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Wirt Revised by Harriet S. Wirt, Revised by Harriet S. Adams The Nancy Drew Mysteries Mystery of the Glowing Eye ; by Harriet S. Reprinted as recently as Ching ching! Larson Executive Producer: Glen A. Ambitious first stab at the Stratemeyer story, though at times infuriating, as it cleaves far too closely to the corporate line.

There are gaps in the story you could drive a speedster through. Wirt, the people who actually wrote the first Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books, and indeed most of the actual authors of the books, are conspicuously absent. A therapist finally gets Ms. Drew on the couch. Being stuck in in River Heights for over seventy years is bad enough, but imagine never getting through adolescence?

And the NancyDrew. A suggested reading list. Thanks to Steve Bridge for the hot lead on a great site. Share this: Share Twitter Facebook Email. Nancy follows Mrs.

Kittredge and learns that the money -- and the answers -- lie in the hands of Madame Destiny. For a price, the fortune-teller claims she can contact the dead. But Nancy's more concerned about the evil that lurks in the hearts of the living. Seeking to conjure up a criminal, she discovers that greed casts a powerful and perilous spell. They have come at the invitation of Hannah's friend Rose Green, who has asked their help in renovating a charming old Victorian mansion. But there may be other, uninvited guests as well: visitors from the past Nancy suspects that there is another force at work -- greed.

According to legend, a fortune in long-lost gold is hidden on the property, and someone is determined to take it. But in a house full of trapdoors and secret tunnels, falling glass and suspicious fires, finding the truth won't be easy. One misstep, and Nancy won't stand a ghost of a chance! Even Velma Ford, the queen of the silent screen, has come out of hiding to take part. But in a scene worthy of one of her movies, Velma's appearance is marked by a sudden and sinister plot twist. The festival's opening night is marred by an explosion and the theft of Block's movie masterpiece!

Nancy's investigation focuses on the film's last ten minutes -- a piece of long-lost footage never seen before. Someone is determined to keep the movie's ending under wraps On a trip to the nation's capital with her father, Nancy had planned to do plenty of sight-seeing. But it's what she doesn't see that truly sparks her interest. While taking a tour of the Beech Hill museum, famed for its pre-Columbian art, she discovers that a priceless Mayan artifact, a carving of the ancient king Lord Pacal, has been stolen! The only clue to the disappearance is a note covered with mysterious Mayan symbols.

Seeking to decode the message, Nancy realizes that the thief is both clever and elusive. But finding Lord Pacal is imperative. Mexico claims the piece is rightfully theirs, and failure to recover it could lead to an international incident! Nancy has come to Chicago at the invitation of Cindy Sunderland, a young model with an exciting new environment. Cindy is about to appear in a television commercial that will launch a major advertising campaign. But the project gets off to an ominous start -- one requiring Nancy to play a starring role.

Cindy has vanished without a trace. When Nancy starts asking questions about Cindy, she's asking for trouble. The search for clues leads her into the fast lane of teen fashion, where the race to be first can take some dangerous twists. Anonymous threats, razor-slashed clothes, and suspicious fires are just a few of the hazards Nancy faces while seeking the shocking truth behind Cindy's disappearance! Bess' interest lies in romance But Nancy heads straight for the mysteries -- specifically, the rash of rare-book thefts that has hit River Heights.

For Nancy, the key is finding a connection between the various stolen books. Her only clue is a deadly threat She has to come up with answers soon: The thief is becoming more desperate and dangerous by the moment, determined to write a new chapter in crime -- and perhaps write an ending to Nancy Drew's life! River Heights has fallen prey to an epidemic -- of crime. George has taken a job at a local pharmacy, and some of her deliveries have proved disastrous. Two customers have fallen seriously ill, and a third has died. Nancy is convinced that foul play is involved, and her suspicions are soon confirmed.

The investigation centers around a case of sabotage, and for Nancy it's a sure prescription for danger.


Her hunt for clues leads into a tangled web of secrecy, deceit, and revenge that puts her own health at risk -- as she seeks the cure for a sinister brand of crime. A winter vacation in Wisconsin promises plenty of skiing, skating, and snowmobiling. But soon after their arrival at the Butter Ridge ski resort, Nancy, Bess, and George find that a different kind of sport comes first -- and it's an exercise in fear.

Wickford Castle, the main lodge, is full of spine-tingling surprises and strange secrets! Originally from France and rebuilt in Wisconsin, the castle holds a mystery over two centuries old -- rumor of a hidden treasure. Seeking the haunting truth, Nancy is drawn into a maze of concealed corridors, dead-end doorways, and shadowy staircases. She quickly learns that whether or not the treasure exists, the dangers are definitely real! Three houses in River Heights have been burglarized, and the police can find only one connection: Juanita Puentes has baby-sat in all three.

