouse staff especially Karl, Ramona, and Lissa for all their help with the sign-up and organization. Their patience and expertise was very much appreciated. Accolades to the maintenance staff too, for keeping our course in such great shape.

Congrats to our 18 flight winners which were determined by a random draw for specified score category e. Diane Eyford 40 4.