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These early programmes become our default setting and we go through life innocently oblivious to the fact that they are running in the background, contradicting and resisting our well meaning intentions to create a life that brings us peace, happiness, love and a healthy, slim body.

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The subconscious needs to know that the new beliefs are more life enhancing, create safety and offer happiness, than the ones passed on from our caregivers. The purpose of our subconscious is to ensure and maintain our survival and happiness, get on board that bandwagon and change is not far off.

The most powerful thing we can do to take charge over our life is to work on changing our beliefs into more positive ones. What are the particular beliefs that hold us back? We need to take a hard look at our lives and shine the spot light on what is not working; it could be that one thing that no matter how hard we have tried to change it over the years, we always fall short. It could be losing weight and then, the most challenging of all, maintaining that weight loss.

Subconscious mind and weight loss: How to use your mind to build Weight-losing habits

If we received messages early on in life about deprivation, scarcity and lack, that programming will filter into our lives and have damaging repercussions. Many of my clients come to see me deflated after trying every fad diet under the sun. They have no idea that their subconscious early programming is sabotaging them every step of the way.

Game over. Your Subconscious has no concept of linear time, and will continue to run a default program as if it was downloaded yesterday. When faced with a famine our bodies would naturally go into fight or flight mode. This would trigger the release of cortisol into our blood, which tells our body to store fat to help us survive this period of starvation.

Subconscious Secret to Weight Loss Course

In the modern times this mechanism can do more harm than good, especially where our weight is concerned. Our bodies simply cannot differentiate between modern day stress and primitive stress. So when your boss is yelling at you, your body responds by telling you to eat up and store fat for the upcoming bad times. Acute or chronic stress can activate your subconscious survival programs making your body more prone to storing fat. This is why many people gain weight when they experience loss, trauma or a major life change. Habits are created when we do something over and over again.

Having the occasional treat or missing your morning walk every once in a while is perfectly normal. The problem comes from constantly repeating a poor choice until it becomes a habit. For example, an occasional meal in front of the television is perfectly fine. However when you start eating in front of the television night after night it will quickly become a habit. Billboards, texts, radio, television and the internet implore us to buy, switch and bundle, all while promising convenience, beauty and envy from those around us. Yes advertising plays a major part in forming our subconscious beliefs about food.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to reprogram your old and outdated subconscious fat programs and help you shed your unwanted and excess weight. So what are you waiting for? Download the free HypnoSlim App today and begin creating the body of your dreams, all from the comfort of your own home. Copyright HypnoSlimOnline. She was still obsessing about calories, and macronutrients, and exercise because she was so worried that the weight would return.

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And of course, with time, it did. Nothing about it has been enjoyable for her.

Subconscious mind and weight loss: How to use your mind for weight loss

Can you relate? Well, the truth is that most people believe that weight loss is about depriving yourself and hard work. And if you have that belief that weight loss is going to be a struggle for you… guess what? It is going to be a struggle… If you believe that you will suffer, you will either fail to lose it or you will drop a few pounds only to gain it back soon afterward.

In fact, my clients are always amazed to see how effortless it is. It does take time and patience, but it works! Why is it so effortless? Because when you rely on diet and exercise alone, you are forced to use willpower as your only source of motivation, but when we work with the subconscious mind and clear all those underlying beliefs and emotions, things suddenly become easy. One of my favorite ways to do that is with this process:.

Guided Success Visualization

The first step is to seek out alternative evidence and alternative explanations which undermine the validity of your detrimental belief. For example: If you believe that you are not good enough, this belief may be backed up by this kind of evidence: my grades in school were never enough for my father. He constantly made me know that I was not being good enough. Now try to come up with an alternate explanation for why this may happened. Interested in finding what are the other 4 weight loss blocks?

Reprogram Your Subconscious Beliefs That Are Preventing You From Losing Weight

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