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Haylon Date: [ reply ]. It's supposed to allow a person to learn to type much faster than using the QWERTY, but if you'd ever saw one, I can't possibly imagine how. Haylon wrote: Deidre AndiTrendy Date: [ reply ]. I'm german and 20 years old. Mostly I write over keys and over 60 words a minute german sentences.

In english sentences I write about keys a minute. I never learing typing correct but I write with ca. For you guys: Try typing with one hand. It's very interesting and it does make sence, for example if you have a phone call ,-. Devilz Date: [ reply ]. Qusteka Date: Edited: [ reply ]. Kalinka Date: Edited: [ reply ]. I am 12 and I practiced a typing program called Homerow or something from my school, a as ad add adds sad dad dads - then it gets some more complicated. My best typing speed is wpm but that can't be maintained for more than one minute. Oonkiva Date: [ reply ].

Tankx5 Date: [ reply ]. What's the average word-length? Hello everybody Berkyyy Date: Edited: [ reply ].

Is Touch-Typing an Important Skill for Software Developers?

I used this site 6 years ago, then set record to or something. So clearly it seems I'm not getting better in this since then. Even despite the fact my hands have laid on keyboard half a day past 15 years. I'm 15 and type is keys per minute. When I was 13, it was about kpm, and 11, it was under two hundred.. Finnish sentence. I improved my skill indirectly with playing on the piano i think. I am 18 years old and I can type on the faster than average side.

My fastest time ever is 90 wpm.

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Blaadjes Date: [ reply ]. I'm 19 years old and my most wpm was 83, or Some people getting up to wpm, thats fake right? I'm I hunt and peck at around 80wpm so decided to take up touch typing to see how I would improve.

Typing tips, how to make type faster and master the keyboard

In the first week I was around 20wpm and a year later, after trying it again on and off i was upto 40wpm. Now, I'm becoming more disciplined and trying to work out a set of exercises to put myself through to improve my speed in an efficient way. If I do these exercises once a day, then I should be able to gradually improve better.

I can play classical guitar and know the secret is to practise slooooooooooooooooooooooooowly, gradually building up the speed. I think the main reason why there are so many young people here that are, let's be honest, brilliant at such a young age is down to the times spent practising.

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And just as it takes years of practise to be able to write efficiently, so it is with typing. I am 14 years old and my best is keys per minute. Rkoffman Date: [ reply ]. Umm, hey ppl, I've been around for awhile. Hadn't noticed the forum though, my apologies for that Anyway, I got my first PC at 18yo, started typing at 20 but my technique was poor. Maybe I'll come back, maybe I won't I am 23yrs my speed mayn't that bad in English words per-minute and 35 per minute i try so had to have error in ma work and that's keeps me going and the courage to be more faster than ever.

Erfahrungen Date: [ reply ]. Maybird Date: Edited: [ reply ]. Early teens and apparently I type at 50 wpm, but I can go up to on other sites like typerracer, 10fastfingers, and nitrotype. Bitbatgaming Date: Edited: [ reply ]. Im not fast on this website because i am not an advanced typist.

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However, i am very fast at my age and i can type wpm. Bitbatgaming Date: [ reply ]. Like broken clocks, even pointy-haired managers are right once a day. Coding is just typing. So if you want to become a great programmer, start by becoming a great typist.

Just ask Steve Yegge. I can't understand why professional programmers out there allow themselves to have a career without teaching themselves to type. It doesn't make any sense. It's like being, I dunno, an actor without knowing how to put your clothes on.

I'm Only Here To Do Your Typing

It's showing up to the game unprepared. It's coming to a meeting without your slides. Going to class without your homework. There's just no excuse for it. There are no excuses. I have a friend, John, who can only use one of his hands. He types 70 wpm. He invented his own technique for it. He's not making excuses; he's typing circles around people who are making excuses. Steve's followup blog post was a very long time in coming. I hope Steve doesn't mind, but I'd like to pull two choice quotes directly from his email responses:. I was trying to figure out which is the most important computer science course a CS student could ever take, and eventually realized it's Typing Strong statements indeed.

I concur. We are typists first, and programmers second. It's very difficult for me to take another programmer seriously when I see them using the hunt and peck typing techniques. Like Steve, I've seen this far too often. First, a bit of honesty is in order. My ergonomic keyboard feels way better on my wrists than this stupid lab computer's straight keyboard.

I don't think I could hit or exceed my peak again today, if only because I wore myself out beating my peak by 1 KEY per minute and my wrists are a little sore. I'm typing at like 95 wpm right now. As soon as I move out with my GF, we're buying a piano. I'm only around 91 wpm or something like that a minute on average, must faster when typing to friends and I don't use correct grammer or punctuation.

