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But I was wondering how it would feel to have another man taste my love and that thought sent my mind in a naughty fit of desire. He took off my salwar which slid from my legs. As Rajiv took off my salwar, the exotic feeling of being totally nude in front of another man sent a shiver up my spine as instinctively my legs spread open.

He leaned and put his mouth on my pussy lips and kissed, licked it. I could not believe I was letting Rajiv to suck my pussy. I was powerless to stop his oral attack, I again whispered out in a frantic but orgasmic way that I couldn't do this I am married. He told me married can do this very easily, don't worry you will feel well. But I will never forgive myself for this entire my life. I replied.

How can you say your husband so loyal to you? Doesn't he go to other women?. He said to me. But I don't care what he does but I couldn't. Without reply me he took my swollen cunt lips against his mouth and let his tongue in to probe. Rajiv sucked and licked inside of me. Rajiv licked me deeply as my pussy was on fire. It was too incredible, and pleasurable, which I had never felt like this before in all my sexual life. Now it was not in my control and my tight little cunt and whole body was burning and I grabbed Rajiv head and was burying his face into my wet cave and I started moaning and bucking wildly.

Rajiv was licking my clit as I moaned like an animal. Sweat was pouring from my body as I was yearning to be entered. Would I let another man's rock hard cock enter my cunt where I have never imagined letting any other man cock? But Rajiv was sending my body into a sexual frenzy as his face was buried into my drenched pussy. Rajiv was relentless and experienced, as he knew exactly what a woman wanted. He was really aroused me and I felt his cock in my cunt madly. I felt nervous excitement as I knew exactly where this was leading and I realized I was losing the battle After a long time, Rajiv whispered that he desired that I should take his cock my innocent married mouth.

First I refused that I have never done it, and that I don't know how one can take this in one mouth.

"Born lonely": Kurt Cobain's ex gives intimate account of icon on brink of stardom

But he insisted very. As the passion filled my body to the point of thrusting, explosion I argued within myself. If I were to suck Rajiv's cock I might be able to quench my thirst and satisfy this stud without allowing him to put his cock into my cunt as I wanted still to stay true to my husband. I wanted him to be the only man who I tasted. Rajiv was fully erected and he had the biggest dick I could ever imagine. It was a good eight inches long and thick twice then my husband. After some argument, I leaned in and put my mouth on his cock. I kissed and licked his cock for a while and then I opened my mouth as far as I could and took in his head.

The swollen head of this prick needed more space. I opened my mouth as far as I could and took in his head. Rajiv moaned in delight as I was fulfilling his desire. I bobbed my head back and forth trying to mouth fuck this man. I hadn't had much experience in this area. As I continued to slide his huge cock in and out of my mouth Rajiv continued to tell me to suck his dick. I was sucking his dick which was now so excited and pleasurable experience for me and my hand went to my cunt which stuck up my cunt.

It was gushing with juice and was begging for more. My husband had not given me what Rajiv is giving me now, and if my husband were here I would tell him this is real sex. I needed to be fucked now and Rajiv sensed my urgency and pulled his monstrous crank from my mouth. He had really the big one, twice than in thickens and long from my unaware husband.

Who never think that his loyal wife will suck his best friend cock, and she was going to take his fiend dick in her lovely pot. The thought of this huge cock inside of me sent my body into a shiver. But I my inner core was begging for his dick to ram me. By this time I couldn't control the passion. And I fell back and eagerly spread my legs. He was rubbing his over powering cock against my pussy lips. I knew what he was doing. He was not giving it to me unless I begged. He was rubbing it to my clitoris and I had a fire inside my cunt that only a long, hard cock could extinguish.

He knew that well. So I started to beg and cry for his cock. I took his cock and put it on my pussy hole saying stop it and insert this in me. I was so swollen and wet. So Rajiv had very easily his cock head inserted in my cunt as it was too wet but due to his bigger cock I felt little pain. Aaaaa aahhhh! Rajiv then grabbed my legs and held them up as he slid his dick further in my cunt.

He had to pull back and push forward a couple of times to stretch my tight cunt. He had really big cock, which made my pussy hole resized more my husband's custom fit hole. I was screaming with ecstasy as Rajiv vibrating eight inches cock easily deeper into my love hole. My legs were straight up in the air and my fingernails dug into Rajiv's hips. As he pumping all of his 8 inches rock hard into my cunt hole. He was slowly pulling his dick back and forth. He was fucking me in very sophisticated manner, which I appreciated very much, and I wanted him to fuck me in this way forever Rajiv was giving me what I was mercifully begging for.

