Guide The Adventures Of Spicy La Tour, Girl Detective: The Case Of the Missing Muffin

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If you are like me and love to read series in order, this is the page for you. Here, you'll find series I've reviewed in order with links to my review.

No link to the review? I haven't gotten to the book yet, but I hope to do so soon. This page will also act as the anchor page for my links from the reviews of books in these series. How does a series get on the page? It must have at least four books with the promise of more. Why four? It's just something I decided on a while ago. The series on this page are listed in alphabetical order. The genres are all mixed together as a result. Toucan Keep a Secret Lark! Monk Goes to the Firehouse Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu Mr.