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Now a biodynamic farmer and teamster, he studied biodynamic agriculture at Warmonderhof, a biodynamic school in the Netherlands, and has worked in organic and biodynamic agriculture on produce and mixed crop and livestock farms, in Europe, the US and South America. Jelmer has a strong affinity for and experience with using draft animals in agriculture. This workshop will cover the common questions and pitfalls regarding chick selection, housing, feed, poultry health and nutrition, processing and tips for marketing your excess inventory. For more information, visit apppa. Jerry Brunetti is a highly demanded lecturer and speaker on topics that include soil fertility, animal nutrition and livestock health.

What options are available to utilize or modify equipment for multiple purposes? After panelists outline their backgrounds and ideas, the session will be open to discuss opportunities, needs, road-blocks, potential solutions and other innovative options in meat processing and distribution. Currently they raise, process and distribute pigs, chickens, ducks and turkeys to upscale restaurants and retail in Chicago, Indianapolis and Detroit, and operate a USDA-inspected slaughter plant on the farm.

Kerry provides technical support to the dairy industry and delivers outreach programs focused on improving safety and quality of dairy products. She judges dairy products at several national competitions. You can learn how to create a live humus underneath the garden which largely mitigates weather extremes. There will be time for questions and answers.

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Numerous topics will be covered, including: What are market trends? Are you curious about how to grow organic apples for your own consumption? Topics such as planting considerations, diseases, insects, crop load management and pruning will be covered in this workshop. A recent expansion project included the construction of a farm market, cold storage, packing house, commercial kitchen and cider press. Sara is involved in all enterprises on the farm. Carolyn Dimitri is an applied economist with expertise in food systems and food policy, and has published extensively on organic food distribution, processing, retailing, and consumption.

Hannah believes wholeheartedly in the importance of farm soil and ecosystem health, and its connections to resilient and. Bob has worked in urban farming for six years, and has been an environmental and garden educator for ten years. Justin will provide an overview of working with producers to plan and negotiate a successful growing season, minimize competition and get the most consistent product throughout the season, and Mark will provide expertise from his experiences consulting for independent retailers worldwide.

Mark works with CDS Consulting Co-op, providing produce consulting and educational services for Co-ops and independent retailers worldwide, and has 30 years of hands-on experience in the organic produce industry. Mark is well known for creative merchandising, effective training, his passion for produce, successful financial strategies and dedication to sustainable agriculture. By putting these different actors back in their evolutionary relationships, you can simultaneously build soil, improve animal health, sequester carbon, eliminate poisons, and vastly reduce the use of fossil fuels while producing world class cheeses and meats.

This program is designed for the farmer, would-be farmer, cheesemaker, cheese lover and all who want to get their arms around the big picture. Jonathan White began making cheese in as a hobby to balance his life as an engineer. In this balance of old and new, Jonathan endeavored to rediscover traditional cheese making.

They either have the wrong mix of customers, the wrong product mix, the wrong talent, the wrong business model, or the wrong funding streams. Rebecca Thistlewaite will talk about best practices and successful strategies for identifying and overcoming these challenges as they relate to farming. If you want to increase acreage, volume, number of customers, or vertically integrate, this workshop is for you. For example, some seeds need light to germinate, some inhibit others of their species if they are within certain distances, some exude inhibitory chemicals, etc. He and his wife, Mary-Howell, raise acres of certified organic field crops, pigs and replacement heifers and have been certified since They also own and operate Lakeview Organic Grain, an organic animal feed and seed operation that serves farmers throughout the Northeast.

Ira Wallace, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Presidents Hall 2 Crisp winter salads, rainbow carrots, fresh kimchee, and sweet braised greens are just a few of the fresh-from-the-garden delights awaiting food gardeners in the Southeast in winter. This talk covers practical information for planning, planting, and producing a garden all year where summer heat is more of an issue than winter lows.

Learn how to use electronic record keeping and other record keeping systems to make this task an easy and regular part of your farming work and help you focus on the most important records for your needs. Joe Bozzelli is a co-owner of Five Elements Farm along with his loving wife.

