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What are some other instances where a manager needs to eye internal conflict? Boxplot explanation. Whether Categorical data from two data sets are related and if their differences are due to sampling methods or purely random effects. Chi square tests can only be used on actual numbers and not on percentages, proportions, means, etc. What is a CAPA? In the Industrial setting NCs are generated out of the high expentancy of delivering a high quality product.

Any minor deviation in expected results is a Root Cause for an NC. NCs are investigated under several possible root causes stemming from Machine Behavior, Environmental Triggers, or Human Behavior and as such root causes are established when the determining factors have been dully and fully investigated. Machine Behavior takes into account the Tolerance and the acceptable boundary performance of the unit under NC. When a machine breaches Upper or Lower boundaries of performace an NC is triggered.

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Yet it is possible by Statistical means to detect NCs prior to occurring, like predicting the future. The classification of these Root Causes is set upon by Management in each Site. Managing these Root Causes is key in preventing future failures and understanding -in depth- the root cause is key in establishing the actions to prevent future occurrences.

The balance of managing and correcting actions when humans are involved is a delicate subject because most of the times the Root Cause contains several main root causes in conjunction that lead to the NC event recorded. Recall that Process Failures are costly, sometimes very very costly, all the while there are internal competition within organizations that lead to push and pull responsability for the NC. While it is natural for humans to fail, and failure is even expected, it is also natural to -chide blame These are very delicate issues and are at the core of what make up any major company, organization or work structure.

What are the best models of management and do they work in the corners of Earth? How can micromanagement and laxity coexist? Are there tools to measure this amalgam of Human-Machine-Environment issues or is it fundamentally decided by gut feelings or by numerical calculations? The answer is always yes. Write to us at info syntheticforest. The Dead Sea Scrolls where in a tank open top ceramic tank.

Only a simple leak from one of these tanks spilled a material that takes Hundreds of Millions of years to decompose and spreading cancerous radioactive radiation anywhere it remains. The importance of a Tank. Here at SSSFFF we explore the materials contruction, surface finish, wall width, hydrostatic pressure, gravity pressure, gauge pressure, vents, inlets and outlets of the Tank. How does the tank fill. What is the Tank Chemistry. Is there a Precipitate formed by decomposition, or Exposure with Oxygen, or Nitrogen, a Spark, or a Static Discharge, or simply by accident What are equations governing Tank Loading, what are the thermodynamic ambience of the Tank, what are the clearance and dikes of the walls, are there Firefighting Measures to support a spill.

Tank safety is very important. Funny how the narrator at claims a record was established for a tank blown by a bleve.

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Not funny that perhaps firefighters died in that explosion. It is why most Plant fires are either immediately contained or let to consume the matter it combusts. Decomposition gases in fires are extremely toxic, many material classes are combusted so fighting the fire becomes a difficult task of both accessing the source to prevent additional combustion and in the selection of fire retardant or fire extinguishing material to add to the flames.

Is your tank for Biotech? Cosmetics or Food? Petroleum or Fuels? There are many considerations into tank work. Take a Fermentor for example. A Fermentor runs a biological reaction that once started it will see its product completed in 30 days. Any basic tank profile or design failure will affect the outcome each and every time, and it could take years to discover that a tank design feature was the root cause of a drop in yield in a site.

Take a food tank, is it leaking, is the heat vest broken, are the transfer lines clean? Where good care meets good quality, excelent products emerge. Let us take good of your tank. Each Tank is birthed through a process involving welders, engineers and inspectors. First select the right material supplier and review the material requested once on-site.

Double check to ensure quality, chemical caracteristics, surface polish, electrodeposited finish, etc, is it 3XX? You need to know. The tank will sleep in a bed of rock, or will it need a safety layer underneath to prevent leakage. Was a geologist contacted to study the soil? A stable base is key in ensuring tank safety and longevity.

Will your tank arrive prefabricated or will a civil engineer construct the wall. This is called Bunding and Ring Wall Construction. It takes into account natural disaster factors such as storm winds, tornado force shear, earthquake recurrence, and lightning strikes, even tsunami recurrence. So all weld points, joints, bolts and connections need to pass inspection before the next stages.

