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Safety element provided with an optically-variable layer and method for the production thereof. DET3 en. EST3 en. Security element, value document comprising such a security element, and method for producing such a security element.

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Diffractive binary grating structure and safety element with such a lattice structure. Method for realising documents with security marks in the form of foil elements and document with those security elements. Identity card with marks which can be verified by incident or transmitted light, and method of manufacturing the same.

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USA en. Get the best diffraction gratings for your high-power and ultra short pulse laser. Gitterwerk is the first company with the ability to scale the output of these fundamental components, while maintaining exceptional quality and performance. Based on our fabrication technology and deep grating design know-how, we can guarantee the highest diffraction efficiencies in the market. We are an optics company from Jena — a city with a long-standing tradition in optics and photonics. As a young team, we combine the technical and commercial skills and know-how for your requirements.


Together, we are committed to one goal:. Industrial manufacturing for the best gratings for high-power and ultra short pulse lasers. Our own manufacturing process and design expertise allows us to develop gratings optimized for your individual application and transfer them directly into serial production. Outside Looking In -1 Parque Juan Carlos I Rejas Passage du ponceau paris 1.

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Ravenna, sant'apollinare nuovo, int. Red sandstone Lattice piercework, Qutb Minar complex. S Sorbonne. Saluzzo Synagogue 22 - Mekhista de la galerie des femmes. Salzburg Dreifaltigkeitskirche Gitter.

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Salzburg Kajetanerkirche Gitter. Sidi Saiyyed Ni Jali.

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St Peter Blick durch Chorgitter. Stetteldorf - Kirche, schmiedeeisernes Gitter. Strong window grid in Sarzana.

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