Jeff Froikin Gordon is the co-founder of AgSquared, an online service that is designed to help small-scale growers improve their farm planning, management and record keeping practices. In this workshop, Lloyd Traven will explore considerations around the pros and cons of buying starts of herbs that have been grown by a wholesale supplier with the skills, experience and infrastructure to supply the grower with ready to go, strong and vital stock.

Troy will also address what it takes to cultivate a specialty such as this. Lloyd Traven has been a partner with his wife, Candy, at Peace Tree Farm, a certified organic greenhouse with a focus on superior plants and genetics, for 32 years. They are USDA Certified Organic producers of herb and vegetable starter plants, finished potted herbs and vegetables, unique ornamentals and beautiful combinations for customers all over North America.

They produce over 1,, starter plants annually from a state-of-the-art facility, using only biocontrols and organic techniques coupled with modern production methods. Customers include other growers and farmers and many of the top botanical gardens and public spaces in North America. Farmers Against Fracking Adam Garber, PennEnvironment Presidents Hall 4 Recently, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court found parts of Act 13 unconstitutional — thereby restoring local control over gas drilling and delivering a blow to the growing fracking industry.

As its Field Director, Adam Garber helps to coordinate. Over the last six years, Adam has fought to protect Pennsylvania from gas drilling, including helping keep a moratorium on fracking in place for the Delaware River Basin; pushed for funding for farmland preservation; highlighted the dangers of global warming pollution for the state, leading to historic proposals to cap pollution from power plants; and more. Hear how to navigate through such challenges.

Bill Kitsch will talk about the availability, requirements and sources of funding, whether for a small market garden or a large commercial farm. Susan Beal will discuss a variety of herbal and homeopathic medicines, looking at their properties and characteristics. Susan will illustrate how these medicines can be use by providing real-life situations and case examples.

Participants of all levels can share experiences and ideas for engaging urban farmers, gardeners, and others to grow healthy urban soils and healthy foods. Science-based resources can help communities more effectively assess and address contamination and minimize human exposures while growing healthy food. Hannah received her M. So, You Want to be a Grass Farmer?

If you want to be a grass farmer, this workshop will cover the whys and wherefores in a wide-ranging discussion.

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There will be plenty of time for questions. Processes for grinding, curing, and smoking poultry will be covered as well as the steps to ensure safe, quality products. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques will be shown. He has over twenty years of industry and educational experience.

Rodney has been with Con Yeager for over 30 years, and specializes in developing seasonings and cures for f meat and poultry products. Rodney assists clients with product. This workshop is intended for beginners. Each preparation has different characteristics and functions in the biology and vitality of the whole farm organism. Jeff will describe how to make and use horn manure and horn silica; will talk about the compost preparations of yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, white oak, dandelion, valerian and horsetail; and will detail the preparation of barrel compost.

Participants will have knowledge to make and use their own preparations. Lori will share the stories of both cheesemakers. Lori Sollenberger is a dairy farmer and farmstead cheesemaker. She grew up on the family farm milking registered Jerseys. In most of the herd was sold and Lori started making raw aged cheeses with the remaining cows. Bring your questions, as the format will be conversational and open.

Mike Austin is a cattleman and full-time diversified farmer in north central Massachusetts. Mike is a long time teamster, accomplished grazier, and a top-notch cattle trucker, moving stock both short and long distances. The Austin family has been involved with oxen for many years and are active in 4H, working stock and competition yokes. In addition to multiple yokes of oxen in various stages of age and work, the multi-generational Austin Family Farm includes grass-fed cattle and hogs.

Mike is known for being a careful and quiet observer, always paying attention. Learn some simple things that you can do to enhance the look and shop-ability of your stand. Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation Paul Goland, Hardscrabble Enterprises Senate Suite Learn about tree selection for logs suitable for shiitake mushroom cultivation, site requirements, several methods for inoculating logs, spawn selection and handling, how to stimulate logs to produce mushrooms, harvesting and processing mushrooms, pest control, and cooking and selling of mushrooms and shiitake logs.

Inoculation will be demonstrated, and other topics will be discussed. There will be good info for experienced shiitake growers as well as beginners. Paul Goland has been growing shiitake mushrooms outdoors on oak logs since , and has been supplying spawn, growing tools and information to shiitake growers since Paul has been an exhibitor at PASA conferences for many years, selling shiitake logs and equipment to all levels of growers.

