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More from New Kanada :. Cave has been getting ready to debut her first handbag designs. The jewelry collaboration will be unveiled at an installation in Dover Street Market next week. Taking its gothic name from an abandoned novel by Mr. And yet Ms. The modest yet unabashedly glamorous pieces are designed to make a wearer feel both powerful and protected. Cave after wearing her clothes. Susie is in every piece, in all her delicateness and hidden strength. According to Natalie Kingham, the fashion and buying director of Matchesfashion.

We can see that many women want to be more covered up now, but they still want to feel sexy. Giles tells them all about the vampire Buffy fought, a Turok-Han.

Gramps The Vamp

He explains that it's one of a prehistoric race of vampires that is far superior to and feared by the everyday vampires Buffy is used to. At work, Buffy researches "evil" on the Internet as Principal Woods stops to check on her.

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Again, in the cave, Spike is smacked around by the Ubervamp while Drusilla dances about and tries to convince Spike to decide to be on their side of the game. Spike doesn't fall for the mind tricks and earns himself more of a beating from the Ubervamp.

ALBUM PREMIERE: Gramps The Vamp Hits Heavy With ‘The Cave of 10,000 Eyes’

Buffy reviews her wounds as her mother pays her another visit. Joyce talks to Buffy about evil and its constant presence in everyone and about the pressure Buffy's feeling to deal with this evil. She wakes up to find that she's still at work and had been in the middle of a meeting with a student. The student walks off and Principal Wood watches on from his office as a very tired Buffy tries to deal with the stress.

Later that evening, the gang prepares for sundown and the potential danger it brings to them. The potential Slayers get weapons while Andrew tries unsuccessfully to convince Buffy and Xander to untie him. As Buffy watches for the sun to set, Giles reminds her that she's the one being depended on and then Molly interrupts, informing them that Annabelle ran off. The could-be Slayer runs through the streets of Sunnydale until she's captured by the Ubervamp and quickly killed.

Buffy finds them both and is badly injured in a fight with the monster. The First in Drusilla's form gets angry with Spike as he continues to refuse to cooperate. A terribly wounded Buffy sits alone at home as she listens to Giles and Willow talk in another room. They worry about Buffy's condition and their ability to fight this thing that seems so much bigger than them all.

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Buffy finally comes downstairs and gives an inspirational speech about this huge challenge before them that is bigger than any evil they've ever faced. She tells the group that she's more scared than ever, but she's not about to back down now. There's a new plan: they're declaring war on this evil instead of waiting for it to make a move which Buffy says,"If they want an apocalypse, we'll give em one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.