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Burton brings us a collection to give readers a deeper insight into Cervantes' masterwork.

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From the introduction:. These works, written in either prose or verse and published between the late 15th and the early 17th centuries, demonstrate the wide range of texts that Cervantes knew and had at his disposal.

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The great majority of these texts refer to chivalry, but others, like the Spanish pastoral romances and the picaresque inform episodes in both parts of the novel. While these texts offer delightful reading, most undergraduate students do not have the time required to read such lengthy tales nor do they have experience with the linguistic difficulties that these old texts often present.

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To facilitate reading, I have modernized some difficult forms and spellings while retaining as much of the original language and syntax as possible, thereby maintaining the flavor of the texts. I hope that glosses and footnotes aid in the understanding of especially difficult passages. This is a perfect companion to Lathrop's Don Quijote.

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Federico Garcia Lorca's "Rural Trilogy" is now available in a single, corrected edition! We are pleased to offer many editions of classic Spanish literature; search below for more details. If you are a professor looking for books for your students, please place your order through your university bookstore. We are pleased to offer a free downloadable daily study guide for Tom Lathrop's Spanish edition of Don Quijote for students.

Cervantes' masterwork, which created the template for the modern novel, continues to inspire people the world over, as fresh today as the day it was written. The enormous success of Lathrop's Spanish edition of Don Quijote designed for English-speaking students inspired many more editions using the same pedagogy.

Tres cuentos (Spanish Edition)

Editions produced in Spain for Spanish nationals assume cultural and linguistic baggage that our students simply do not and cannot have. In our editions, words that students are likely not to know are in the margin—already looked up, in English—so they know instantly what they mean.

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We also offer lots of footnotes that students in Spain do not need, but ours require. Condition: New. Language: Spanish. Brand new Book. Seller Inventory ABZ More information about this seller Contact this seller. Seller Inventory Book Description Vintage Espanol , Book Description Vintage Espanol.

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