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To prove that he's not bluffing, he shows Diyoza a mug that he carried from the ship. Diyoza agrees with the deal. Shaw tries to hack back but Raven proves to be a challenge. Then she asks Shaw if he able to open the docking bay door to depressurize the ship. But its inhabitants manage to open all cryopod with the rest of the prisoners. She cancels her order meaning that Raven and Murphy are trapped on the ship. Later, Diyoza orders Shaw to launch missiles and attack the bunker to kill Octavia and her people.

But Shaw refuses to launch the missiles, telling Diyoza that the hacker, Raven has blocked the missile launch codes. After unlocking the missiles they fire it at the Wonkru camp. However, some of the Wonkru members survived the sandstorm. In Acceptable Losses , she interrogates Echo. She quickly takes two of the invaders out and leverages their dead bodies.

She then has Raven put on the smaller invader's suit and pose as him. With the help of Madi , they successfully take the ship back. She is then with the crew that went down to help the initial exploration crew, but stayed back at the transport ship , by the command of Abby. She then listed her reason as staying in order to keep it from being stolen again. In The Children of Gabriel , she is guarding the Gagarin while Gaia is trying to get Madi to learn more about the flame.

She laughs at what Gaia is saying and Gaia asks her why it's funny and Diyoza responds "it's not funny, it's sad". The Children of Gabriel silently approach the ship in an attempt to steal the bodies of Kaylee 's family.

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Diyoza heard them, while the others didn't, she stands up quickly and takes one of the men out with a throw of her knife, but they are disabled by the poison darts before they can mount any further resistance. Diyoza later reveals to Madi and Gaia and that she hasn't actually been hit by the darts, as her bulletproof vest protected her. Soon after, Bellamy, Echo, Raven and Octavia come to their aid, and Diyoza quickly executes one of her captors.

When they arrive back to Sanctum , Diyoza reveals that she is six months pregnant, and is offered pre-natal care by Simone Lightbourne. Gratefully, Diyoza accepts. Madi then says "Diyoza took out the terrorists" which causes Russell Lightbourne to ask if she is the same Charmaine Diyoza in their history books, next to Bin Laden and Hitler.

He is shocked. When she confirms, she is swiftly denied sanctuary and banished to beyond the radiation shield. Madi tries to go with her, but Clarke Griffin stops Madi and Diyoza tells the girl to "stay frosty" as she is escorted away by two guards. In The Face Behind the Glass , Diyoza is in the woods making a fire to keep warm, while trying to comfort her unborn baby that everything will be okay.

Suddenly Jade and two other guards from Sanctum approach her on motorcycles. Jade offers Diyoza a deal - save Rose and bring Kaylee 's family's decapitated heads home and Russell will let her baby be born and raised in Sanctum. Diyoza accepts the deal and takes one of the motorcycle to lead the search for Rose. Meanwhile, Octavia has escaped with Rose and the two are running in the woods from the Children of Gabriel. Diyoza arrives just when Octavia and Rose have been surrounded and have nowhere to run.

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Diyoza shoots all the Children of Gabriel in sight. When Jade tries to go get Rose, Diyoza warns that one of them could be still alive. This turns out to be true when Tosh gets up and quickly kills Rose. With Rose dead, Diyoza's deal with Jade is off. To avenge Rose, Octavia vows to hunt the remaining Children of Gabriel and kill them all including their leader, " the old man ". Diyoza takes up the opportunity to join with Octavia and kill the Children of Gabriel's leader.

And in return, Jade agrees to reinstate the deal to raise Diyoza's child in Sanctum. Diyoza asks Octavia to hop on her motorcycle and jokes about how the two enemies from Earth are now going to be working together.

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In The Gospel of Josephine , she and Octavia are chasing after Xavier , who leads them to a swamp-like ground called "the crucible", where they get stuck and begin to sink. He offers to save them after they tell him who else of their people have Blood Alternation. Octavia asks Diyoza to tell him nothing.

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While Diyoza remains calm, Octavia actively struggles to go free, which only causes her to sink faster. Diyoza asks Octavia to give up and tell Xavier but Octavia would rather die. Diyoza asks Octavia if she really wants to die and offers to kill Octavia. She points a gun at Octavia's face but Octavia is not scared at all. She figures out that Octavia wants to die because people in her life hate her. Diyoza advises Octavia to stop caring about whether her friends hate her.

Being hated by her friends pales in comparison to Diyoza's situation where her face is placed next to the worst people of all time. Just as Octavia is about to completely sink, they notice a bright flare in the sky. Xavier says it's a temporal flare and it's very dangerous. He throws them a rope to escape and run to safety. However, Octavia is too sunk to move. So, to avoid slowing Diyoza down, she asks Diyoza to run and save her baby. Diyoza promises to come back for her. As the flare hits, Octavia closes her eyes and goes underground. Afterwards, Diyoza comes back to check on Octavia. She starts looking around and notices Octavia's body frozen underneath the ground.

She breaks the ice layer and pulls Octavia out. Luckily, Octavia regains consciousness, but her hand looks damaged. Diyoza concludes that Octavia went underground for cover from the flare because she didn't really want to die despite acting like it. Octavia and Diyoza resume their hunt for the Children of Gabriel and their leader. In Memento Mori , Charmaine continues her journey with octavia to find the old man.

However, Octavia's hand is still hurting after being exposed to the temporal flare. Xavier finds them and says he can help with it. He and Diyoza retrieve tree sap which is supposed to be the cure but it doesn't work on Octavia. Instead Octavia's arm starts spiraling. After noticing the pattern, Xavier gives her a rock to let the hand draw freely on the ground. She draws a logarithmic spiral, which Xavier recognizes as the shape of The Anomaly where the temporal flare came from. He says that the temporal flare was a message for Octavia that The Anomaly is calling her.

After revealing that he has a similar spiral too and Charmaine confirming it by showing her book full of spirals, they agree to go together to The Anomaly. In The Old Man and the Anomaly , Diyoza grows more and more suspicious of Xavier as they approach the anomaly, making fun of a picture of Josephine Lightbourne and only reluctantly giving up her weapons. When confronted by Diyoza, Gabriel admits it and reveals his knowledge of her own scar from her suicide attempt. Gabriel leads the two women to the anomaly, explaining that his adopted son Eduardo resurrected him in Xavier's body against Gabriel's wishes after his last host died.

My friends and family have always called me "Maine" so I'm really not familiar with my name at all. Despite that, I would not change my name because it's been who I am for the past 18 years, and I've come to appreciate it.

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Charmaine has multiple meanings and origins. The English version of Charmaine means Song. My name is Charmaine too and for the longest time could never find anyone else with the name. Eventually, I did! Not sure if you know, but Mantovani has a classical song named Charmaine and it is beautiful. Better yet, I just came across the song "Charmaine," sung by none other than Frank Sinatra. Just type his name and title of song and youtube will have it. You'll get to hear the words. Trust me, you won't be sorry.

Named after Cleopatra's maid of honor from Shakespeare's "Anthony and Cleopatra".

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Sophia Lauren played a character named Charmaine in a movie. Also there is a song named Charmaine that was made in the 's. Charmaine Neville is a member of a famous New Orleans music family which includes the Neville Brothers. Her home is in Calgary, Alberta. She was signed to the channel soon after competing in that channel's Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant , placing third.