He was fucking me strongly, and I was feeling his hard rock cock in my depth of my cunt flesh. I also start having pleasure and started jumping under him to accompany his moves. His testis starts making noises with every hit to my buttocks. I was not in this world but I felt I was going in and out of conscience as he fucked me.

I was numb to the world as I was being fucked like a wild animal.

A Letter To Husbands: If Your Wife Is Lonely . . . - Nitty Gritty Love

Rajiv opened my cunt with his rock solid wide eight-inch cock. He pumped me fast and hard. Rajiv fucked for a long time and was now looking tired, so he could not control my legs anymore. As we were doing all this in the couch so my feet were planted on the ground and I was bucking like a bronco. Rajiv was ripping me in half with his huge package and couldn't get enough. I was now in full control of him so he asked me to ride on him now.

And this was the last desire of mine that I want ride on him. He pulled out his cock from my pussy and lay on his back, and I climbed on top of him. By now my shyness and loyalty to my husband was gone. I caught his 8'' cock in my hand and guided it on my pussy hole. My proud pussy took in his eight-inch pole in one stroke. His long cock went in my pussy like a fish in water cave as I needed it so bad.

I bounced and bucked so hard, I thought this thick prick was going to tear me in half. I was jumping on him; I took him in even farther than when he was on top on me. I couldn't keep up anymore, the massive size of his cock was getting the best of me and I was slowing down. Rajiv put his hands on my butt and started to pull me down deep onto his dick.

That was very nice and I was crying for deep and hard fuck from Rajiv. My breasts were jumping up and down which he caught by his hand and squeezed them. That was my thrust for fuck as I have been not fuck like this from long, and I was wonder how a conservative woman like me begged to be fucked like this.

I needed to get fucked and begged Rajiv to finish me off. Then he asked me to turn I wonder that what he want but without any question I turned and he came just behind me and put his dick in my wet pussy he inserted his cock in my pussy from my ass side. Now he was fucking me from behind with his full power and I was bearing his all-powerful stroke very happily as he was really giving me the nicest pleasure of my life.

And I gave him all I had. Now we both were too exhausted and I asked him to finish it. And he increased his rhythm of stroking. After few minutes he and I both came together. He filled my pussy with his heavy load, while this was my third cum. I came so hard I felt like someone let the air out of me, we lay there for a while and were kissing each other.

This time I was kissing him with lot of love, because he gave me lot of pleasure, the pleasure that my husband had nerved give me in my whole martial life. We talked and I said him compiled an innocent married women, beg you to fuck. He laughed and said your fucking was my dream from the beginning. But you have never showed it to me. He said I know that you were not that type of woman who can do this so easily.

After some I asked him to leave now and He helped me dress for, as I was hardly able to move due to hard fuck.

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When I was leaving him he hugged me tight and kissed me, he asked me that when we meet next. He started insisting me for more after that encounter of ours. It was hard for me to say no again and again to him all the time. So whenever I get any chance I call him and allow him to make love to me.

I never take risks. I call him only when I fill its really safe. I know I will never do that in future too. Yes I cheat my husband sometimes but this occasional cheating and hot sex with Rajiv helps me to stay happy and fulfilled. I try to fulfill my innocent husbands every needs. I must admit that he also started responding very well to my changed behavior. Now I can openly say that he is madly in love with me also. These industrial ambitions bring Lister into conflict with a prominent but unscrupulous coal dealing family whom she suspects of trespassing on her land.

Lister and Walker had markedly different dispositions, and Walker often balked at the prospect of committing herself to another woman. But Lister was optimistic—if also somewhat mercenary—about their future. Shibden Hall still stands. It is managed by the Calderdale council , and the series was filmed there, presenting few challenges aside from some dangerously weak floorboards that the cast and crew had to studiously avoid. Lister died in at just 49 years old, felled by an insect sting while traveling in Russia.

Choma says that she and Wainwright are formulating a plan to complete the job.

Husband And Wife Love Story After Marriage - The Woman And The Man - A Story Of Obsession And Love

But how would Lister, who took such care to keep her private thoughts hidden, feel about having her experiences broadcast to a modern audience? Subscribe or Give a Gift. Sign up.

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