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If, for example only, the pilot valve 58 is actuated or remains hanging in the actuated position, the right working piston 18 with pressure strike beauf and the right valve spool in Fig. Da der linke Arbeitskolben 18 nicht mit Druck beaufschlagt wird, bleibt die linke Ventilspindel in Fig. As the left piston 18 is not pressurized, the left valve stem remains in Fig. As a consequence, the storage chamber 46 via the communication hole 48, the annular channel 52 vents the open valve seat 26 of the right valve piston 20, the channel 84 and the open valve seat 40 of the left working piston 18 to the return port R.

Die Speicherkammer 46 wird damit drucklos.

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The storage chamber 46 is thus depressurized. This has the consequence that now can not be pressurized even when operation of the pilot valve 60 of the left piston 18, as in the storage chamber 46, no pressure is longer available. Die linke Ventilspindel in Fig. The left valve spool in Fig. The working port A, which is vented via the duct 84 to the return port R, thus remains unpressurized.

Die Verbindung von P nach A ist durch den linken Ventilkolben 20 gesperrt. The compound from P to A is locked by the left valve piston 20th. The working connection B on the other hand is acted upon on the inlet chamber 66 and the open valve seat 42 of the left working piston 20 from the supply P fro through the check valve 68 with pressure. Although the valve seat 34 of the right spool 32 is open, the connection from the working connection B to the return port S via the channel 36 will remain locked because the valve seat 34 by the piston 32 is left control locked.

Via the working connection B to the pressure in the chamber 80 of the cylinder 14 is thus maintained, while the chamber 78 via the working connection A is vented. Der Kolben 82 des Zylinders 14 verbleibt somit in der in Fig. The piston 82 of the cylinder 14 thus remains in the position shown in Fig. As stated above, the safety valve can not be switched on operation of the pilot valves. It can be started again until the fault is removed, ie in the above case, the supply pressure at the inlet P must first be switched off and the pilot valves 58, 60 must be brought to its rest position.

Die beiden Ventilspindeln werden nach Abschaltung der Druckversorgung durch die Federn 38 in ihre in Fig.

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The two valve stems are connected to shut-off the pressure supply by the springs 38 in their shown in Fig. Nach Einschaltung der Druckversorgung kann dann das Sicherheitsventil wieder in Betrieb genommen werden. After switching on the supply pressure, the safety valve can then be put back into operation. There was only one example, faulty switching described, but the same effects occur also if instead of the pilot valve 58 only the pilot valve 60 is operated, or when one of the valve stems stuck in any position between the rest position and the shift position. The monitoring is done in such a way that if an error occurs in one of the two valve systems, the other valve system can not be brought into operating position before the error is eliminated.

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Safety valve according to claim 1, characterized in that the two control pistons 32 are constantly acted upon by a spring 38 in the closing direction of the valve spindles Safety valve according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that in the inlet connection P , a check valve 68 , to maintain pressure on failure of the supply of pressure medium. Safety valve according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that one of the two storage chambers 44 or 46 is provided with an opening on failure of the supply of pressure medium vent valve 74 from the inlet port P ago in the closing direction by the printing means is acted upon.

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JPSA en. CHA5 en. DEC2 en. FRB1 en. ITB en. Thanks for introducing him to me Too-Ticki. In the mail to Leanne It came back in the mail to me a couple of weeks ago. I tried to contact Leanne, but never heard back from her. As I've almost finished the Gould-book, I'm sending both books to the next person in line soon. Books arrived today Jolanda - thanks again for mailing these to me!


David Quammen is great! I truly enjoyed reading this book.

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Well, now I have to go get a copy of 'Rhino' and the rest of Quammen's books. I echo the previous readers review of the books. Too-Ticki - Thanks so much for starting this ring! I have begun 'Stones' and will be finished in no later than 2 weeks! Thanks all for your patience. Came home last evening and found a Rhino and a companion on my doorstep!

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Apparently the postman wasn't even going to try to get a rhino into my mail slot -- what wonderful judgement he shows. Looks interesting, and I hope to get to this very quickly. I went to the library and got another title by this author and by Gould. I'd forgotten how enjoyable natural history essays can be.

Thanks, Too-Ticki, for starting this double ring. Similar translations Similar translations for "failure malfunction" in German.

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German defekt sein versagen nicht funktionieren nicht richtig arbeiten nicht richtig ablaufen nicht richtig funktionieren. More by bab. English failure cause failure costs failure detection failure disclosing time failure duration failure effect failure frequency failure handling failure loading failure logging failure malfunction failure notice failure notices failure of consideration failure of performance failure protection failure rate failure report failure reports failure safety failure signal Search for more words in the English- Esperanto dictionary.