Nancy's convinced that the baby-sitter is being set up, and she's determined to prove it. But the only way to clear Juanita's name is to catch the real burglar in the act. The key to the case is a security system that has failed at each house -- systems installed by Juanita's boyfriend. As the evidence mounts against the baby-sitter, Nancy mounts an investigation that leads to a series of dangerous encounters New York City. There's no place more exciting, more intriguing Her father came to New York after hearing a client's shocking deathbed confession.

But the man's secret may go with him to the grave Nancy uncovers a mystery and a murder over two decades old. Her pursuit of the truth in the conspiracy and cover-up takes her on a breathtaking chase through some of the city's storied neighborhoods. But sightseeing is the last thing on Nancy's mind. Her father's been kidnapped, and she may be his last chance to get out of New York alive!

While doing a favor for her father in Bear Hollow, Indiana, Nancy tries to help a new friend find the reasons someone is trying to ruin her family. A long-lost family secret and an inherited fiddle seem to hide clues to a secret fortune. Nancy's friend Laura Passano has invited her down to Maryland to enjoy a horseback riding holiday. The weather is wonderful, the pastures peaceful, the trip a real treat. There's only one catch: Someone's out to sabotage the Passano family stables.

First, the feed is poisoned Did Alexa Shaw, Laura's spoiled rival, find the perfect way to hurt her? Or has the upcoming fox hunt so enraged animal activists that they've turned to sabotage? Spurred to action, Nancy's in the hunt for a lawbreaker Nancy has come to Minneapolis in the dead of winter to investigate a robbery. An old friend, Alison MacDonald, has inherited from her uncle the Crystal Palace, a state-of-the-art skating arena. Nancy's come to Connecticut to visit George's aunt Elizabeth, and she lands right in the middle of a controversy.

A bicyclist recently died on a winding country road, and many want to widen it. Others, George's aunt included, propose a bicycle path in order to save a rare species of bat. But the idea has made someone very mad A threatening phone call, a sinister warning hanging in the doorway, and a sabotaged car convince Nancy that much more than the bats are at stake.

But who would go so far as to hurt nice Aunt Elizabeth? Searching for answers proves as twisty and perilous as the winding road itself, and Nancy soon realizes that she may be the one who's endangered!

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Book List in Publication Order

The fund-raiser's two main attractions will be a concert by the hot new band The Raving Lunatics and an auction of Brooklyn memorabilia. But crime makes the first bid when Randy La Guardia, the group's lead singer, is kidnapped! Jealousy and greed run rampant in the case, but Nancy discovers that the key to the kidnapping runs far deeper. The real movtive may be buried in the city's past and could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. And if she doesn't uncover the truth soon, it could end up costing Randy and Nancy their lives! Happily Ever After, Inc. The place: Heights House, an old mansion on the edge of town, and Nancy's helping out.

But she's soon doing more than serving up hors d'oeuvres, because someone's serving up a house full of shocking surprises! A thief Could Heights House be haunted? Or are jealousy and greed running out of control? Nancy needs quick answers, or the four weddings could add up to one major disaster!

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She must find out the meaning of a clue left behind, a black rose. The search for answers moves Nancy to explore the life—and death—of Dame Gwyneth Davies, the famous mystery writer and playwright. And as Nancy draws back a veil of family secrets, she uncovers a real-life drama that could end in tragedy.

But soon after they check into the Opa Tourist Lodge, their cottage is ransacked, and Nancy makes a startling discovery: The popular tourist retreat is also a hotbed of deception and crime!

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Her investigation leads from the magnificent Caine Castle straight to the heart of a dark mystery. Deep underground lies a labyrinth of caves—the site, according to rumor, of a treasure in gold. But someone wants the truth behind the legend to stay buried forever, and the deeper Nancy digs, the more perilous her search becomes! Dedicated to helping the blind, the foundation plans to create a training center for Seeing Eye dogs. But as Nancy is about to discover, the inn is not only full of hope and history, it's also packed with deep secrets and dark dangers.

Twenty-five years ago a ring of counterfeiters flooded River Heights with fake twenty-dollar bills. Now the funny money has resurfaced, and Nancy's found the source -- a hidden room at the inn. But to get at the truth behind the money, Nancy risks paying a high price. The cash may be counterfeit, but the threat on her life is chillingly real! Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title.

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