Non destructive Ultrasonic or X Ray tests may be performed to ensure right connections. The roof is lifted and bolted, so now fill it up! Water quality test, corrosion prevention, and stirring measures should follow in place. Next up Piping: What are the inlet and outlet pipings into a tank? Where does the piping run from. Are there any intersections that flow into or out from the tank. What are the friction losses and how to account them. What is the tank insulation and Piping insulation.

You need to understand blueprints to understand the flow into a complex installation. Usually tank are grouped in buldings called tank farms. Many pipes will flow into and out from the tank farm so it is of utmost importance to properly trace flow and to note any changes from blueprint to physical reality. A single change can mean a drop in quality or a loss of millions due to pressure losses or material product contact with a misplaced flow regulation unit.

Are there any environmental factors affecting the Tank use or is the tank heat cooled or coil warmed? All tanks have temperature operating ranges that ensure the quality of the materials inside. So tanks are a bit civil, mechanical, chemical and electrical. Are you installing a Tank? Inspecting a Tank? Let us know. Our Engineers will Reach your Tanks to meet your cost and production requirements. Wiring Installations. Here is a good link to understand home lighting installations. Electric Motors, Alternators, rheostats potentiometer, variable resistances.

Brushes, Commutators, Impellers, Harmonic Oscillators The electric motor works this way: First we have to ensure we are dealing with an Electric Motor and not an Electric Generator. An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric generator works this way: Dynamos, Alternators take Power to Induce an electric Current. Dynamos convert Power into Direct Current.. Alternators into Alternating Current.

Alternating Current: Lenz Law: when a coil cuts through magnetic field lines, that cut generates a current flow proportional to the angle it makes with the magnetic flow, with a max current flow at 0 degrees and 0 current at 90 degreens. Direct Current: Commutator: Insulated Collar connected to a segment of the inducing coil. This produces pulsating half wave direct current. Electrical Repairs and Inspections are performed only by qualified personnel No electrical connections withing 50ft of flammable.

Routine Monitoring and Evaluation is required to sustain acceptable concentration levels of substances in water. Nuclear Reactions What tools do you need? Return to Site Menu. Many years have passed since humanity developed tools Complex Machines Virtual Machines. Simple Machines are Archetypes of what Complex machines are made up off. Newtonian Mechanics govern the use of Simple Machines. Complex and Virtual Machines are out of the current scope. Types of Lever. Knife and Inclined Plane: A knife is an inclined plane where the plane moves sliding the load over it.

Does a knife cut an atom? A knife cuts a macromolecular structure that is composed of atoms. Can you cut a macromolecular structure? Step 1 Plan your list of expenditures and draw a schematic model of the finished home. Be as descriptive as possible. Who do I call first? Can I prefabricate the interior with finishes to shorten lead time? Test Method Validation involves editing and executing protocols the METHOD to test the adequacy of a given analytical procedure the TEST , and by analytical we mean any activity that is measuring an observable wether qualitatively categorical or quantitavely.

Test Method Validation answers the following questions:. ICH: minimum of 9 determinations over a minimum of 3 concentration levels covering the specified range for example, three concentrations with three replicates each. Accuracy should be reported as percent recovery by the assay of known added amount of analyte in the sample or as the difference between the mean and the accepted true value, together with the confidence intervals.

The ability of an operator to consistently repeat the same measurement of the same part, using the same gage, under the same conditions. Closeness of the agreement between the results of successive measurements of the same part, carried out under the same conditions of measuremen same operator.

For example, the results can be obtained at three concentrations with three injections at each concentration 3x3. The ability of a gauge to consistently repeat the same measurement of the same part, using the same gage, under the same condition. Closeness of the agreement between the results of measurements of the same part carried out by different operators.

Evaluated graphically, in addition to or as an alternative to mathematical evaluation. The evaluation is made by visually inspecting a plot of signal height or peak area as a function of analyte concentration. The values within which a measuring instrument is capable of measuring or which a generating instrument is capable of generating.