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Faye Burtch will help you identify such plants and share how to incorporate them in your daily diet. In a BioBlitz was conducted on the Upper Delaware River in Northeast Pennsylvania, and over 1, unique species were catalogued, involving the public in the important event. Sarah Chamberlain is a botanist with Riparia at Penn State. She has over 20 years experience in plant identification and research on floristic quality, and both teaches workshops and has developed useful identification keys to assist with complex species identification, particularly for grasses, sedges, and rushes.

Steven conceived and coordinated the Upper Delaware BioBlitz, and is also involved in other community activities in the Upper Delaware watershed. Much farm engineering takes place at Sunnyside Farm, and Homer will tell about successes and failures. An 8th grade drop-out, Homer apprenticed as a precision sheet metal mechanic. He was the liaison between engineering and production, many times producing prototypes for projects. It is more important than ever for farmers to have a political voice. Join this panel and roundtable discussion to learn about opportunities for political involvement and how to build relationships with those who make the policies that impact us.

They will offer their own strategies for tracking policy, legislation and rulemaking, as well as how to get involved and take action on issues that are important to you and your farm family. Maggie has participated in legislative fly-ins with both Oxfam America and with the National Farmers Union to advocate for sound agriculture policy. Hannah Smith-Brubaker has dedicated herself to engaging in work that provides rich opportunity for lifting up the important work of farmers, networking with people around regional food systems and removing roadblocks to direct farm-to-consumer trade.

Farmers Union advocates for the economic and social well-being of family farmers involved in sustainable production of food, fiber, feed and fuel and to increase connections between farmers and consumers through direct sales, cooperative trade and community education. This workshop will provide strategies for overcoming barriers that commonly affect urban farmers. Andy has a background in small-scale intensive farming systems and works to help farmers in the fields of organic crop production, season extension, urban farming,.

Andy and his family operate Foggy Hill Farm, a small diversified family farm located in southern New Hampshire. Join Susan Beal as she troubleshoots and offers natural options for some common situations seen in the dam and young stock of a variety of species in the weeks around birthing.

This workshop is open to everyone, especially those interested hungerrelief, improved nutrition and reducing food waste. Leanne Mazurick has been involved in the sustainable agriculture movement since graduating college in This session will cover soil preparation, weed control, disease prevention, harvesting, curing and storage requirements for adding these culinary essentials to your garden. Michael will also touch on the need for the business farm owner to have a clear ownership-level vision, the power of a clearly stated set of values and the importance of communicating effectively.

Monique Blais and Heidi Secord will cover their backgrounds in biodynamics: where they encountered the concepts of biodynamic agriculture, and why it resonated with them; how they gained biodynamic education and knowledge, and found mentors; the beginnings of their integrating biodynamic principles into their farming practices, day-to-day management, and beings.

Monique Blaise graduated from the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program, afterwards moving from Canada to the US, and has been working on biodynamic farms since Heidi has a Business Management degree from The University of Rhode Island and 17 years of agricultural experience in organic farming. The farm incorporates biodynamic farming practices and specializes in garlic production and valueadded products. This session will cover the business behind reaching that goal.

Learn about the importance of record-keeping and how to use the data to steer your business. Learn what it costs to run a business of that size. Some accounting knowledge helpful, but not necessary. Detailed issues such as planning a place for the kill, harvesting blood, offal, meat and bones will be presented. Brooks and Anna produce traditional European-style salumi on the farm in a butcher shop they built in Jim attended Mangalitza Butchery with Christoph Wiesner four years ago and has been butchering his own pigs and practicing charcuterie since that time. Jim has a great interest in utilizing the whole animal including the offal, and also has a traditional smokehouse and smokes bacons, hams and other meats.

Michael McGrann, St. In addition, Michael McGrann will help fami-. What remediation techniques are effective and appropriate? This discussion is directed to all types of farming practices, not just those interested in the remediation of heavily contaminated lands. For the past ten years Wade has been managing Summit Valley Farm which produces certified organic corn, soybean, spelt, alfalfa, and a variety of vegetables. Wade is continuously searching for ways to incorporate different cover crops into his farming operation. Abram Bucky Ziegler was born and raised on a farm in Central Pennsylvania; in his parents bought the farm that is now Paradise Valley Organic Farm, owned by Abram and his wife.

