Manual Replacement Theology

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The Error of Replacement Theology, by Clarence H. Wagner, Jr.

They believe the Jews, or even Israelites in general including what many refer to as the "Lost" tribes of Israel , are still God's people. Today, one of the chief ways this theology and dispensationalism becomes politically controversial is when Christians take sides concerning the legitimacy of the modern state of Israel in the Middle East.

While replacement theology has and continues to be widely held by those who consider themselves Christians, a number of denominations are either moving away from or have rejected this template for understanding scripture. List of all definitions of Christian terms.

Why We Are Opposed To Replacement Theology And Why You Should Be Too

In order to understand the meaning of replacement theology also referred to as Supersessionism , it is necessary to contrast it with its rival system called dispensationalism. How many Israelites left Egypt? Japan's end time prophetic role! Where do the Lost Tribes live today?

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For example, when it speaks of Israel being restored to the land, this really means that the Christian church will be blessed. Also, covenants made with Israel are fulfilled in the Christian church so, for example,. So, in replacement theology, the church has replaced Israel as the primary means by which the world is blessed by God's work.

Mark Biltz - The Origin of Replacement Theology

Though it is true that the church does replace Israel in some areas such as properly representing God on earth, acknowledging the promise of the Messiah , etc. In fact, it plainly contradicts it.

The Roots of Replacement Theology

Obviously, God is not done with Israel. The text tells us that God has hardened Israel but it also tells that disheartening is temporary. Replacement theology is also known as supersessionism which means that the Christian church has superseded Israel in God's plan.

What is replacement theology?