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A topic which is hyper competitive with books and 28 books published in the last 30 days alone! This is because the money you can make from books is TRIVIAL compared to the money from building and monetizing an audience on your topic. For non-fiction books, it is best to focus on the health, self-help and business markets. Not only is the advice more subjective and less technical meaning its easier to outsource but there are a ton of popular niches to choose from. Moreover, people really struggle with these problems and often buy more than one book on the topic looking for answers.

I decided I needed to separate my book from the thousands out there and to do that I needed to dig in and see what the other books were missing. I started looking at books with star reviews to see what they were missing and what people were asking for. From this, I got a draft of ideas for not only what content to put in the book but also how to position it. Next, I headed over to Quora. Just this one thread gave me questions to answer and all this research taken together gave me a ton of ideas for one book or several books in a series.

A reoccurring theme from the research was that people were looking for simple meal ideas as a lot of the books overcomplicated things. Also, I found that the most basic things about veganism — like what to shop for at the grocery store without breaking the bank — had gone unanswered. So I put together 10 benefit statements that I would use in my emails, sales pages and any outreach. See how I layer on the benefits of reading my book to the reader.

This is the same principle that those spammy sales pages use to get people to buy. I ended up with 30 headings with an introduction and conclusion but you can adjust that up or down depending on your content. I recommend choosing a topic that you like and that is within the business, health and self-help broad niches. Hi Martin, NPC is a great course from a great marketer. I am a member of Niche Profit Full Control and love it.

Don't do 5 niches. Make it the best it possibly can be. No one wants to go to a website for 5 different niches. They want in-depth content on one niche not wishy washy content on 5. And yes your website will look random and spammy with a generic domain and random topics. It won't be good on so many levels. Thanks Stuart.

Very quickly here, what if I do Family Health Niche? I can have everything from how to make baby food to losing weight to tennis elbow cure and even juicing. Is this the way to go? Writing articles and having sales pages for each of the subniches as stated above? Is family health too broad? I think you're all SEO. Am I getting confused? Thanks for the great Facebook group.

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Your site is awesome too. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. The big, broad, mainstream markets are sewn up by the big global brands and players with multi million dollar budgets and huge teans. Health is NOT a niche, it's an industry. I'm not SEO at all. I famously don't do SEO. I ignore Google though Google still loves me anyway and sends lots of traffics! Very few people, especially individuals, have success by creating broad non specific sites in big markets like "health". Thank you for this article its a very good one i need some high niches and your article helped me a lot thanks.

Hey man thanks for this list. Bookmarked the pages too. I have been doing niche marketing for a while but I still found quite a few gems here so I really do appreciate it. Awesome and thorough information. Thank you! After going through the 9 chapters, I do have a question that I need clarification on. If for example, my niche is "Birthday Gifts", you mention be sure to be able to write articles. You're focusing far too much on "keywords" and not enough on what topics your audience want to read and the problems they need solved.

Write for people not for search engine robots. Thank you for your prompt response. Obviously I'm still confused. I will take your advice to heart. I'm sure how to find problems for this niche. If you have any further advise or guidance, it would. E greatly appreciated. What questions are people asking in the niche? Still one of the best niche research blog out there,I cant just help it how every niche related keyword points to nichehacks Great article.

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