Part of that goal includes using soil-building cover crops. Bio not provided for Dan DeTurk. MP3s of the full conference are available and MP3s of individual workshops will be available on-line after the conference. William C. Linda Fetzer Jim Chlebowski, M. North Mountain Pastures P. Box 70 New Berlin, PA jchlebowski fpcdoctors.

Box Alexandria, VA amy. George Latella St. Fifth St. Gettysburg, PA jcperez-rico iu Doylestown, PA lindas barefootgardens. Farm 51 Ziegler Rd. Milton, PA pvppfarm verizon. Arias M. Brownback was raised on the family farm in western Perry County, helping with the farrow-to-finish hog operation along with growing hay and grain crops. From an early age, Arias expressed an interest in farming and loved to work all aspects of the farm.

When Arias was 15, the Brownbacks decided to pursue their lifelong dream to convert to organic farming methods. They dropped the hog and grain operation and began their transition into raising certified organic produce and hay. Arias attended his first Farming for the Future Conference at the age of Seeing fellow farmers who were dedicated to sustainable practices was a great inspiration to Arias, energizing him to begin his own certified organic operation that same year. In his first season, he rented 15 acres, erected two greenhouses, purchased a refrigerated truck, built a mini packing shed and loading dock, and began a successful wholesale market operation.

Arias Brownback passed away in August of at the young age of 24, long before he was able to realize his personal dreams. It is their sincere hope that this memorial fund will continue to inspire and aid young farmers to reach their full potential. The Bag Auction component of our Benefit. Auction has been rededicated to support this Scholarship Fund. Our Bag Auction is a fun game of chance, whereby folks buy packs of tickets and place them in the bag corresponding to the item they hope to win. Brownback Memorial Scholarship Fund! Animal Welfare Approved E.

Cottage Ave Millerville, PA animalwelfareapproved. Cameron St Harrisburg, PA agriculture. Pennsylvania Farm Link N. Cameron St, Rm Harrisburg, Pa pafarmlink. State College, PA sfc-cpa. Hy-Tech Mushroom Compost Kimberton Whole Foods Kitchen Table Consultants McGeary Organics, Inc. Farm Family Insurance Moyers Chicks Hungry for a snack? Try some local food from local folks!

Below is a sampling of the menu items: Beiler Family Farm. Organic Mechanics Soil Co. Thanks so much to these fabulous groups for keeping the youngest farmers engaged and inspired!

Time-Travel Fiction

Special thanks goes to the donors to the Brownback Memorial Scholarship Fund for making it possible to bring many aspiring and beginning farmers to the conference. The illustrations themselves are done in a scratchy, naive style, which help to convey the fraught emotions of each of the stories. It also discusses the history and the contributions Islamic people have made to the world, which are often left out of discussions. It really helped me gain a pretty good, if basic, understanding of Islam and its definitely worth picking up if you follow international events.

While studying where and when to use things like commas might seem a bit redundant, this book will help you use them skillfully, which might mean the difference between a merit and an excellence. I like to think of these kind of books as ones that will be useful during a zombie apocalypse: telling the difference between rangiora and ongaonga could certainly save you a lot of pain and trouble! Each section on the tree contains pictures of its leaves, fruit or flowers, and stems or trunks. Marilyn Monroe-esque fifties glamour or the frivilous flapper look of the twenties?

The dewey freshness of the seventies or the enigmatic sleekness of the thirties? Which are apparently essential for a few looks…. This is a prime example, featuring gorgeous reproductions of amazing paintings from New Zealand artists both traditional and contemporary. Legends, Icons and Rebels: Music that changed the world This is a fantastic new book that profiles 27 artists who changed the face of music forever.

It contains a brief biograpy of each person, and explains their influence on music. Pretty awesome, if you ask me! It also has a two CDs, each with a famous song from each artist or group. What makes this diary especially fascinating is that the passages that were used as evidence against her are underlined, and this has been kept in this reproduction of the diary. Unlike the Diary of Anne Frank, this story has a happier coda: Nina survived her time in the gulag, and was eventually pardoned.