ICH defines the range of an analytical procedure as the interval from the upper to the lower concentration amounts of analyte in the sample including these concentrations for which it has been demonstrated that the analytical procedure has a suitable level of precision, accuracy and linearity. ICH requires the minimum specified range to be 80 to percent of the test concentration on Assay Tests. Link to Uncertainty. LoD is the lowest analyte concentration likely to be reliably distinguished from the LoB and at which detection is feasible. LoD is determined by utilising both the measured LoB and test replicates of a sample known to contain a low concentration of analyte.

Lowest detectable quantity but not necessarily proportionally quantifiable. ICH defines the limit of quantitation LOQ of an individual analytical procedure as the lowest amount of analyte in a sample which can be quantitatively determined with suitable precision and accuracy. Quantitation limit is the lowest concentration of analyte in a sample that can be determined with acceptable precision and accuracy under the stated experimental conditions.

LoQ is the lowest concentration at which the analyte can not only be reliably detected but at which some predefined goals for bias and imprecision are met. The LoQ may be equivalent to the LoD or it could be at a much higher concentration. Instrument Qualification-Method Validation-System Suitability: set of internal controls to ensure the unit performs as intended. Estimates the allowed time span between sample collection and sample analysis.

Stability is tested by comparing the instrument response with that of freshly prepared solutions. System stability is determined by replicate analysis of the sample solution and calculation of the RSD of the responses. Test Method Validation Primer. Reference 1. Reference 2 Validation of Chromatographic Methods. Reference 3 Viscometer Calibration Presentation. Validation is needed to make sure a developed procedure fulfills the purpose for which it was designed for.

Full validation is needed for New Methods or when major changes to an existing method affect the scope.

Exchange Center of Science, Culture, and Technology.

Partial validation is performed on previously validated methods that have undergone minor modifications. Generally, fewer tests are needed and are based on the potential effects of the modifications. Cross-validation can be used as a means of assessing inter-laboratory execution of the same method. Sonication: Match Tip size of sonicator with sample volume size; select narrow vessels to direct energy into solution. Amplitude and Intensity are directly proportional.

Vary Amplitude to prevent foaming. Engineering is Planification into Thought, implemented, that simplifies a Need. Consulting Expertise Available. Hire Consultants Here. Call us at 1. So let's picture an installation So picture yourself in stalling a new armchair with your distant relatives, your neighbor, the lawnmower man, and the village genius. The fun factor of science get covered under the prioritizing of tasks and the egomaniacal organizational struggle of some politically structured organizations to take credit about installing the initial screw on a Billion dollar global project.

Welcome to the world of installations. Organizations may be what are dubbed "Political" or "Hierarchical", "Vertical" or "Progressive", "Open", "Relaxed" or "Horizontal", make no mistake, at all times someone is loosing a spot and someone is seeking a callous advantage.

Is there common sense in an organization? Or we'd like to think so.

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Imagine rowers rowing towards the horizon. That is common sense. Meanwhile at the Site there are , or maybe rowers with their own horizon, Life's ambitions and carry their problems and motivations as drag or thrust to drive the boat spearheading the horizon. Write to us and tell us your story. We'd like to hear from perspectives of expatriates in far away countries working for large or small organizations. Share your thoughts with us at info syntheticforest. Installations are Big Job Creators. Personnel Bottlenecks: Rotten Apples: One employee Value Management This post is about learning the basic fundaments about calculating value, reducing losses, and understanding the constraints related to project management.

The SV shows whether and by how much your work is ahead of or behind your approved schedule. Keep personnel documentation private and confidential. Avoid unauthorized personnel access to employee files. Establish key policies and guideliness for "business conduct" in all aspects of the organization, from the parking lot, to attire, to work functions outside of the project site.

Identify when external sources like Consultants and Contractors are needed. Fire Prevention Plans must be kept in writing and must be communicated orally to all personnel. Isolate the Handling Zone from electric conduction by grounding the casing. Monitor Qualification Status : Re-qualification process and on-site audit. Sterility Assurance Level of 1 in 1,, contamination probability.

Relates to microorganism resiliency. Log of Surviving Organisms vs Time. Lethality Factor F: measure of capacity to kill bacteria as a function of temperature C C Metals: Passivation layer preservation. Less micro fractures, less water deposition. Logarithmic Cycle Reduction LCR — A commonly used measure of the efficacy of a sterilization process, it is the decimal logarithm of the ratio of the initial count N0 of a well defined micro-organism and the count of the same organism NR after the sterilization process has been run.

