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You'll learn how to keep files private , when to set Ignore Permissions, what happens when you repair permissions , how to delete stuck files, and the best ways to solve permissions-related problems.

Sorting out account permissions in Snow Leopard Server

Advanced concepts include the sticky bit, Snow Leopard's increasingly important access control lists , bit masks, and symbolic versus absolute ways to set permissions. The book covers how to take control of permissions via the Finder, with the Mac utility FileXaminer, and using the Unix command line. His articles have appeared in Linux Journal and Sysadmin Magazine.

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Take Control of Permissions in Snow Leopard. Brian Tanaka. Bonus tips on sharing music and photos!

Create a New Account

Kirk shows you how to set up a troubleshooting account to solve problems, use Fast User Switching, share files between users , manage login and startup items, and more. Kirk even reveals tricks for sharing music and photos among multiple users on your Mac using iTunes and iPhoto. In addition to having written or co-written a dozen books , he is a Senior Contributor to Macworld magazine and he contributes to several other publications.

Well, on the one hand, yes, this ebook will help you understand the whole account concept and create the necessary accounts.

It assumes you have a basic grip on the idea of an account already, but it goes into a great deal of detail about the best types of accounts to set up for different file-sharing services, how much access to allow to those accounts, which areas of your Mac to make available, and so on.

Not really October -- We have no plans to update the ISBN: Version: 1. Learn to manage user accounts and parental controls in Leopard!

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