Something for fantasy lovers, something for creepy fairy tale lovers and something for lovers of historical glamour. Rose has never felt more out of place. Then Rose meets Alexander Ross, a young Scottish duke. Yet he alone treats her as a friend. Rose knows better than to give her heart to an aristocrat with such a reputation, but it may be too late. Ada should be happy. She is engaged to a handsome man who shares her political passions and has promised to support her education.

So why does she feel hollow inside? Even if she hated Lord Fintan, she would have no choice but to go through with the marriage. Meanwhile, at Somerton, Sebastian is out of his mind with worry for his former valet Oliver, who refuses to plead innocent to the murder charges against him—for a death caused by Sebastian himself.

Sebastian will do whatever he can to help the boy he loves, but his indiscretion is dangerous fodder for a reporter with sharp eyes and dishonorable intentions. Yet now something dark has crept over the village. First animals disappear, their only remains a pile of bones licked clean. Then something worse: children disappear. The whispers begin quietly yet soon turn into a shout: The Nethergrim has returned! But what? Though a student of magic, he struggles to cast even the simplest spell. Still, he and his friends swallow their fear and set out to battle an ancient evil whose powers none of them can imagine.

They will need to come together — and work apart — in ways that will test every ounce of resolve. When she comes across a severely injured Union soldier lying in an abandoned lodge deep in the woods, things begin to change. Against the dangers of war and ominous powers of voodoo, Violet must fight to protect her home and the people she loves.

Do you use Goodreads? You can give books ratings and write reviews, as well as follow the reviews and blog posts of your favourite authors. But I keep a to-read list on Goodreads so that perhaps one day I can try. A dress placed beside a hole in the frozen river is the only clue to what may have happened. Beauty Queens , Libba Bray. As for the story, fifty contestants from the Miss Teen Dream pageant are stranded on an island together after their plane crashed on the way to the pageant. Do they continue to practice for the talent portion of the contest, or just try and survive the island?

Swamplandia , Karen Russell. They are both wonderful and whimsical and a wee bit creepy. Not to mention her mother has just died, her father is AWOL, her sister is having an affair with a ghost and her brother has defected to the World of Darkness to try and save their own family business. To save her family, Ava must embark on a harrowing and perilous journey to the part of the swamp known as the Underworld and make it back in one piece. Brooklyn Burning , Steve Brezenoff. This is what Kid does, and ends up in the streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

These streets provide the background for Kid to fall hopelessly in love and then nearly lose it all. This is the tale of two summers of fires, music, loss and love in Brooklyn. The thing that stood out to me about this book is that you are never told the gender of the protagonist. The Clockwork Scarab , Colleen Gleason. Evaline Stoker and Mina Holmes are the sister and niece, respectively, of Bram Stoker and Sherlock Holmes, so vampire hunting and mystery solving is in their blood, like it or not.

When two society girls go missing, who better to investigate than this team of two? The only clue to solving the mystery is a strange Egyptian scarab. I love the concept of extending known and classic stories into new territories, so I have high expectations for this one! A main divergence is that the show is set in the mids, whereas the book is set in the mids.

This makes quite a difference to the feel of the story, as Rae is very reliant on music as a coping mechanism for her depression. Rae is a strong, sassy and very relatable teenage girl dealing with friends, boys and her mum, just like so many of us. What books are you excited to read, new or old? We will announce a winner on the morning of Thursday March 13th. U So, I was not very talented in anything. And actually I disliked writing when I was very young because I was left-handed and we were forced to do right-handed in school.

So that was the worst thing to have to write things. Then during my teen ages a lot of things changed. And then I read a lot of books. Not the younger books I had read before, but the real books. So I had those conversations with the books and that was fine I think. Then we got a teacher in school who I liked very much and she liked my writing as well. So I started writing and then I came in contact with young authors and I was beginning to write. I wrote my first book when I was It was a collection of poems. It was not that good — it was awful I would say.

U Yes it was. I got Swedish Crowns and then I wrote another collection of poems, a little bit better and then a novel for the adults. So I worked a little bit, for ten years or something. Suddenly I got money for writing. I had been working in the bureaucracy beforehand for a lot of years, training in education so it was quite good. U I think what helped with the job was that I was teaching about the differences about the male and the female.

