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Of course, Lil B's buffet-style consumption experience and stream-of-consciousness flow are still in place.


Listening to him at times is like panning for gold-- you get some real nuggets, but you have to work for each one. For those who want to put in the effort, though-- and there a lot of people who do-- B seems to shapeshift into whatever form the listener chooses.

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The title track and "Cocaine Killer" can be viewed as some incredibly ill-formed storytelling if taken as linear narrative, or as the stray thoughts indigenous to the harried nickel-and-dime hustler. There are pop-culture non sequiturs that make the Kool Keith comparisons apt, and there are startlingly cogent revelations. Illusions of Grandeur , therefore, is as erratic as we've come to expect; despite the record being relatively "cohesive" and "coherent" for Lil B, it's also a conservative addition to his catalog.

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