She also took a lot of secretarial classes and had typing instruction books laying around. From age 7 or 8 on I played pretend office with my stuffed animals and the one girl who lived within a mile. I used her typing books and imaged they were letters I had to copy. Due to the age and key I also learned in school on a typewriter and keyboard at the same time, so I got used to switching keyboard layouts - which was handy when I started learning french and russian, and also for POS computers at jobs and the weird keyboard system where I currently work.

I can understand why it may seem impossible to type at speeds exceeding wpm to some, especially those who haven't had much experience with typing. In a sense, the fastest typers on here those that type well over wpm are specialized, because they have most likely been typing for years, and similarly, I think that most have been taught to type "formally" by using a program, rather than just developing their own style.

I have a friend who taught himself to type, and has been spending hours a day on the computer, typing a great deal of that time, for the last 7 years or so I started off with typing when I was in elementary school. My school actually required us to go through a little typing program during computer class. I enjoyed it more than most people, and strove to complete all the lessons and better myself through practice.

I think I was probably about 7 or 8 at this time, so I developed the skill to touch type at an early age, which is something I find most adults these days aren't proficient at. I remember that I was scoring something like 55wpm in the typing program, which I thought was really fast--and so did all my friends. From then on, my typing speed grew and grew as I used the internet more frequently. I became very involved with chatrooms around the age of 12, and spent hours a day communicating with people.

I think it was during this period that I received my best practice, as typing became a second nature. When you're forced to do something to communicate, you'll end up learning it a lot more quickly hence the reason why being immersed in a foreign language will help you learn it many times faster than you would otherwise. My typing speed increased steadily for years, until finally topping out about a year ago. I discovered typeratk and tested myself every now and then, finally getting my all time best score of wpm. I haven't been able to touch it since--I haven't even come within 5wpm of my fastest.

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I feel like I might be able to increase my record to something like over the course of my entire life, but I doubt if I'll ever be able to reach There just comes a point where you do have to have something special to be able to type that fast. Being a fast and avid reader ever since grade school, as well as playing the piano since the age of 7 are both factors which I think contribute to my fast typing speed However, I think those might be responsible for maybe a 10wpm edge over others.

The majority of my typing skill has been a result of my nerdiness and insane amount of time spent at the computer during my formative years adolescence and teen years. My Dad and brothers both type about wpm, and neither of them plays an instrument, nor have they had as much intensive typing experience as I have--although my Dad does work for IBM. I think that one of the absolute keys to typing fast is accuracy. I know that the time I typed wpm on Typera, I was typing very accurately, and therefore speed didn't matter as much as time when I'm typing so frantically that I make mistakes which sabotage my chances at a high score.

Another thing about typera is that as soon as you press the space bar, you cannot go back to the word, so it is automatically marked wrong. For people who notice a mistake just a fraction of a second too late, which is most people then they are unable to redeem that wasted word. There are other typing tests out there which score your speed differently, and allow you to type from a passage which is much less random than the samples on Typera , and then add up all the words which are spelled correctly, rather than doing it as you go. Of course, this method isn't nearly as heart-pounding, asy ou don't get to see your score go up and down as you type furiously for two minutes.

Oh sorry I used my record for my school My record on this website is 58 WPM sorry lol. I'm 12 years old and can type wpm. I'm currently working towards My computer teacher can't even type near as fast as me. I want to see if it's possible for me to type even faster than that Somebody gave me a tip the other day that I credit for giving me a place in the high scores tonight. Don't focus on the word you're typing on. Glance, memorize, and then go to the next. I hit today, and I got a 40 spot. I imagine I'll eventually get knocked off, but I'm glad I finally got one.

I'm also a mudder. I play on Dark and Shattered Lands dsl-mud. So if you're into the roleplaying thing, go take a look.

Typing speed test

Well, I started having interest in typing not since a month ago. I'm 33 years of age, and I never got a typing lesson in my whole life. I also hate my english subjects, I just love mathematics, and I hate to read and to write, never read a whole book, but I like of course numbers. I was just curious if typing is also mathematics, I'm sure English subject is not. So I start to search in the net for a place to practice typing, a typing lesson will be an insult for me? And there it is, just a matter of weeks of 20 minutes per day of typing I reached my goal of 82 wpm, I even reached 86 wpm a while ago, but my average since the other day was 82wpm.

I know it's still slow for most of the people here, but it's a hope for many of my age reasoning that it's too late to learn typing. Opps, what does German language got to do with typing? Well, try to learn it, and you'll know