I was very interested in this difference, what is it to be a man and what is it to be a female? Why are we so different? An investigation of me being a male writer taking place in a girl. U Yeah. It was quite difficult so I decided to let her be a boy after a while. It was much easier that way. It was published in a lot of countries. It is still published in a lot of new countries — in Russia for example. So I think the interest for the first edition has increased because it is forbidden. What could there be in this book? I am disturbed by Putin. Do you feel like they lose something when translated?

Is there is a stark difference in the mood or the feel? U There could be. J Yeah, I know that in German for instance there are words for things that would take a sentence to say in English. U Yes — different associations and all this. I was in Belarus, which is almost a dictatorship. U Yes. I wrote a book called The Dictator and I was there and we had readings.

It was translated so a local was reading it. I mean there is not much in that book, I just felt like a sexual therapist or something when I came there. In Sweden now I can be astonished because of how they react. In this one [ Can You Whistle, Johanna? It could be a problem and that was why it was very hard to get the book into the USA. Just because he was smoking. I told her [literary agent] that he was dyeing at the end. If you smoke a cigar you will die. So there are moralistic reactions to the books. Often it is the parents who complain about the books. Perhaps you could get a clue about Swedish books.

I think that is important.

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  • Some of these books are biographical in some way. Then he sprays water on the fire and I got applause for that. They thought the parents would have hit him at least a little bit. He has to think, I have done something stupid and see the consequences already, not that the act itself is punishable. J Do you feel like there is a big difference between Swedish writing when compared to English? U Ye s, I think I was in England and they have very few books for the smaller kids that have discussions on things like death. That was a taboo. U We have a lot of animals dying in Swedish literature.

    Even here [ Can You Whistle, Johanna? Often when you are writing about death, even in Sweden I would say it is just the rituals that you are writing about. I think children have to be confronted with real feelings, so they should be a little bit sorry. They are not dying and hopefully they have their parents to discuss things and say something to.

    I have no fear of writing about something. U Not taking any advice I think. You could find your own way by reading other books, not imitating them but see what you want to do and see how it is made in other books. And then perhaps short stories, I think starting a big novel project when you are thirteen is not good. Do you have any personal author recommendations? My mother used to read a lot of Astrid Lindgren and so did I. I think for my own kids I read a lot of Roald Dahl books to my son and more tragic stores for my daughter who just loved tragedy. You could also read a lot of the old books, not just the new ones.

    Hodgson Joel Hodgson; Archon W. Hodgson ; ConStellation ; William J. Hoffman Shirley Hoffman ; Joan W. Hogan James P. Holdstock Robert P. Holleman Gary L. Hollis John A. Holmes; Manana Literary Society J. Holtz Jr. Horne Kath A. Houston ; Nekromantikon, The W. Howe David J. Hulan David G. Hull Coral E. Mayne Hull ; A. Hunt; R.

    Hunt Roy V. Hunter ; Baryon C. Warlord of Mars D. Hypes ; Maelstrom Newsletter. Indick Ben C. Ing Wendell Y. Ingham John L. Ingher Maurice Z. Ingher ; Olon F. Jacob Piers A. Jameson Malcolm M. Janke Curtis D. Jennings George W. Jennings Philip C. Jennings ; War ; Phil Jennings R. Edwards Jennings John W. Jens Tina L. Jeude Samanda B. Jo-Nes Vincent C. Johnson B. Johnson; Rob F. Clark Judy Johnson; Coastcon ; J. Johnson Leslie T.

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    Jones Bob B. Jones Darynda Jones ; Bubonicon ; D. Jones; J. Jones John Jones ; ; J. Jones Raymond F. Joquel ; Sun Trails ; Arthur L. Justice Keith L. Justice; Knights ; Keith Justice. Gene Kannenberg Jr. Kaufmann John E. Keane ; Extu Rod Kearins ; Struth! Keith ; Confluence Joseph E. Kelleam; Jon D. Keller; Dr. Keller; Donald G. Keller Donald C. Keller Dr David H. Smith ; Richard L. Kellogg Richard L.

    Kelly D. Kelly Frank K. Kelly Mark R. Kenkel; Roy G. Kennedy Patrick M. Kiernan ; James Tiptree, Jr. Kilby Clyde S. Kimbriel ; Cepheid Variable Daniel M. King Emma J. King Stephen H. Kingfisher ; Lodestar Award J. Kirby Hayward S. Klein Jay K.