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They are working hard now to be prepared to capitalize on the interest that the series will generate. The Americans renamed it Station Miller reports that this newest WWII miniseries from HBO will focus on the camaraderie and the bonding inside the bombers — just the same as it did with Band of Brothers. It has gone through a name change. It is known for launching thousands of heavy bombers on a single mission. It will also feature the personal stories of the aircrews and the leadership of the 8th Air Force.

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We hope you enjoy our content. That was his way of allowing his imagination to help him create quiet, moving stories of the rural townspeople of Holt that millions of readers found to be universally identifiable. Haruf, 71, died Sunday morning of lung disease at his home in Salida, about miles southwest of Denver. Benediction , the third chapter adapted by playwright Eric Schmiedl, will open on Jan. And how do you build a family and a community? So I went out to my writing shed every day — and I wrote.

All I know is that the trust I had in being able to write every day was helpful. Haruf set out to write one short chapter every day, and by June, he had the first draft of Our Souls at Night completed. The fully staged production opens Jan. Photo by John Moore. Benediction , too, is about a dying old man, but one very unlike Haruf. The lead character of Dad Lewis is dying with powerful, profound regrets about his parenting that are as incurable as his disease.

Very un-Dad Lewis-like. Haruf said he could not be happier that DCPA actor Mike Hartman has starred in each of the three stage adaptations of his plays, including Benediction. They are so dependable and so unyielding in principle and in the direction that they are heading. Hartman, who comes from a rural farming background himself, feels like he knows the people of Holt intimately, and their simplicity toward life.

Haruf was born Feb. He began writing fiction while in the Peace Corps in Turkey. He studied fiction writing in grad school at the Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa. In in Belfast, Jean McConville was brutally abducted from her home and children in one of the most horrifying incidents of The Troubles; her remains would not be found for over thirty years. In the meantime, though her attack was an open secret, nobody would come forward to authorities with information about the culprits. New Yorker staff writer Patrick Radden Keefe frames this penetrating study of The Troubles and the aftermath with an in-depth look at the McConville case.

Long overdue answers are unearthed in the dogged investigation, but a bigger perspective is also presented: through interviews and archival work, Radden Keefe brings readers to the very heart of the trauma, to the atrocities committed on both sides, and to the very human cost. Early spring brings us a new Donna Leon novel once again, this one the twenty-eighth in the ever popular, ever enjoyable Commissario Guido Brunetti series. This time, the Commissario is being asked to take on an investigation of a more personal nature, when an elderly and aristocratic family friend states his intention to adopt a young man of mysterious origins and to make him his heir.

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Family and professional duties intersect as a murder investigation also unfolds; and of course Venice is always at its most beguiling and enchanting when seen through the lens of a Leon mystery. Russell is always sharp with the procedural aspects of crime, but here he branches out into some memorably haunting atmospherics.

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With this follow-up to the debut, Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions , Giordano looks to cement the series starring Auntie Poldi, retiree, wine aficionado, a woman of honor with a nose for mystery and an appreciation for the many delights of the Sicilian countryside. The Auntie Pold mysteries offer up plenty of great armchair traveling and detection, bringing a strong note of the sensual back to the southern European mystery. Anna Smith is a longtime reporter turning to crime fiction in a big way, with this high-octane, finely observed thriller.

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Typical to Parks work, this one will keep readers gripped from the first page and promises plenty of heart-pounding action and a few bad guys taught the hard ways of justice. American Mystery Classics continues to turn up lost gems and authors for mystery lovers to re-discover.

Armstrong was herself an accomplished playwright and is an informed, witty guide to a fascinating subculture. In this extremely French take on gentrification, land fraud, and other capitalist schemes, a real estate developer is cast into the sea in a depressed northern town after his plans to revitalize the area with a gleaming new seaside resort fail to come to fruition. Kistler, a former Philadelphia litigator, makes a highly toured debut with House on Fire , a domestic suspense novel that looks at a very modern family experiencing a moment of tumult after a drunk-driving accident kills one child and puts the other on trial for manslaughter.

