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The new Rules will do three things:. We are currently working with the Insolvency Rules Committee to finalise the new Rules. We are making good progress and once we are through that process our Minister, Anna Soubry, will be in a position to decide on the commencement date for the new rules. We have noted what has been said about the need for sufficient lead in time between laying the Rules and their commencement, and will provide further updates as soon as we can.

Conduct reporting is an essential element of the director disqualification regime because it is the means by which cases are identified for investigation, the final results of which are the disqualification outcomes, which serve to protect the public by preventing people from abusing the privilege of limited liability.

On 22 February the secondary legislation was laid in Parliament which will enable the Conduct Assessment Service, a new digital process, to replace a paper based reporting system which has been in place since the s. The new Conduct Assessment Service will go live on 6th April , when the secondary legislation comes into force. The team developing the service has been undertaking user research, working closely with a variety of insolvency practitioners and their staff to ensure that the service is suitable for use by firms ranging in size from locally based, single practitioner businesses to global accountancy practices.

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This will enable investigations to commence at an earlier stage than they are at the moment and should result in a reduction in the time taken to obtain disqualifications where they are in the public interest. The move to online reporting will simplify the process for insolvency practitioners. Reports on director conduct are required in respect of almost all companies with very limited exceptions which go into a formal insolvency procedure - in there were over 15, conduct reports required for corporate insolvencies.

The legislative changes will reduce the number of reports received by the new service as, for example, where the same company is the subject of more than one type of insolvency procedure only one report will be required under the new process. Further communications about the Conduct Assessment Service will be issued to insolvency practitioners over the next few weeks. Over the past few months — working with insolvency practitioners, other agencies and regulators — our Investigation and Enforcement team have achieved successes in tackling an array of company and individual misconduct.

Several recent cases have involved disqualifications for directors for breaching employment and immigration laws by employing illegal workers e. In some of the most objectionable cases, we have clamped down on scammers targeting people — often pensioners — who have already been tricked out of money once, claiming they can recover losses, for a large advance fee. The next set of quarterly enforcement statistics will be published in May, but in the meantime you can subscribe on GOV.

Reference Librarian. Allison Symulevich. Treatises Treatises Treatises are authored by legal experts and provide a detailed overview of a topic. Online Practice Centers Online Practice Centers Online Practice Centers allow practitioners to stay current on rules updates, recent case law, major bankruptcy cases, and any pending statutory changes. Bloomberg Law also has more specific bankruptcy law centers that cover topics such as: business development, chapter 11 reorganizations, business liquidations, bankruptcy litigation, asset sales, consumer bankruptcies, municipal bankruptcies, and cross-border insolvencies.

It includes a top sources section, that has cases, statutes, court rules, and regulations, as well as secondary sources like Collier on Bankruptcy. Law News-Bankruptcy is accessible from this practice center. Users can customize content available on this page.

Users can select various Tasks, such as commencing a bankruptcy proceeding, bankruptcy litigation, international insolvencies, and many more tasks. Users can also select Content Type, such as practice notes, forms, clauses, checklists, secondary materials, and more. Practitioner Insights for Bankruptcy is also available from this page that include bankruptcy analysis and news.

Users can also navigate by resource type, such as practice notes, standard documents, standard clauses, checklists, toolkits, and more. There are also recent bankruptcy updates available.

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American Bankruptcy Institute Provides news updates, practice materials e. Study Aids Study Aids Study aids make an excellent introductory resources by providing background information regarding bankruptcy law. Z9 E67 This classic student text, used by tens of thousands of law students for over 45 years has been revised to reflect changes in case law, changes in bankruptcy practices, and changes in bankruptcy casebooks. Today's bankruptcy courses are now much more than just the automatic stay, avoiding powers, and discharge.

As bankruptcy classes have become more comprehensive, more students have found this book helpful in comprehending reading assignments, class discussions, and exam questions. M The Glannon Guide to Bankruptcy helps you learn bankruptcy law through multiple choice questions and analysis.

Brief explanatory text about a topic is followed by one or two multiple-choice questions, and after each question the author explains how the correct choice was chosen. E67 This book focuses on the material covered in a typical law school course on Bankruptcy.

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As mentioned above, construction businesses go bankrupt more often than those in other industries. Not only that, but this risk of bankruptcy is even worse when the economy — and the individual business — is growing. How can this be? The answer lies in the unique challenges presented by the construction industry.

Debt settlement procedures

When a company is growing, that means that they will be taking on more and more jobs. And more work means more cash going out the door. On top of that, margins can be very slim in construction.

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This failure rate was the worst measured for any industry surveyed. Often times, a bankruptcy proceeding is so long and drawn out that many companies simply give up and write off the amounts owed as bad debt. This is supposed to allow the debtor time to come up with a plan to pay back all of the parties they owe money to.

Lien laws vary between states, but the lien right generally arises when the materials are first delivered or the work was first performed if not before then — at the start of the project as a whole , well before the lien is perfected. The Bankruptcy Code permits the lien to be perfected after the filing and during the automatic stay.

The takeaway is this: If the bankrupt party does not have an ownership interest in the property being liened, the lien may be foreclosed upon despite the bankruptcy proceeding. If the bankrupt party does own the liened property and the claimant wants to enforce their lien, leave of the bankruptcy court is required to enforce the lien during the automatic stay.

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Otherwise, the lien might be enforced after the automatic stay is lifted. The exception that allows the perfection of the lien does not apply to the enforcement of the lien. The claimant is allowed to file a lien preservation notice with the bankruptcy court to notice his intention to preserve and enforce his lien rights. This notice serves to show that the lien holder intends to enforce his mechanics lien against the real property that is subject to the lien. If correctly filed, the notice tolls the foreclosure deadline until at least 30 days after the automatic stay is lifted.

In either case — and the most important thing to remember — is that the mechanics lien claimant remains protected. But, is it possible to enforce a mechanics lien despite, and during, a bankruptcy proceeding? Like many legal questions, the answer is: it depends. Because mechanics liens are rights against the property to secure the payment of a valid debt.

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The takeaway of mechanics lien enforcement during bankruptcy is this: If the bankrupt party does not have an ownership interest in the property being liened, the lien may be foreclosed upon despite the bankruptcy proceeding. If the bankrupt party does own the liened property, things get a lot more complicated. Everybody has the same question when a debtor files for bankruptcy protection — Will I get paid? To determine the chances of recovery from a bankrupt party, one of the essential factors to consider is the nature of the debt. That is, is the debt secured or unsecured?

Unsecured debt is typically wiped out by a bankruptcy filing. However, secured debts typically remain intact through the bankruptcy if the debtor holds onto the property securing the debt.

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The answer? Since a secured claim survives the bankruptcy, a mechanics lien holder is a good position. However, bankruptcy law is complicated and there is a unique wrinkle to the situation: a mechanics lien will remain enforceable after the bankruptcy adjudication — but the debt which gives rise to the lien may be discharged.