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Alex works at SciLab, a facility that specializes in cutting edge science. The research promises such amazing results that even the Department of Defense is interested. One day while having lunch at the local tavern, Alex and Elina overhear a conversation between an attractive young woman and her boyfriend. It is quickly apparent that the boyfriend is possessive, overbearing, and possibly abusive.

Alex quickly steps in and asks the man to calm down.

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She introduces herself as Janine and the two are soon sharing daily lunches at the tavern. Tichelaar, Ph. Sassy Brit. Alex Dael is a scientist and has been working on Project Glint for several years, which has been classified as a matter of National Security and a cause for concern by the Ministry of Defence. Together with the funding secured by Dr Greene, and his lab assistant Dr.

Elina's help, Alex has discovered a way to send Beatrice, an orangutan, through space and time. Only thing is, it appears to have worked from their side of the Project, but they have no idea whether Beatrice has arrived safely after her atoms have been flying through the cosmos.

And that's when Alex hits on the idea of sending himself to follow her.

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But would Dr. Elina agree with such a dangerous idea? Meanwhile, Alex is at the pinnacle of his career at SciLab and has met a lovely girl, Janine, twelve years his junior who he would do anything to be with, but she is taken. Sadly he wonders what the point of being on the verge of success at his age is when he has no one to share his good fortune.

To add to his misery, while Alex is hitting ideas, Janine's husband is hitting her. If only they could get together she could flee her abusive relationship, but what can he do or say to convince her to leave the brute? He decides not to take a chance with her takes, but a large leap of faith into the unknown, leaving his whole world as he knows far, far away with mind-boggling consequences.

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The scientific slant of Burnished Bridge was interesting, with the smooth weaving of romance, time travel and fictional science into a fine tapestry. The point of view does flit around from first person to third, the latter of which is in italics, and for some this may not be ideal, but I've read Melnik's previous two books and have come to enjoy his writing style. Plus, his take on the world his mostly scientific characters live in seem a million light-years away from mine. I especially like the way cameo appearances are made by characters from his previous books, and hope to soon see everyone together for the final countdown before blastoff.

All in all, Melnik delivers a light, gentle read.

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Like a space capsule floating lightly to Earth under a billowing parachute. If you like science fiction but find some of it too dense, you ought to read this one.

I would call it science fiction with romantic leanings. Publisher iUniverse. Imprint iUniverse. Language English. Pages File size ISBN Format epub.

Burnished Bridge

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