Kistler has a clear mastery of the legal drama but also a deft touch with complicated family dynamics and the tightening noose of a trauma that refuses all efforts at a cut-and-dry solution. Joe R. From the originator of splatter-gore and author of the East Texas-set Hap and Leonard series comes a new adventure for his odd couple of investigators and their no-nonsense boss who, after many years of a Sam-and-Diane situation, is now married to Hap.

Hap and Leonard are trying to get home through one of the worst floods in memory and floods are no joke in pine country when the happen upon a fugitive woman with two goons in hot pursuit. An English teacher with an expansive knowledge of gothic literature finds herself tangled in a web of murder and mystery that begins more and more to be a kind of twisted work of gothic storytelling in this impressive new mystery.

Griffiths writes at the perfect intersection of procedural and psychological thriller, with her latest adding a strong dose of dark atmospherics to spin a truly unnerving story. In this wicked historical thriller set in Stockholm, a mutilated body is the start to an investigation that brings in every class and every corner of the city, in what promises to be one of the most well-researched historicals of the year.

But, for those who need a bit more enticement, know that this novel is also about nostalgia and cinephilia and Cold War spycraft and also maybe Hitler survived and needs to be caught. D ouble Exposure is standout spy fiction sure to win over readers, hopefully heralding the launch of a new thriller series. An electrifying debut from Australian author J.

Pomare has a firm grip on the psychological torment and striving that piece this complex, riveting story together. Fresh from his triumphant conclusion to the Natchez Burning trilogy, Greg Iles once again looks to entertain and educate in equal measure. In his latest, the murder of an archaologist prompts an investigation into local history by a hot-shot D.

Blaedel knows suspense and dread, both of which infuse her pages with a special kind of momentum. Ratliff has been opening eyes with his penetrating journalism from far-flung corners of the tech and criminal underworld for years, putting him in a perfect position to tell the shocking story of Paul LeRoux, a crime kingpin for the new century.

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Box has been mastering the modern-day western with his series focused on Joe Pickett, a Wyoming game warden with a hardened set of principles and a tendency to come up against tough company on his parkland. Wolf Pack involves drones, the Sinaloa Cartel, and the quest to bring killers—of wildlife and of people—to justice. Box has made a strong case to stand among the luminaries of modern crime fiction. The couple at the center of My Lovely Wife may seem like an ordinary suburban family, but as we know from many, many, domestic suspense novels, appearances are bound to be deceiving.

The catalyst for this erosion? An American academic in the throes of a personal crises attends a conference at a mountain resort in Switzerland…and then the world basically ends. Except, that is, for the attendees of the conference, survivors of a world cataclysm who attempt to keep their wits about them as they solve a very local mystery: the tragic death of a young girl, with all the hotel residents suspected of the crime.

In , two girls were kidnapped from a mall outside Washington D. The kidnappers left few viable clues and while the region was glued to the story, authorities were stymied. Bowden, now an acclaimed author of epic crime and war histories, knows the case inside and out—he was a young reporter just starting out in Baltimore when he was tasked with covering the story.

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In The Last Stone, he dives back into the case alongside the detectives and tells with enormous skill and empathy the story of those missing girls and the effort to bring their assailants to justice. Scottoline is a suspense master, with all the usual thrills and insights on display. Feeney is quickly establishing herself as a luminary of psychological thrillers, a reputation this novel is sure to bolster.

This is suspense as it was meant to be written. The premise of Women Talking is simple but terrifying: there have been a series of rapes in a small Mennonite village, the men responsible have been charged but will soon be forgiven by the elders of their community, and the women of the village have gathered to determine the proper course of action: stay and do nothing, stay and fight, or leave.

This is the first stand-alone from author of the Lou Norton series, Rachel Howzell Hall, who knows her genre just as well as she knows her city of Los Angeles. Hall is an expert at capturing a giant metropolis, and we can wait to see her talents on display in a more intimate, locked-room setting. The final installment includes a clever twist on the English country manor mystery, with agents from the Golden Sentinels surveilling the glamorous guests at a weekend affair.

The most charming man in crime fiction takes a vacation from 44 Scotland Street and Mme.