Pictures, drawings, and schematics may be used to document the aseptic zone. Spore Kits. This method requires the presence recovery and enumeration of surviving test microorganisms. The experiment should be designed so that the colony forming units are in the countable range when the target LCR is achieved. Absence of surviving organisms indicates that the target LCR has been exceeded. Estimation of mean survivor load is done using statistical tools when several replicate samples are available, some of which show growth.

This method can also be applied to a single inoculated sample; in that case, no growth sterility of the sample is required for the test to be considered successful though the uncertainty associated with the binary information should be taken into account. The performance of the sterilization process is linked to the maintenance and control of a set of defined critical factors:Parameters to evaluate as critical factors may include, but are not limited to: Temperature Pressure Relative humidity e. Microbiological validation testing is often conducted under a pre-defined set of realistic operative conditions under which the sterilization process is expected to be the lowest.

Critical factors of the sterilization process must be defined with the appropriate values or levels at which the factor is critical to the process that delivers a commercially sterile system or package. The worst case condition is not necessarily setting all critical factors and other sterilization parameters to the allowed minimum e.

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Note that the alarm structure on the filling machine under study might prevent the machine from running in the established worse case conditions. In such a case, the relevant alarms should be disabled until the validation is completed. This would require alarm verification to be conducted or repeated at the end of a successful microbiological validation. Outline of a Microbiological Challenge Test 6. Identify critical factors and operational ranges.

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  • See 6. Define the worst case conditions for the sterilization process and the specific filler and package being validated. Develop a protocol for the validation testing See 6. The target organism is identified and the desired LCR is established. The test microorganism surrogate , including resistance to the specific sterilization process being validated, is characterized.

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    The expected LCR of the test organism is defined. The suitable carrier or substrate being used is identified. Note that different carriers may be needed in some locations or due to differences in sterilization processes. A suitable inoculation method is developed. The appropriate inoculation load is determined. Inoculated carriers are placed in predetermined locations.

    Culture media, incubation temperature considerations are made. Set aseptic filling machine and package sterilization processes to predefined worst-case conditions for the validation test. Execute the validation tests. Recover the exposed carriers or packages and determine the outcome of the test based on the microbiological validation method chosen. Tailing and inactivation effects due to the presence of residual sterilant should be confirmed as not being present.

    Document results. Confirm identity of any recovered microorganisms may be dependent on method selected. Repeat replicate studies as defined in the protocol. Analyze the data. Inoculation Method 6. Methods such as spraying or depositing drops may be used to directly inoculate carriers and surfaces. Sample Item Portion Proportion of Sample manipulable in a laboratory.

    VDmax Method: Justification for a sterilising dose of 25 kGy or 15 kGy Bellow is an example of the procedure for the VDmax 25 method on multiple production batches 1- Obtain product samples The product samples must be representative of routinely sterilised products. Method 1 1- Select the sterility assurance level SAL and select 10 product samples from 3 independent production batches or 30 samples 2- Determine the average microbial load of the 3 batches of 10 items method based on ISO 3- Obtain the verification dose referring to table 5 of ISO 4- Conduct verification dose experiments on irradiated pieces method based on ISO 2 5- Interpret the results 6- Establish the sterilisation dose based on the results maximum of 2 positives out of pieces products are therefore required for this method.

    Method 2A Method 2B 1- Select the sterility assurance level SAL and obtain samples of the product at least samples for 2 independent production batches The product samples must be representative of the products routinely sterilised. Cp shows whether the distribution can potentially fit inside the specification A high Cp tells you that variation in output is low around process specification. Uses Subgroup Variation. Rule 5: 2 or more points are consecutively more than 2std from mean in same direction. Rule 6: 4 or more points are consecutively more than 1std from mean in same direction. Rule 7: 15 or more points are consecutively within 1std from mean.

    Rule 8: 8 points are out outside of 1 std deviation from mean in both directions. How much variability in the measurement system is caused by differences between operators. Whether your measurement system is capable of discriminating between different parts. See Histogram. Histogram Graphical Representation of numerical data, like. Condition see all Condition. New 2. Please provide a valid price range.

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